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I had two versions of the file, so have placed them both in a zip file. There's one modified to -play with the last version of the Merc'


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I had  two versions of the file, so have  placed them both in  a zip file. There's one  modified to -play with the last version of the Merc's  v15 mod. There's also a Kursk map fix.  I can't remember why this was  added, but I think there was an issue with the updated v15 version of the map. Hayabus, the   modder who created these maps released a patch shortly after the original map was released. The   file that is labelled Kursk will also work in the vanilla  (BF2) levels folder.

Lt F Sanders and Sgt. artic32 and their squad of Mercenaries were given orders to stop tye terrorists from taking control of the two main center areas of Kursk, good luck merc's, your gonna need it.

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About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 10th July 2019 4:35pm

Hayabusa custom co-op/Singleplayer/conquest maps


all my maps will be listed as 16 player...But will be of various sizes...

Mod/maps made by Hayabusa

Mod/maps hosted by

my maps have been tested to work in the following mods
Mercenaries mod

special thanks to

contact hayabusa at
[email protected]
or in the forums at

and a big thanks to my map/mod testers

and anyone that i missed..

a BIG thanks to the people listed below

Big O
and alot of the other WCC clan

and the other dies-world clan

and all the others..

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2 years ago by Whiterabbit-uk

All of the links in the read me are now dead, however, you can still find the Mercs  site via the following link:

To access the download  section you need to create an account. Also, it looks like the site may have been hacked at one point over the years because all of the download links have the following  included in the address for  the download:

If you  copy the download links (mediafire) then remove the above from all of the download links they work fine. Unfortunately not all of the maps are  available, i.e all those  that have an address that include Filefront are dead. Most of the still active links can be found  via two  posts called: 

Mercs Infantry map downloads: (40 maps)


Mercs 15 Vehicle maps: (30 maps)

Unfortunately most of his earlier maps and his latest are not available via  his old site, but you can find  some of them here at gamefront, as well as other sites such as GAU-Games, Night Watch Milita map  archive, Game Bannana and the Battlefield single player forums.  Hayabusa  created over 150 Battlefield 2 maps for his mod as well as modded  others for his  Mercs SF mod.  He also created some  maps that were never released for example Desert Fort Battlebugs, which had  insect like  vehicles replacing the usual jeeps, APCs and tanks.

2 years ago by Whiterabbit-uk

p.s. I have a beta copy of the Battlebugs version of Desert Fort one of  the last maps he made before retiring from BF2 modding;  (I was one of his beta testers).  I've emailed him via the only email I know isn't dead, to ask for permission to upload the file, but haven't received a reply. It was his greenbudsmapediting email, so, if he no longer  mods, I don't think he  will check the email frequently.  

I'm hoping to reconnect with him  sometime as I  want a copy of the Mercs v10 and/or v11   versions of his mercenaries mod as I have  the never released add-on  for Mercs v10/v11 that adds  destructible  objects that was created by one of his modding team called MadOsga (formerly Andremio), who went on to  create the Marines mod.  That add-on was brilliant and added a whole new look to the game, unfortunately MadOsga was still trying to fix multiplayer issues with the mod when his wife passed away, so development was never completed, and the mod was never released to the  community; only a few lucky  beta testers ever got copies of the mod.  However  the singleplayer works perfectly and is a brillinat add-on. Unfortunately the external drive that I had copies of the verwions of the Mercs mods that worked with the add-on   was dropped  and became inaccessible. and I cannot find copies anywhere online. 

If anyone has a copy of Mercs v10 and/or  v11 I'd be really grateful if they could upload  a copy to this site and also let me know via my email [email protected] 


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