Client files for the Mercenaries 4.0 mod.


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Client files for the Mercenaries 4.0 mod.

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***********************Mercenaries 4.0********************** 
Mod by Hayabusa 
Hosted by 
Awesome background and installer pictures by "Kidd" 

Special thanks to: 
All the testers that helped test this mod 
Planetbattlefield/singleplayers site 

)))))))))))))    Installation   ((((((((((((((

- Client Installation : Use the auto installer.

)))))))))))))     Change Log    ((((((((((((((

********************Mercenaries 4.0 *******************
- Cobra front gun more ammo/hellfire exp.radious increased
- MEC jeep new gun for lower gunner 
- US APC missle reload changed 
- US APC side gun ports better guns 
- US APC new missles added 
- Boat is faster 
- Fixed roll to right in cobra 
- Gernade has louder explosion 
- Gernade throw increased from 20 to 25ft 
- Sniper added lie deviation 
- All rifles except sniper shotgun are full auto 
- Pistols sighted in better 
- Smoke gernade has new color 
- Throwable knifes added-made by SATNAV 
- Anti tank now carries a heatseeker missle launcher 

MAP CHANGES...........................
Gulf of Oman - Fixed uncapturable flag at one of the bases.
Dragon Valley - Map size changed...carrier spawn removed 

********************Mercenaries 3.0 *******************

1.Tank driver MG more powerful
2.Tow missle reload reduced
3.Linebacker main gun more powerful
4.C-4 fixed from 2.0 release
5.Tanks main gun more powerful
6.Attack helis missles stronger
7.Propane tanks on wheels more deadly when they explode
8.APC main gun force lowered
9.M1a2 tank now has 2 new positions for foot soldiers to use,and shoot from(helps transportmore troops to the battle)
10.Tunguska main guns more powerful
11.Sniper rifle (usrif m24)-zoom out after shooting removed
12.Stinger reload time reduced

MAP CHANGES...........................

Sharqi peninsula - attack heli replaced by blackhawk
Operation cleansweep - more boats added to U.S. side, 1 blackhawk heli added(2 total)
Fushe pass - startegic objects fixed (map now works in coop/singleplayer mode)
Songhua Stalemate- Well i am getting bored of origional maps so for a change i have taken this map and eliminated all vehicles and almost all the buildings and replaced them with trees...after singleplayer maps can be made this will be changed back to the origional,
no shadows have been redone so you may see old shadows from buildings..
16 player singleplayer/conquest..vehicles/buildings removed
32/64 player conquest...vehicles not removed

***********************Mercenaries 2.0********************** 
- all US,MEC,CHI weapons have been resighted for better accuracy and better power 
- Claymore,C-4...more powerful 
- SAW249...sighted in better 
- At Predato... more powerful 
- tow/Eryx...more powerful 


- Jeep_Faav (merc jeep)..removed stationary saw replced with HMG_M134 (gattlin gun) 
- UH-60 armed with sindwinder missles 
- Linebacker....missle accuracy fixed 
- All APCs...better fire power 
- Attack helis...better firepower for front gunner 
- All land vehicles.....have new smoke/fire effects when destroyed 


- All maps...have new loadscreens 
- All maps...have new map briefing 
- Fushe Pass...2 new flags added to map 
- Gulf of Oman...vehicle changes 
- Dalian Plant and Karkand AI tweeks 
thanks to "quietman" for pointing problem out 


- New billboards and building signs 

******************Mercenaries 1.5 ******************** 

- APCs...better fire power/explosion effects 
- Tanks..better explosion effects 
- Attack helis...front gunners have new fire explosion effects 


- Sniper rifle...more effective 
- Gernades...changed explosion effect and power 
- Spec Ops...gun zoom better 


- Gulf of Oman...vehicle change 

********************Mercenaries 1.0******************** 

- All hand weapons are sighted in better 
- Stamina increased
- Thanks to Codebasher for teaching me how to use a .bat installer.

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