Highway To Hell Mod



This mod makes many changes (detailed below) to BF2. Namely, adding Co-op Bot support for Highway Tampa and the use of Nuclear weapons as made possible by ~Sacr3~. What are you waiting for?? Download now!



Highway To Hell is a mini mod I created for Battlefield 2, it includes a rebuilt version of the Highway Tampa Level to now include coop BOT support and the use of Nuclear Weapons. 

-Major Changes include:
-VTOL Jet added to American side
-Cobra Heli added to American side
-Attack Heli added to MEC side
-Russian Fighter added to MEC side
-American F18 and MEC Mig29 have been equipped with 1 nuclear Bomb each and converted to dedicated Bombers and recon planes as both are now Radar equipped as if they are a UAV,and the radar range covers nearly 3/4 of the map,but their defensive abilities have been completely removed,as they have no guns,no missiles,and their armor has been reduced by half, thus encouraging the attack aircraft to defend the bombers while in the air
-Artillery is Now Nuclear, and the amount of Artillery pieces has been reduced to 1 per team,along with firing only one shot per arty strike,and their armor has also been increased to defend against attack,as it would now take a team of two SF's to destroy one
-All Commander Assets Have Been Moved to new locations and spread out to prevent "one man missions" and arty strikes to take out assets
-Effectiveness of C4 and AT Mines has been increased along with their explosive radius, and the explosion animation has been changed to match the effect of a single regular arty strike, as a result of the boost in effectiveness, I have reduced the amount of ammo available to balance the advantage, you now only get 2 packs of C4, and 3 AT mines.
Other Changes include: 
-New textures for all billboard signs, to show off my own ugly mug and my warped sense of humor
-Replaced the graffiti around the map with my own,and modified the texture of the American soldiers faces,again with my own ugly mug lol
Thanks to:
I give credit to DICE for the Highway Tampa Map, and to kysterama, the original maker of the navmesh (hey I fixed your script errors,that caused the billboards and gas station to not load!) also the makers of the original nuke script, and those who later modded it again,  SatNav(original) and ~Sacr3~(modded)........Oh and Myself of course!

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