Forgotten Hope Client v2.15 - Full

Forgotten Hope v2.15 Client file full build. Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War II BF2 Modification.

The major changes in 2.15: 2 New a...


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File Description

Forgotten Hope v2.15 Client file full build. Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War II BF2 Modification.

The major changes in 2.15: 2 New armies:

The Australian Army The Italian Army

3 New maps: The Siege of Giarabub The Fall of Tobruk Tunis 1943

5 New vehicles: PzKpfw VI Ausf. E 'Tiger' PzKpfw III Ausf. N Camionetta AS 42 'Sahariana' SdKfz 251/10 (with 37mm Pak) Pak 40

8 New weapons: Enfield No1 MkIII* Model 39 Combat Knife Carcano Model 91 Carcano Model 91/38 Breda Model 30 Breda Model 37 Bomba a mano O.T.O. Model 35 Geballte Ladung Grenade

5 New deployable heavy weapons: MG34 on Lafette Tripod Vickers MkI on Tripod Breda model 37 on Tripod 3 inch Mortar Mk II Schwere Granatwerfer 34

Many bugfixes and balancetweaks: Improved vehicle loadouts for better performance Improved collisions for smoother gameplay Simplified armour collisions Correct M3 Grant main gun Correct Panzer IV armour And much, much more...

Now, we would like to show you another new thing in 2.15 - Awards. We decided to make use of Battlefield 2's award system to give players shiny medals and a place to keep track of how much they've been playing. The main focus in our award system is to reward the player for teamplay. There are medals and ribbons for capturing and defending flags, repairing vehicles and even calling in artillery targets. Of course, there will also be awards making a set numbers of kills with a certain weapon, or simply using it for a set amount of time. In 2.15, this award system will generally be experimental. We may add new medals and change the requirements later. If the awards are liked, we hope to finalise them before the release of Normandy.

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Download 'forgotten_hope_2.15_full.exe' (1.61GB)

Forgotten Hope 2
This is version 1.2.519 built 2008-11-30 10:12:20.850105


= FH2.15 RC3                                                                                       =

Changes from Version 1.2.500 to Version 1.2.519
  * Instead of disallowing multiple deployed guns per spawn, try to destroy the old deployed gun

  * Dear SVN (kev4000)
  * Deployable weapons have restricted exits (ctz)
  * Add Carlisle Dressing (kev4000)

  * Final tobruk terrain lightmaps (ctz)

  * PaK35 HE (ctz)
  * Add Kubelwagon late France version (toddel)
  * Add kubelwagon_fr code (kev4000)

= FH2.15 RC2                                                                                       =

Changes from Version 1.2.469 to Version 1.2.500
  * Various communications fixes (ctz)

  * Fh_na_house11_dest Fix Bug which allows player to crawl into the house.  (toddel)
  * Fh_na_house4_des cant be used as a ramp anymore (toddel)
  * Ironbridge.collisionmesh  improved player can step on bridge now sidewards without jumping
  * Military_barbwire_3m_pole fix popping of small poles (toddel)

  * Fix M3 Grant smoke shell loadout (ctz)

  * Aberdeen use English Flagnames now!  (toddel)
  * Fix 2 Typos in German Localization (toddel)
  * Update vehicles omitted in light combat mode (ctz)
  * Tobruk localization typo (lobo)
  * Remap 'move' sound binding (ctz)
  * Fix req_new_order text (ctz)

  * Geballte ladung_grenade 1p bafs (killi)
  * Slightly adjust breda30 sight (ctz)
  * Make deploy_marker stick to vehicles to avoid deployments inside vehicles causing physics errors
  * Fix bredam37 player pose (ctz)
  * Remove idles from no73 (ctz)

  * Sfakia tweaks and fixes (mrcheese)
  * Fix Crete monastery lightmaps (fenring)
  * Sidi Rezegh door trigger radius reduced (ctz)
  * Fix Sidi Rezegh kit positions and german counterattack makeup (ctz)

  * Fix australian slouch hat (ctz)

= FH2.15 RC1                                                                                       =

Changes from Version 1.2.445 to Version 1.2.469
  * Fix nafrica_hangar player exterior collisions (ctz)

  * Updated Installer Devlist (lightning)

  * Fix plane physics (ctz)
  * Spotter plane crosshairs (ctz)

  * Fall of Tobruk: Final tweaks (lobo)
  * Sfakia checkpoint names now in English (toddel)

  * Adjust deployable marker to be rounded and symmetric (ctz)
  * Fix deployable ammo system (ctz)
  * Remove ugly blur plane from breda30 (ctz)

  * Sidi Rezegh: 2.15 content (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.434 to Version 1.2.445
  * Church ruin by Matt B now has lods and cols (malsa)
  * Fix invisible_blocker_20m (ctz)
  * Barn_01 by Matt B now with lods and cols (malsa)

  * Panzer 3N at Mareth (lobo)

  * Shorter version of Fall of tobruk map discription (bulwey) (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.2.386 to Version 1.2.434
  * Fix immersive mode so its not the default (ctz)
  * Vehicle shouts now team-local rather than just local (ctz)
  * Zero's Music Changes (lightning)

