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All the fine folks at Battlefield SinglePlayer have been bus...


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All the fine folks at Battlefield SinglePlayer have been busy converting the big sixty-four player size maps. These maps are all COOP only and will only load in the Indiana Ziplines Mod for Special Forces. Be aware, the maps included are beta maps and they do have a few bugs but they will load and play just fine.

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Hi everyone..All the fine folks at Battlefield singleplayers site have been
busy navishing the BIG 64 size maps.These maps are all COOP maps only.These 
maps will only load in sp1 and I converted these in the Indiana's Ziplines Mod
for Special Forces. These are beta maps and they do have a few bugs but they will
load and play just fine. The only bugs are the bridges that the bots get in
traffic jams sometimes, but they seem to manage to get themselfs free and 
they should load and play just fine. Thesse maps are only for Indiana Ziplines mod
and will crash anywhere else, only due to the choppers not fixed in other mods.So you
will need that mod to play on these maps. I take no credit for navishing 
these maps but only converting them in the special forces mod. All work that 
has been done so far as come from Clivewil of the Allied Intent mod and
Kysterama of the Indiana Ziplines Mod and Korben Dallas. These three have been hard at work 
getting these maps done so we can have some new maps for the singleplayers
to play on. I would have to say that they have done just great and I take my 
hat off the these two fine gentlemen. All I did was convert them so you can
play them in the special forces mod as well. 
So when you get done downloading this map pack which contanes 13 BIG maps.
Take them and put the levels in Indiana Ziplines level folder. Then you have 
to go to the original levels folder and copy the client file from the same
level into the levels folder..The reason is that it would not be a very big 
download if I was to send them all up as the whole level verses the way
that I did them hear..OK
2. extract them in levels folder:C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\Indiana_Ziplines
3. go to your original folder:C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 and copy only the
( CLIENT ) file and paste it in these folders and then you can play these 
in COOP. These will only load in COOP..
So have fun banging away on these maps and I sure was happy doing these for 
YOU..If you do not have special forces mod then head on over to the singleplayers
site and you can download the original levels and you can still have the 
big maps to play on..The website is
they are on the front page and please stop in and thanks all the people at this fine site and check back
for more singleplayer maps Thank You PACMAN  :)

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