Hamburger Hill 2005 - Bot Support



Mr.Burns has updated his Hamburger Hill map which is an infantry based map with not many vehicles. You can fight your way through the marshlands and fire upon your enemies. Please note that there is no artillery in this map. This map also has single player support!



*****Hamburger Hill 2005*******

Installation: 	run Hamburger_Hill_2005_bot_support.exe

Description: 	This map is a Infantry based map, i dont
             	included many Vehicles. The Commander wont
             	be able to use the Artillery or the UAV but
             	he still can drop Suply and give Orders.
		Hamburger Hill 2005 - Now with Singleplayer support!
		Please change the Number of bots to 30. You can do this in 
		Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\AI\AIDefault.ai.
		This version is online compatible to the older version.

Feedback :   	just would like to know what you think and how it could be improved
		I love to hear Criticism and Bugs, enjoy the Map :D

Mapper: Mr.Burns[Ger]
EMail: [email protected]

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