  * More euro trenches (lobo)
  * Revert no colision for too big NA basket (toddel)
  * Revert player cols on fhammocrate variants (toddel)
  * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAPPERS NEED TO RELIGHT this object!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (toddel)
  * Reexport Crete Monastery . (toddel)
  * Eu_church1 update (smig)
  * Add townhouse_30 + fixed LOD settings (malsa)
  * Add church clocks (smig)

  * Fix bofors always being wrecked (ctz)
  * Revert HP changes (ctz)
  * Fix static some defenses being too weak against HE (ctz)
  * Fix bofors projectile collision (ctz)
  * Add flak 18 fr and pg code (kev4000)
  * Add bofors EU (kev4000)
  * Correct swapped front/side armours on PZIVF1 and PZIVF2 (ctz)
  * Fix civtruck and civcoupe's invulnerability to explosives (ctz)

  * Fall of Tobruk localization (lobo)
  * Fall of Tobruk localization p.2  (lobo)
  * German Tobruk discription by HsLan-Bulwey (toddel)
  * Tobruk english localization (lobo)
  * New menu videos (ctz)

  * Extend mortar whizz sound distance (ctz)
  * Add Geballte Ladung Grenade (kev4000)

  * Tobruk final lightmaps, small vehicle adjustments, blocking up of wallhacks and new overgrowth
    atlas (ctz)

  * Geballte Ladung Grenade for spawnable AT class (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.2.240 to Version 1.2.386
  * Optional immersive mode (ctz)

  * Sdkfz251_d_wreck (toddel)
  * Add woodenfence/WoodenFence_250_high_3m, +des (toddel)
  * Add Bangalore ready for Export (toddel)
  * Add Bangalore_crate_cls (toddel)
  * Add Bangalore_crate (toddel)
  * Add Street_guardrail_france family (toddel)
  * Fix Tobruk undercover entrances step (toddel)
  * Military_barbwire now harm soldiers on contact (toddel)
  * Fh_na_villa1_des colisionmesh improvments (toddel)
  * Fh_na_villa1.collisionmesh improved (toddel)
  * Add Bunkerdoor (toddel)
  * Alam_halfa ammocrate exploit fix (toddel)
  * Added goodwood staircase (knoffhoff)
  * Change in skirts of euro trenches (lobo)
  * Add Concrete_Drainagepipe (toddel)
  * Add concrete_feeder (toddel)
  * Add eu_m1_t (lobo)
  * Add corrugated_metal_plate (toddel)
  * Eu_m1_cross (lobo)
  * More euro trenches (lobo)
  * Add canel_stream_control and mill_stream_control (smig)
  * Add canel_stream_control_wide (smig)
  * More euro trenches (lobo)
  * Add France_carpets (toddel)

 Damage System
  * Tweaked tank armour damage system (ctz)

  * Fix bad kit limiting kills on connect/reconnect (ctz)
  * Remove use of timeInObjectWithPassengers until it works (ctz)

  * Simplified german armour collisions (ctz)
  * Further simplify PZ4 collisions (ctz)
  * Improvements to M4A1 collisions (ctz)
  * Remove hole in sdkfz251/1 flap collisions (ctz)
  * Accurate masses for all vehicles (ctz)
  * Standardise all vehicle HPs (ctz)

  * Do not ignore menu settings for AI. (ctz)

  * Add GeballteLadung_grenade (toddel)
  * Uploaded panzerfaust 30m maxfile (knoffhoff)
  * Update springfield sniper (kev4000)
  * Add AN_M8_SmokeGrenade (toddel)

  * Language and performance fix on Alam Halfa (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.2.096 to Version 1.2.240
  * Add remaining awards images by FatJoe (ctz)
  * Marking enemies now restricted to binoculars use rather than squadleaders (ctz)

  * Fix little col2 bug on fieldTent (toddel)
  * Player can not stick in village_fauntain any longer (toddel)
  * Add townhouse_029_des by Malsa (toddel)
  * Add village_house_005_cls (toddel)
  * Tobruk_church Spiralstairs and Towerstairs works now fine.  (toddel)
  * Flak88_ammobasket col with stairmaterial (toddel)
  * FHammmocrate player col readded with stairmaterial (toddel)
  * Stack_of_logs (toddel)
  * Reduce lod distances squaretable_blue (toddel)
  * Tobruk_moquette samplesize reduced and lod faster now (toddel)
  * Add stonewall_thick_rounded (toddel)
  * Add stonewall_thick_90deg (toddel)
  * Add Iron_balustrade and iron_balustrade_5m (toddel)
  * Added a lower versions of all farmwalls, added some more desroyed versions and did lods for all.
  * Add fh_stove (toddel)
  * Add Static Opel_Blitz_fr Family (toddel)
  * Add damaging ramp to military_barbwire_3mw (ctz)

  * Engineer Silver now depends on global repairs (ctz)

