FH2 Conversion SP/Coop Mappack #1



Kasserine Pass Guess who's back? 

With this question we open our small battle field excursion, because the FH Map "Kasserine Pass" is back. The classic among the Forgotten Hope Maps was implemented in March 2007 by Mapper imtheheadhunter for the Battlefield 2 Modern Warfare scenario. Now the good piece is back at its origins and makes twice as much fun with the advanced technology of the BF2 engine. Thematically, this card fits wonderfully into the Africa scenario of Forgotten Hope 2. 

Eagle's Nest 

The card "Eagles Nest" is also an integral part of old BF42 memories. At that time in the second expansion pack Secret Weapons of World War II for Battlefield 1942, the card settled in the Alps could convince by their sophisticated design. Now Germans and British are allowed to resume the fight for the Eagle's Nest. It just looks a little strange when short-comed Commonwealth troops storm the Alps. But that does not bother, you can just assume that it has become a bit warm for the British in Germany. "Eagles Nest" is also written by imtheheadhunter 


The third old acquaintance in Mapverbund is the battlefield "Battleaxe". Thanks to the prevailing desert setting, this BF42 classic fits perfectly with Forgotten Hope 2. As known from the forefather of the Battlefield series, here you fight in a valley pan for the dominance of some flags. The combat zone is full of bunkers that are not easy to pick up. Also this work was originally created by imtheheadhunter for Battlefield 2. 

Tank Master 

An unknown factor in Dnarmo's Mappack is solely the "Tank Master" card. The map designed by SpFreak quivers the Afrka ensemble. Here, the frost conjured a light white on the vegetation. Nonetheless, it is necessary to fight under these climatic conditions. With the abundant vegetation "Tank Master" also gives a first insight into the fighting behavior outside the desert or the Mediterranean area. As with the other three maps, both sides have some tanks ready for confrontation with the enemy. 

Note on installing the mappack 

The mappack comes in the form of an installer. To install you just have to click on the _FH2_SP_Mappack1.exe_ and then follow the further steps. Please note the choice of the installation folder. Unfortunately, the installer chooses the default path for Battlefield 2. You have to find the destination yourself and omit the levels at the end, otherwise your installation nests. So write 

Battlefield 2 \ mods \ FH2 \ levels 

this one, 

Battlefield 2 \ mods \ FH2



5 years ago

Thanks, I've just reinstalled the FH mod. Looking forwards to checking these out.:)