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WCCSquad COOP 1.2 has been released, powerful & exhilarating...the most comprehensively developed mod for BF2 COOP game play. It's been an...


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WCCSquad COOP 1.2 has been released, powerful & exhilarating...the most comprehensively developed mod for BF2 COOP game play. It's been an ongoing project since the launch of Battlefield 2 in June 2005. Important factors and features were perfected to enhance the then non-existent COOP mode to allow players to enjoy it through the modification of the SinglePlayer content. It continues to set the standard for COOP mod development with emphasis on balanced and convincing game play scenarios.

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Download 'hard_justice_v1.2_full.zip' (390.34MB)

Welcome to "Hard Justice."

Hard Justice V1.2 Custom Mod for Battlefield 2

Mod Description

Authors: Ziggy / RadarOReilly / Cambo / Ut-Oh / StrykerJ / CDN-Biggdogg / Toetagger


Here's the change list for: 1.2


Fixed lod's for new vehicles that were causing lag
Fixed all missiles
Again tweaked flight controls on helo's
Textures redone for some models

New kits:
Now their are 3 kit layouts for each class.
general allpurpose,land vehicles map,infantry only map

new vehicles:
a10w a10w1 a10w2
apc_cobra antitank
apc_cobra (replace kobra)
bradly (made from US-AAV-M6)

new weapon:
m14lm APmine
poisiongas grenade

Here's the change list for: 1.1


fixed the 4 air plaines with the mouse scroll crash
fixed the flight of all helo's
did a woodland texture for the rah66a

Here's the change list for: 1.0

Handheld Weapons
- Accuracy and power increased
- Extra zoom added for scopes
- Improved range and explosion effects for C4, grenades, claymore
- Increased damage

Stationary Weapons
- Increased power & accuracy
- Increased damage
- Increased lock-on range and ammo for Anti Air
- Faster reload and lock time

Land Vehicles
- Increased armor
- Increased damage
- Increased ammo
- Muzzle flash effects changed

Air Vehicles
_ Fighters
Replaced bombs with AGM65 Maverick / KH29 Kedge Laser Guided Lock-On Missiles

Missiles / Bombs / Rockets
- Increased damage and radius
- Reduced lock-on time
- Increased lock-on range
- TV guided reduced speed, increased range

- Increased run stamina
- Reduced refresh time for stamina

Kits -------------------------------------------
- Spec Ops: Increased C4
- Sniper: Increased Claymores

- More flash fire and smoke added to effects

- Added & replaced air and land vehicles
- 9 maps have NavMeshs enlarged by:

- NavMeshs by Clivewil

- NavMeshs by Kysterama

- NavMeshs by RadarOReilly

- New Map by RadarOReilly

- New Map by CDN-Biggdogg

- New Map by Toetagger

Added to mod by Cambo (lead modeller)

- New Vehicles & Weapons modelled and textured by Cambo
- New vehicles added:
- A10w Warthog

- F22a

- ah6c, ah6j (Littlebird)
ah6c - No weapons only 5 passengers
ah6j - Hydra rockets, Mini guns

- Sa342a, Sa342f (Gazelle)
Sa342a - Hydra rockets,Mini guns
Sa342f - No weapons 3 passengers

- Rah66a (Commanche)
- Pilot
Hydra rockets, Stingers
- Gunner
Big machine gun, Hellfires

- apc_cobra
Driver & Top gunner
50. cal Browning

- apc_cobraAT (Antitank)
Driver & Top gunner

- M270 (MLRS)
Driver & Missile pod

- Tos-1 (Kamchatka Buratino)

- Handheld Weapons added:
- SA7 Stinger Launcher
- m14lm (Antipersonnel mine)

Added to mod by RadarOReilly (lead mapper)

- Stationary Objects

Added Health Box Added Repair Box Added Ammo Box Added Health Cabinet Added Bunker Small

Credits ----------------------------------------
- New Models by Cambo
- Enlarged NavMeshs by RadarOReilly, Clivewil, and Kysterama
- AIBehaviour file by Allied Intent Mod Team and Ziggy
- Load Screens by Ziggy and RadarOReilly
- Coding, Tweaking, of models weapons ai effects kits by Ziggy
Mod Team -----------------------------------------
Mod Team Coordinator ....... Ziggy
- coding
- maps
- textures
- debug
- tester

#1 ......... RadarOReilly
- coding
- maps
- textures
- debug
- tester
- install creator

#2 ......... Cambo
- coding
- models
- textures
- tester

#3 ......... Sugartooth
- coding
- models
- textures
- tester

#4 ......... Ut-Oh
- coding
- models
- textures
- tester

#5 ......... CDN-Biggdogg
- coding
- maps
- debug
- tester

#6 ......... Toetagger
- coding
- maps
- debug
- tester

Enjoy... And help the cause with a small donation if you can... It will help us continue
to support the BF2 community worldwide...

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