  * Fix impenetrable canvas on m3 stuart (ctz)
  * Flak38.collisionmesh improved (toddel)
  * Flakvierling38.collisionmesh improved (toddel)
  * Lefh18.collisionmesh improved (toddel)
  * Pak35.collisionmesh improved (toddel)
  * Pak40_.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)
  * Pak40_static.collisionmesh  improvements (toddel)
  * Pak38_static.collisionmesh  improvements (toddel)
  * Pak38.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)
  * Pak35_static.collisionmesh  improvements (toddel)
  * Bofors40mm.collisionmesh  improvments (toddel)
  * M10 tank destroyer (kev4000)
  * Fix spitfire camera (ctz)
  * OpelBlitz_fr Textures , maxfiles (toddel)
  * Fix PaK40 versions (ctz)

  * New system for resupply of deployable kits (ctz)
  * Deployment marker physics model now a 1.2m cube rather than point (ctz)
  * Improve vickers303 seat animation and ik (ctz)
  * Slightly oversize bipod wreck col0 to ease repair (ctz)
  * Add PIAT Textures and Model.  (toddel)
  * Add StG44_ZF (kev4000)
  * Add G43_ZF (kev4000)
  * Fix various weapons hit indicators (ctz)
  * Fix beretta hit indicators (ctz)
  * Fix lewis bipod repairability (ctz)
  * Adjust ranges of 25pdr, 105mm, and mortar HE damage (ctz)
  * Slightly increase k98 grenade damage (not radius) (ctz)
  * Fix sGWR34 player invulnerability (ctz)
  * Slightly reduce movement effect on deviation for SMGs (ctz)
  * Fix MG15_bipod repairability (ctz)

  * Fix gazala bugs, add lafette/vickers to sidimuftah and 150th (fenring)
  * Gazala replace stationary mortars with mortar kits , save one atlas lightmap, various static bug
    fixes.  (fenring)
  * Redesign of plane reloads + some deployable kits: Alamein, Tobruk, Mersa Matruh (lobo)
  * Less Tunis lightmaps (lobo)

  * Add SMG + explosives pickup kit (ctz)
  * Use aussie hat for more than just NCO (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.034 to Version 1.2.096
  * Breda reload sound (bratwurst)
  * New deployment system (ctz)
  * Slightly reduce rifle deviation when in ironsights (ctz)
  * Deployable mortars (ctz)

  * Fixing missing roofcols (toddel)
  * Improved col2 on FH_NA_houses 9-12 (toddel)
  * Remove col2 from mortarjunk1 (toddel)
  * Removed col2 on 25pdr_shellbox_cls, 25pdr_shellbox_open (toddel)
  * Imrpove col2 on FH_NA_house5_dest, fh_na_house6_cls and FH_NA_house7_cls (toddel)
  * Turn off teamFromClosestCP on player ammo boxes (ctz)
  * Improve col2 on tobruk_transmissionstation (toddel)
  * Tobruk_wrecked_walls col2 improvments (toddel)
  * Larger, more obvious player ammo boxes (ctz)
  * Sidi_Barracks col2 improvement (toddel)
  * Sidi_Blockhouse col2 improvements (toddel)
  * MiliBed3 col2 improvement (toddel)
  * 6pdr col2 improvements (toddel)
  * ST_flaktrench3 col improvments (toddel)
  * St_flaktrench2 col improvments (toddel)
  * St_flaktrench1 col improvments (toddel)
  * Paktrench col improvments (toddel)

  * Rendering optimisations to Operation Hyacinth and Crete (ctz)
  * Major gazala changes (fenring)

  * Ambient sounds (bratwurst)

  * Adjust plane gun camera FOV (ctz)
  * Revert PZ4 engine test change (ctz)
  * Make planes throttle up 40% quicker and throttle down 33% quicker (ctz)
  * Trucks and APCs slowly give infantry passengers ammo (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.006 to Version 1.2.034
  * G43 sound (bratwurst)

  * Fix jump stamina on italian soldiers (ctz)
  * Slightly reduce jump impact on stamina (ctz)

  * Pitchfork (toddel)
  * Fix player collisions on military_barbwire_3mw (ctz)
  * Add townhouse_028_des by malsa (toddel)
  * Adjust civtruck lod distance (toddel)
  * Add Tobruk_Block (toddel)
  * Fix tobruk_building2_cls stair bug (toddel)
  * Delete floating stone on fh_na_house10_dest_nobottom (toddel)
  * Crete_monastary_walls lod distance reduced (toddel)
  * Add crete_monastary_walls tobruk versions (toddel)
  * Add Towndoor_1 and Towndoor_2 (toddel)
  * Adjust NA colortextures to fit in Tobrukstyle (toddel)
  * Fix lightmap error on new crete_archs (toddel)
  * Add window_closed_shutter_01 (toddel)
  * Add WoodenFence_250_high_1m (toddel)

  * Optimise chevy30cwt texture usage (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.939 to Version 1.2.006
  * Reduce ammo of satchel to 2 and remove silly sparks (ctz)
  * Fix No4 scope to have accurate No32 scope (ctz)
  * Breda30 reload baf tweak (killi)
  * Finish normals on beretta 38 (ctz)
  * Add Erdziellafette (toddel)
  * Export MG34-Lafette (ctz)
  * Deployable BredaM37 tripod (ctz)
  * MG34-Lafette deployable (ctz)

