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This is a mappack for battlefield 1942



Here's my BATTLEFIELD 1942 MAP PACK for standard bf42

About the Maps:

All five maps support SP/COOP/TDM 

Hanselwood (Forest Map):

The Americans have entered a vast forest with a winding road
through it, controled by the Germans. There are two control points
in the middle, and bunkers on the sides. The Americans have a village
with armor and air, the Germans an uncaptureable base with Armor.
Iron Rain (City Map):

P51's protect the B17's from 109s above a bomded out city in Germany.
Each side has a base with runway and split control in the town. There
was so many falling plane parts I had to name it Iron Rain.

Blackwater Bay (Mountain Map)

The Russian army attemts to root out the leaders of the Gestpo based
near the Fiords. The bay is U shaped with a bridge across it. The Russians
use a pronged attack from both sides of the bay with T34/85s and Yaks.
Everything burns longer in this one so there will be lines of burning tanks
for effect.

Sand Effect (Desert Map)

Evryone probably knows this one, The Germans and the US meet in a pass in
North Africa. There are no captureable points just to bases each. This is
a large tank battle of tactical menoverings.  

Ryukyujyu (Island Map)

Five Islands in the Ryukyu chain. The Americans and Japanese each have one 
main Island to start. Destroyers and planes get you around. Controling
a neiboring Isle will allow you to paradrop to the main Islands. Good
dogfights, ship to ship, air to ship and ship to shore action. 

Designed for 30 Players, these 'Fictitious Battlegrounds' are
all based on one or more battles or events from the war. 

                          Have fun,
                          Joe Hanson


4 years ago

Fantastic; greate choice of maps Joe, thanks for compiling and uploading. appreciated.