Nations at War

naw_mod_3.8.1.2.exe —


Whats in N.A.W 3.8?

  • Nato and Asian Alliance flags added in game.
  • 2 new gunships.
  • 2 new med helo's.
  • 3 new attack helo's variants.
  • 2 non armed civ vehicle's.
  • 2 armed civ vehicles.
  • 2 supply vehicles.
  • Full artic ,woodland and desert camo for everthing in game.
  • Quad bike Donated by Zero Factor's dasas
  • 2 hand held anti-air [stinger and grail].
  • AA and NATO Team locked Anti-base rape guns.
  • "Gas and Go-to-war" Gas stations re-arm and repair.
  • New "None but the Brave" map by kano.
  • 11 more maps made by the Best mappers around with new content listed above.
  • Too many weapon adjustments to list here..

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