  * Add Crete_Arch_thick (toddel)
  * Add Crete_arch_2x (toddel)
  * Add stairs2x4m_straight (toddel)
  * Add Window_Green_tobruk (toddel)
  * Add Window_Green_halfclosed_tobruk (toddel)
  * Add stairs_straight_2x1_25 (toddel)
  * Add Tobruk_2_storey_cls (toddel)
  * Sidi_undcover2 planar surface use better terrain textures (toddel)
  * Add BarbedFence_single_stick (toddel)
  * Add room_lamp_01 (toddel)
  * Add room_lamp_03 (toddel)
  * Add room_lamp_02 (toddel)
  * Add Factory_001_cls (toddel)
  * Add Strawstack_static (toddel)

  * Add  (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.1.919 to Version 1.1.939
  * Add an option to linkCPs to have mixed source CPs result in a neutral target CP (ctz)

  * Mortar_fire_1p sounds (bratwurst)

  * Added some wreckage for destroyed radar (knoffhoff)
  * Add Signal_Tower (toddel)
  * Add drystonewall_straigh_10m_low for Tobruk to avoid big parts in the ground (toddel)
  * Shorten Drystonewallset lod settings (toddel)
  * Add stairs_straigt_4x4m for tobruk (toddel)
  * NA_arch_4x for Tobruk aviable (toddel)
  * Na_arch and na_arch2 lod earlier now (toddel)
  * Add stairs_straight_1x1m for Tobruk (toddel)
  * Beachramps (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.1.804 to Version 1.1.919
  * Add eu_wtrench1 (lobo)
  * Added static CivCoupe_wreck (toddel)
  * Some eu trenches (lobo)
  * Two trenches (lobo)
  * Add a stretcher (toddel)
  * Add WürzburgRiese (toddel)
  * Add eu_m1_long, brown cow (lobo)
  * Add invStairs_3x for smoother player colision (toddel)
  * Eu_m1_zlong and updated eu_m1_long (lobo)
  * Slightly adjusted toddels ditch to my needs and added another curved piece (knoffhoff)
  * Eu trenches (lobo)
  * Added radarcontrol building (knoffhoff)
  * Add Radar_wuerzburgriese_des (toddel)
  * Add freya_radar_des (toddel)
  * Add PDH_Concrete_stairs (toddel)
  * Add bunkerpart_6 (toddel)
  * Add Bunkerpart_5 (toddel)
  * Add ironstove (toddel)
  * Added more destructed freya radar (knoffhoff)

  * Revert to previous artillery maths (ctz)
  * Turn off spammy debug for artillery spots, replace with reuse of "revive" score event (ctz)
  * Disable kit limiting on AI games (ctz)

  * Fix Pak40 variant skins regression (ctz)
  * Adjust sahariana mass (ctz)
  * Flak 88 col2 improvement (toddel)
  * Solothurn s18 on sahariana now semi automatic, 60RPM fire-rate (ctz)
  * Disable uav_pred entirely (ctz)

  * Fix black minimap (ctz)

  * Breda 1p deploy baf (killi)
  * Breda30 going-to-prone 1p baf (killi)
  * Breda 30 1p reload WIP for timing (killi)
  * M1 Carbine sounds (bratwurst)
  * STG44 export by Kev4000 (fenring)
  * Fix errant local voices from players in vehicles (ctz)
  * Fix LMG accuracy (ctz)
  * Overhaul DICE M2HB (ctz)
  * Tiger cannon for testing purposes and some tiny corrections (bratwurst)
  * M91c 1p Bayo deploy tweak (killi)
  * M91 1p Bayo deploy tweak (killi)

  * Small tweaks: Bardia and Mareth (lobo)

  * Deaden ragdoll physics to give a more 'sack of spuds' effect (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.766 to Version 1.1.804
  * Make minimap grid overlay better labeled (ctz)

  * Fix 3p bayonet deploy sounds (ctz)
  * Added Panzerschreck/Bazooka sound + Bazooka reload sound (bratwurst)
  * Some various liftings/earcandy + added springfield bolt, winchester cock sound (bratwurst)
  * Changed path of Breda 1p anims to own folder (killi)
  * Some Breda30 1p anims.  (killi)
  * Some more Breda30 1p bafs (killi)
  * New BAR sound (bratwurst)

  * Various sahariana improvements (ctz)
  * Attempt number 2 to prevent flying pak40 (ctz)
  * Added tank reload sound to valentine II (bratwurst)
  * New-old Tiger sound (bratwurst)

  * Add dimer lights (smig)

  * Gazla, undergrowth performance tweak, 1 more pz3 for ger, possible problem with roads fixed,
    lightmaps cleaned.  (fenring)
  * Tunis changes (lobo)
  * Mareth Line changes (lobo)
  * Cleanising: Supercharge and Matruh (lobo)

Changes from Version 1.1.723 to Version 1.1.766
  * Fix empty spot on the end of squadmember hud (ctz)
  * Make SL spotting work again (ctz)

  * Fix giarabub_tower3 lodding (ctz)
  * Fix lod distances of brit_dsrt_tent, brit_dsrt_tent_Med, giarabub_mosqueyard and st_trench1
  * Add Z-buffer workaround for Tubrukroadsigns (toddel)
  * Metalbucket (toddel)
  * Add wood_bridge_small (toddel)
  * Prevent all projectiles from hitting the poles holding up cammo nets (ctz)

