FH2 Mersa Matruh Night Map



Mersa Matruh Night v1 Fixed - Date of creation 22 Aug 2008 - by aj51

- New cappable control points added (Escarpment East O.P. & Escarpment West O.P.). These control points become crucial for both sides to hold to try and stop ticket bleed! No more sitting in Matruh for the Brits. They HAVE to go on the attack and try to control the ridge or the breakout will fail...

- AI tweaked with masses of waypoints in 16 Player & 64 Player- helps to guide bots and get better AI "response" on maps (AI seems to work best on the smaller maps - Bots don't seem to get "lost" as easily as they can in the wide open spaces!).

- Commander mortar/arty now has flares included - specular lighting looks a bit odd sometimes but the overall effect is pretty nice!

- File fixes to allow all maps to be played. Previous upload was missing a couple of files which caused load error on SP 16 & 32 maps.





Extract the .rar file to your Battlefield 2/mods/fh2/levels folder. Once installed, Mersah Matruh Night v1 should now show up in your menu when you next load FH2.

Recommended Co-op gameplay settings - 

If your system can handle it, try setting your AIdefault.con to 55 bots including 1 player.
Then, in the Co-op setup screen, set ticket ratio to around 300 with 1 player to join. Set bot skill to 90.

Bot ratio of around 50 should be a just achievable slog for the Brits to break out. Capturing and holding the new escarpment O.P.'s is tough! 

REMEMBER: If you play as Commander,  you will get the best out of your otherwise lay-about Botty troopers  :o) 


Big credits to the FH2 Development Team for having the talent and devotion in creating the FH2 mod in the first place and for their patient assistance in helping me on my map editing journey....   



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