Mercenarie 9.0 dedicated server files

Mercenaries 9.0 Dedicated Server files


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You need to have Battlefield 2 Patched to at least 1.4 (the current version at this time).   

Changes in 9.0 release info:

VERY IMPORTANT: this has only vanilla bf2 levels included...if you have alot of custom maps installed drag the levels folder
to your desktop and save there for now...install mercs you need to drag the levels folder from mercs 8.5
that you moved to the desktop and drop it in the mercs mod yes to overwrite origional files..

if this is your first install all custom maps...this version only comes with vanilla bf2 maps

new load music by Aerosmith...jeannies got a gun
new load cursor
new desktop skull icon
new loadscreen
new textures..vehicles/soldiers

weapons now have CPTsniper sounds ver 1.2
m4 recoil reduced
knife count lowered to 3
remington shotgun reloads quicker
m24 sniper rifle has more shells
double zooms removed from weapons
AT mines are now anti personel mines also..dont step on them
artillery now is not fixable after being destroyed
artillery has limited ammo
artillery shoots 2 shells when fired

all vehicles have new smoke effect when being destroyed
vehicles have a longer stay time after being destroyed
f-15 bombs are now napalm bombs
jeep faav more armor
humvee more armor
uh60 blackhawk has 4 missles that are anti personel cluster bombs..
humvee now layes mines
UAV more armor
all aircraft and AA tanks have radar...madosga
new jet engine smoke trail...madosga
new jet engine blast...madosga

all bodies stay longer after being killed
assault class new rifle
all merc classes have a second weapon..use either the 6-7-8 keys
sniper has new rifle to start..key 8 for barrett
EU soldier stamina removed
more classes carry a wrench

carrier AA gun now more armor
carrier AA gun cools down quicker
carrier AA gun now has new smoke/fire effect when being destroyed

new napalm bombs added...madosga
new cluster bombs added to uh60...madosga
removed fire trail from stinger missle..
heat seeker missles lock on longer


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