  * Kit limiting of NCO kit now works over reconnections (ctz)

  * Italians at Hyacinth (lobo)
  * Changes to sfakia and crete undergrowth (ctz)

  * Fix lack of destruction effects for many vehicles when destroyed by large calibre weapons (ctz)
  * Fix canvas material on semovente l40 (ctz)
  * Erase ignore for sahariana (lobo)
  * Fix sahariana shinyness and un-armed version (ctz)
  * Improve DaimlerMk1 engine strength and sound (ctz)
  * Twiddle pak40 inertiamods (ctz)

  * Swap sounds for losing and enemy gaining flags (ctz)
  * Fix australian 'unit spotted' sound (ctz)

  * Breda30 only fireable when prone as per mg34 (ctz)

  * Slightly expand alpha for feathers portion of italian hats texture (ctz)

  * Restore controls.con  from backup if it becomes zero sized or goes missing (ctz)
  * FH2.exe now compatible with vista UAC (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.657 to Version 1.1.723
  * Bazooka 1p run and sprint bafs (killi)
  * Bazooka 1p bafs including reload WIP (killi)
  * Updated Bazooka 1p reload baf.  Slightly longer.  (killi)
  * Add deviation meter to weapons without crosshairs (ctz)
  * Enable hit indicators on static MGs (ctz)
  * HUD icon from deployable vickers303 (ctz)

  * Stairs6m col2 improvement (toddel)
  * Add villagehouse 13 (toddel)
  * Add village_house_014_des (toddel)
  * Add village_house_015 (toddel)

  * Fix italian kit icons (ctz)
  * Add SMLE reduced ammo version (ctz)
  * Adjust italian rifles ammo (ctz)

  * Fixes to spotting system: duplicate messages, distance regression (ctz)
  * Fix misspellings of Carcano (ctz)

  * Civilian coupés (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.610 to Version 1.1.657
  * Vastly adjust communications hud (ctz)

  * Fix damage from oversize barbedwire player collisions (ctz)
  * New brickwall pillars (smig)
  * Freya_Radar (toddel)

  * Add correct smoke dispenser to tiger (ctz)
  * Toughen up tiger front (ctz)

  * BAR 1918A2 coded (ctz)
  * Final Breda30 export (ctz)
  * Mod43 grenade arming baf.  Someone pls let me know if this is not correct.  (killi)
  * M1 carbine and M1A1 carbine coded (ctz)
  * Correct damage of 75mmL24 HEAT projectile (ctz)

  * Disable country-specific injury sounds (ctz)

  * United states flags (ctz)

  * Adjust thompson muzzle fx to show compensator action (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.487 to Version 1.1.610
  * Australian with slouch hats (ctz)
  * Italian kits exported (ctz)
  * Country-specific death and injury sounds (ctz)
  * Final IA kits with LODs and dropkits (jodonnell)

  * Enable Col2 for 2pdr Boxes!  to fix Alamhalfa Ammobox Glitch (toddel)
  * Belgian_Gate_sandversion (toddel)
  * Barrage blimps (ctz)
  * Small tobruk to be placed on ground (smig)
  * Add water tank (smig)
  * Add a Dunghill (toddel)
  * Add a Dungbox (toddel)
  * Add ruin_01 (toddel)
  * Added Fire_trench (lobo)
  * Add conference_table (toddel)
  * Mareth Line changes (lobo)
  * Add z_trench (lobo)
  * Texture fix & psd (lobo)
  * Add Francewatertower (toddel)
  * Add village_house_012_open (toddel)

  * Added green appletree.  (remdul)

  * Sdkfz251_d (toddel)
  * Add stuka_zu_fuss textures and Model (toddel)
  * French storch exported (ctz)
  * Piper J-2 cub (US version) (ctz)
  * Updated Vehicles to add Breda 37 and mesh tweaks.  (gunnie)

  * Remove another non-aussie voice from the aussie set (ctz)
  * Fix some missing aussie localisations (ctz)
  * Cow pat (ctz)
  * Add short delay to auto grenade voice (legwork by bratwurst) (ctz)
  * Fix sound for 'auto' spot (ctz)
  * Double undergrowth density with no performance cost (by remdul) (ctz)
  * Some corrections of weapon designations, (knoffhoff)

  * New beretta 34 and 38 sounds (ctz)
  * Some textures (lobo)
  * Uploaded psd and max file of uk_entrenchment_tool (knoffhoff)
  * Fix smoothing groups on no4scope (ctz)
  * Fix p38 sights (ctz)

  * Small giarabub and Tunis tweaks (lobo)
  * Alamein cleanising, pak40 sandgelb for mareth (lobo)
  * Added ctz's video performance improvement permanently to the map, reduced number of different
    spawnable objects from 37 - 28 (knoffhoff)
  * Aussies at Tobruk, bardia and giarabub (lobo)
  * Tunis changes (lobo)

  * Toolbox Update 1.1.501, new buddy and favourite server system + minor bugfixes (purity)

Changes from Version 1.1.438 to Version 1.1.487
  * Add US menu icons (lobo)

