Liberation of Cheju Haehyop



Here's a nice infantry map for those who like to fight on the ground.




Extract to ...battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels\

Bugs, issues and stuff:

Undergrowth in water - I've tried and tried to remove the undergrowth in the water but doesn't seem to want to move

Water - Doesn't seem to animate no matter what settings I have. Have even tried importing the water.con from another map but nada

Trees - Quite a few of them are at a weird angle cause I can't be bothered fixing them all.


Author commentary and confessions:

This is my first map for any game ever. I wasn't intending to do anything with it; much of it was created as I was learning from tutorials. Nonetheless, the more I played around with the editor, the more I wanted to make it into a proper map. As I went on I realised that I didn't need the landmass of luxembourg for the idea I had and converted it into a small island (Mostly cause I couldn't be bothered texturing all that land no one will ever likely see)


Anyway; Feedback is appreciated and you can send you comments, complaints, insults and bugs to: [email protected] :)

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