Operation: Black Hawk Down - Single Player



At the outset it seemed to be a routine military activity, but it shaped up into a debacle.Two UH-60 Blackhawks have been downed by mutinous Arabians in the heavy occupied city of Hadid. Now it is up to you to reach the spot and take the casualties back home safely.



BF2 Custom Map - Operation: Black Hawk Down with Singleplayer Support

Version: Final
Release Date: 10/03/06
Filename: Operation_Black_Hawk_Down
Author: pro.bf2|Du$t
SinglePlayer Bot Support by K-Man(GER)
Photos by "Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army"
website: http://www.team-progressive.de
Load this map at http://www.team-progressive.de
Bugreport & Contact: [email protected]
ICQ: 173084514

This Map is complete and runs fine.

Installation: Please start the obhd_sp.exe file to install the Map on your Computer. 

Game Information: Only BF2-Compatible. No Support for Battlefield2: Special Forces or other mods!

16, 32 and 64 Player-Layer are all selectable.

Game Type: Conquest, SinglePlayer
Player: 16, 32, 64

CommanderSupport: UAV, Artillery and Satellite are all available.

>>>>>>Please check your bf2-graphic-settings!!! It's important that you select at least a medium value for the terrainsetting 
- if you do not so, you will get a CTD when you'll verify the game!<<<<<<

>>>>>>Bitte stellt das Terrain unter euren BF2-Grafikeinstellungen mindestens auf medium, sonst gibts nen Crash to desktop, 
wenn ihr euer Game verifizieren wollt!<<<<<

Thanks for downloading this fIle. Hope you will enjoy it.  

pro.bf2|Du$t - progressive e-sports

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