  * Watermills update - lower water level + option to put it full in water (smig)
  * Textures for smig (lobo)
  * Tobruk Barracks Fix Bug that allows Vehicle to drive inside.  Overall Colision Optimizations
  * Crete Statics Colision Improvements (toddel)
  * Tobrukhouse_I Col2 Improvements.  Thx Lord Helmchen for the Report (toddel)
  * Add altar (smig)
  * Col2 improvements (toddel)
  * Add lcvp__staticversion (toddel)
  * Add LandingCraftAssault_static (toddel)
  * Add max files for my models (hope they are the final ones hah) (bizness)

  * Adjust repair and ammo giving points (ctz)
  * Attempt to track spotters for artillery and award assist points (ctz)
  * Initial version of FH2 decorations (ctz)

  * Add  (toddel)

  * Some corrections and improvements for german localization made by Bulwey (knoffhoff)
  * Add sky for operation luttich (fenring)
  * Preliminary operation luttich localization (english only, needs translations) (fenring)

  * Make the tommy gun eject the correct round type (ctz)
  * Stabalise deployable vickers 303 (ctz)
  * British grappling hook (ctz)
  * Improve usability of K98 scope (ctz)
  * Remove view spring in zoomed mode (ctz)
  * Detatch extra bolt part on No1SMLE (ctz)
  * Enlarge foresight on No1SMLE (ctz)

  * Some gazala tweaks, flak88, 6pounder and carro back tot 27 veichle types, grant balancing
  * Tobruk balance fixes, Tunis tweaks (lobo)

  * Gramophone - adding edith piaf music (smig)

  * Fix dropkits (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.350 to Version 1.1.438
  * Fix pickup kit bugs (missing index 3 items) (ctz)
  * Pilot kit mesh (ctz)
  * British commando kit gets the stick tommy gun (ctz)
  * Fix medic kit hats etc (ctz)

  * Fix artillery request button (ctz)
  * Tie spotting submenu to binocs (ctz)

  * Eu_church1 update (smig)
  * Fix giarabub_mosqueyard collisionmeshes players will not stick on stairs anymore.  (toddel)
  * LOT OF Soldier colision improvements (toddel)
  * DAKcrates without Country specific Symbols (toddel)
  * Remove col2 on player_ammoboxes (toddel)
  * Matruh Buildings Player Colision Improvements (toddel)
  * Tobruk Garage and Tobrukhouse 2 player colision improvement (toddel)
  * Invisible stair for mappers (lobo)
  * Fix Static ju 52 wheels cols and open the Back (toddel)
  * FH_NA_house1_dest minimize the risk to get stuck on the beams.  player now are able to climb the
    1st floor (toddel)
  * Guardhouse windows now use Glass.  (toddel)
  * Water mills player colission update (smig)
  * More player colissions update (smig)
  * Hiding objects mappers don't need (bundled objects) (smig)
  * Add FlakFortification (toddel)
  * Fix cows scale (lobo)
  * Fix Hurricane_MkII wreck Col (toddel)
  * Fix Opel Blitz DAK Wreck Col2 (toddel)
  * Fix Bug which allows player to look through the Sandbags (toddel)
  * NA_House Series col2 improvements (toddel)
  * Add free french flag (lobo)
  * Add Ironrung ladder (toddel)
  * Add Concretewall_Thick_10m,Concretewall_Thick_20m,Concretewall_Thick_5m,Concretewall_Thick_5m_fa
    lling (toddel)
  * Increase bedford_wreck Lod distance (toddel)
  * FH Ladders now use common texture (toddel)
  * Eu_church1 done :) (smig)

 Damage System
  * Tough light vehicles and emplaced guns vs grenades (ctz)

  * Fix stereo sound on tiger (ctz)
  * Improve tiger engine sound, and toughen it up a bit (ctz)
  * Fix crete ctd (ctz)
  * Hanomag flaps start open (ctz)
  * Correct tiger loadout (ctz)

  * Italian victory song (ctz)
  * Remove radio sounds from voice commands (ctz)
  * Remove messages from local voice commands (ctz)
  * Remove some british voices from the Aussie set (ctz)

  * Toughen emplaced weapons vs all explosives (ctz)
  * Fix broken duck cameras on mg15, mg34 and breda m37 (ctz)
  * Fix bayonet deployment sound bug (ctz)
  * Increase deviation when firing handheld MG34 while standing (ctz)
  * Hit indicator for mounted MG34 (used on zwillingssockel 36) (ctz)
  * Improved breda m37 sound by bratwurst (ctz)
  * Improved breda m30, carcano m91, carcano carbine m91/38 and winchester sounds by bratwurst (ctz)

  * Save 48MB of VRAM on Alam Halfa (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.318 to Version 1.1.350
  * M91carcano load and reload bafs.  WIPs.  (killi)
  * Adjust deployable vickers deploy position (ctz)
  * Add slow ammo capability to deployable vickers (ctz)
  * Fix M3 grant gun (ctz)

  * Manually clean spawners created by deployable weapons at round start/end (ctz)

  * Add broken wall segments (smig)
  * Various player colisoin fixes and lod improvements (toddel)
  * 2pdr boxes now uses correct materials (toddel)

