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In the beginning of 2004 Clanbase started their European Infantry Ladder. It was played using the default Battlefield 1942 settings, but the rules disallowed the usage of grenades and vehicles. It seemed to me that it wouldn't be so hard to remove them from the game entirely, but it had to be done through a mod, because on the ARCOR public Stalingrad server they managed to remove the tanks serverside, but removing the grenades without using a client-side mod was imposible.

I finally got time on a lan called Illuzion II afterparty, in februari 2004. The first version removed the grenades and the vehicles from Stalingrad and Berlin, and it's size was completely neglectible, because no custom loadscreen or anything else was present, only some changed config scripts.

The contact with the Clanbase laddersupervisor was very hard, so it took a time before my mod was used in an official tournament. Besides the ladder, Clanbase also started organizing an Infantry Cup. For that cup, custom maps were required, and I put them in the installer of my mod, and released the first version. Despite some troubles loading Stalingrad and Berlin, it was used, and the first internetservers appeared.

Now the cup has ended, and the ladder started using this mod, which somehow guarantees the continuity of this mod.



- REMOVED: commander mode
- REMOVED: vehicles
- REMOVED: grenades (+launchers), claymores, c4, mines
- ADDED: flag capturing will NOT be affected by the amount of people capturing... so always same time for a capture

Playable maps...
- Gulf of Oman (16 players)
- Kubra Dam (16 players)
- Sharqi Peninsula (16 players)
- Street (16 players)
- Strike at Karkand (16 players)

Have fun out there!!



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