Nation At War Sever Patch From Ver. 4.0 TO 4.01

Nation at war server patch 4.0 to 4.01


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Nation at war server patch 4.0 to 4.01

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Download 'naw_4.01_patch.rar' (87.11MB)

Install Client 4.0
Install Map Packs 1-4 [Map Pack 4 must be last]
Install Client 4.01 patch Note: anytime a Map Pack is installed after the patch, just re-install the patch again.

Fixed issue causing servers to show up red even though they are running 4.0 
Quad sound/handling issue fixed
Apache jerkiness issue fixed
Removed grappling hook from US spec ops
added grappling hook to super support for AA
added grappling hook to support for EU
added grappling hook to support for MEC
added desert eagle to all medic kits
added apache to Gazala map
Op Nuke bomber kill message changed
Nuke bomber spawn time increased to 3 mins 
Humvee aa_ag CTD for some people issue has been fixed. (New crosshair)
Wz551 AGM missile launching problem (missile trajectory not correct) has been fixed.

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