  * Updated german localization with new weapons (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.0.823 to Version 1.1.318
  * No1 smle grenade launcher (ctz)
  * IT and AU menu icons (lobo)
  * More menu stuff (lobo)
  * Fixed icons format (lobo)

  * Add village_house_006 (toddel)
  * Fix marketstand supersize.  (toddel)
  * Add Belgian_Gate (toddel)
  * Add Wine Textures (toddel)
  * Add 2 Bottles (toddel)
  * Add Barcounter (toddel)
  * Add Transmissionstation_france (toddel)
  * Cable_damaged_FH (toddel)
  * Add pictureframe dirt to dirttexture (toddel)
  * Added villagehouse007 (toddel)
  * Beanpoles (toddel)
  * Updated Giarabub localization and added italian flag (lobo)
  * Delete ignore for Giarabub statics (lobo)
  * Added Petrolpump (toddel)
  * Add Crate_Supersize (toddel)
  * Broken Bunkerparts (toddel)
  * Added waterbasin (knoffhoff)
  * Add Panther_A_late_wreck (toddel)
  * Add Panther_A_early_wreck (toddel)
  * Add Panther_G_wreck (toddel)
  * Cammonets col3 fixes (lobo)
  * Add Cromwell_wreck (toddel)
  * Added aussie flag (lobo)
  * Added as et of farmwalls (knoffhoff)
  * Copplestonebridge_big_broken (toddel)
  * Gravestone lightmap samples (toddel)
  * Update - eu_church1_windows fixed (smig)
  * Update - fountains and waterbasin moved into fountains folder (smig)
  * Update - water mill moved to mills folder (smig)
  * Add - waterbasin water effect (smig)
  * Factory001 (toddel)
  * Update - fixed texture path (smig)
  * Add eu_watermill2 (smig)
  * Update - name change for watermill stones (smig)
  * Add wood wheelbarrow (smig)
  * Add FH_2WheelsCart1 (smig)
  * Move visible part of static_mines_long down (visible on mareth in AT ditch) (ctz)
  * Congratulation - it's a boy, it's a girl (smig)
  * Quack, quack (smig)
  * Update - destroyable ducks (smig)
  * Some statics fixes (lobo)
  * Barn_03_cls (toddel)
  * Add barn_02_cls (toddel)
  * Added Window Planks (lobo)
  * More carts :D (smig)
  * Gravestone4 fix.....  (toddel)
  * Lebisey townsign (toddel)
  * Trimmed_Timber (toddel)
  * Campfire (toddel)
  * Fix cow colls (lobo)
  * Add - fh_eu_bunker1 (smig)
  * Add Barcounter2 (toddel)
  * A Floorlamp (toddel)
  * Add a Sofa (toddel)
  * Improve fh_cablepole_1arm cols (toddel)
  * Add cablepole without a arm (toddel)
  * Waco wreck (lobo)
  * France_Propaganda signs (toddel)
  * France Roadsigns (toddel)
  * Stonewall_Thick_5m for Testing.  (toddel)
  * Added france_windmill (toddel)
  * Add France Stonewall_Thick (toddel)
  * Add wooden stairs (lobo)
  * A Set of France_stairs_1m (toddel)
  * Fixed stairs (lobo)
  * France_gardenfence (toddel)
  * France_gardenfence variations (toddel)
  * Fix camels in pain (ctz)
  * Add Gramophone (smig)
  * Add church bells (smig)
  * Add Open_garage (toddel)
  * Mortain City sign (toddel)

 Damage System
  * New tank penetration, non-penetration and grenade explosion sounds by bratwurst (ctz)

  * Attempt at fixing the coop flag capping bug.  Could somebody test a coop game?  (bizness)
  * Fix a bug in conquest gamemode causing flags to fail to switch when reaching the top of the pole
  * Increase frequency of awarding teamwork points (repair, heal, ammo) (ctz)

  * Add Lettuce (toddel)
  * Added hedgerows (remdul)
  * Add appletree (toddel)
  * Added various Bushes (toddel)
  * Added new ferns (greener than the BF2 vanilla ones, fewer polies, smaller texture) (remdul)

  * Western front universal carrier exported (ctz)
  * Cromwell Track Textures (toddel)
  * Add Cromwell Tank and Textures (toddel)
  * Cromwell exported (ctz)
  * Normal/Specular for Cromwelltracks (toddel)
  * Stug Tracks on Europe Set.Diffuse/Normal/Specular  done.  (toddel)
  * Add!  (toddel)
  * M8 Greyhound by Agus (toddel)
  * Ai updates to vehicles...still  testing (bizness)
  * Added Sd.Kfz  234/2 (toddel)
  * Add SdKfz251/10 (ctz)
  * 25Pdr MK IV (toddel)
  * Fix left/right limits on static anti-tank guns (ctz)
  * Fix categorisation of ju52 passengers (ctz)
  * Vehicle sound improvements by bratwurst (ctz)
  * 25pdr MkIV exported (ctz)
  * Add Tiger trackstextures (toddel)
  * Fix crusader mk3 shiny wheels (ctz)
  * Tiger DAK Textures (toddel)
  * THE TIGER :P (toddel)
  * Add normals for all unfinished africa tracks (ctz)
  * Export DAK Tiger (ctz)
  * Correct round naming for the default round for 50mm KwK L/42 and L60 guns (ctz)
  * Adjust main camera of some AT guns upwards to give better visibility (ctz)
  * Save 6.7MB of VRAM on maps with both PZIV4-F1 and PZIV4-F2 (ctz)

  * Giarabub localization (lobo)
  * Added Tunis map, by Otolikos, and localization (lobo)
  * Updated german localization with giarabub and tunis mapdescriptions.  Fixed several other
    spelling errors.  (knoffhoff)
  * Sky hedgerow and goodwood (knoffhoff)
  * Added new commands to german localization (knoffhoff)
  * Silence satellite_target sound (ctz)

  * Ai updates to weapons...still  testing (bizness)
  * No1 mk3 smle initial export (ctz)
  * No4 reload 1p anim bolt fix (killi)
  * No1 mkiii smle finished (ctz)
  * No1 mk3 bayonet done (ctz)
  * No1 bayo deploy alteration (killi)
  * M43 grenade exported (ctz)
  * Make lewis_bipod destroyable (ctz)
  * Add Carcano modello 1891 (ctz)
  * Some bazooka 1p bafs.  Need to sort out a final carrying and zoom position.  (killi)
  * Add carcano carbine m91/38 (ctz)
  * Bazooka stand and zoom 1p bafs for testing.  (killi)
  * Add winchester 12 (lobo)
  * Sound improvements by bratwurst (ctz)
  * Modello 39 combat knife by seth_soldier (ctz)
  * Add Fucile Modello 1891 (bayonet version) by seth_soldier (ctz)
  * Add Fucile Modello 91/38 (bayonet version) by seth_soldier (ctz)
  * Stop smoke rounds from ricocheting (ctz)
  * Exported mod35 oto grenade by knoffhoff (ctz)
  * Correct mg34 drum capacity (was 75 rounds, should be 50) (ctz)
  * Mg34_bipod now has the correct bipod, and is destroyable (ctz)
  * Fix mg15_air exterior sound distance (ctz)
  * Mg15_bipod now destroyable (ctz)
  * Breda m37 emplaced HMG (ctz)
  * Add "peer over" cameras to static MGs (ctz)

  * Mareth Line balance fixes (lobo)
  * Aberdeen balance fixes (lobo)
  * Italians at Bardia (lobo)
  * Aussies in Bardia, Giarabub and Tobruk (lobo)
  * Mersa Matruh, no more tanks exploits (lobo)
  * Bardia, El Alamein, Giarabub, Mareth Line, Mersa Matruh, Aberdeen, Hyacinth, Sidi Rezegh,
    Tobruk, Supercharge, Tunis: New voices (lobo)
  * Sfakia voices (mrcheese)
  * Gazala: ammokits, new voices, reduce vehicle types, new 32p, minor changes (fenring)
  * Added SMLE at Bardia, Giarabub, Mersa Matruh, Tobruk, Sidi rezegh, Aberdeen, Hyacinth (lobo)
  * Fix alamein overgrowth (lobo)
  * Gazala further tweaks to objectspawners, overgrowth, undergrowth, staticload, shadowmap,
    lightmaps (fenring)
  * Final tweaks to crete, Giarabub and Bardia armies (lobo)
  * Add No.1  to Sfakia (mrcheese)
  * Tiger at Mareth, Lord have mercy + vehicles clean and balance changes (lobo)

  * Update - fixed water texture path (smig)
  * Tone down complexity of many effects (ctz)

  * Set cpu affinity on bf2.exe (ctz)
  * Fix silent failing of fh2.exe (ctz)
  * Reverse sense of cpu affinity switch (now +singleCore) (ctz)
  * Correct crash reporter having fixed window size (ctz)

  * Correct italian flag (ctz)

Forgotten Hope 2 was made with the hard work of:
 * Aaron Ash
 * AceS
 * Agus
 * Arisaka
 * Augustus
 * Beregil
 * Bizness
 * Bob Sacamano
 * BUG$
 * Citizen Soldier
 * ctz
 * Digital_Assassin
 * Dime a Dozen
 * Duke of Holland
 * Fenring
 * german~Bratwurst
 * Gunnie
 * jimbob
 * jodonnell
 * K96
 * Kev4000
 * Killi Vanilli
 * knoffhoff
 * Lightning
 * Lili Marlene
 * Lobo
 * Lude
 * Malsa
 * Mange
 * matt.b
 * McGibs
 * Messiha
 * Montoya
 * Mr. Cheese
 * Otolikos
 * Purity
 * Rad
 * Remdul
 * Robur
 * SenorDingDong
 * Seth Soldier
 * Smig
 * StrangerthanFiction
 * Taranov
 * The Hail of Nails
 * The Jackalx2k
 * Toddel
 * Turbo_Tiger
 * Zapfcreations
 * Zero

Thanks to
 * Flüstertüte for the servers and supporting
 * All our betatesters
 * (website hosting)

All content is (C)2006 the Forgotten Hope mod and may not
be reused or redistributed without prior permission.

Enjoy the mod!

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