Operation Flash Fire


Operation Flash Fire is a whopping 21 minute movie and quite an...


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Operation Flash Fire is a whopping 21 minute movie and quite an interesting one to watch. Take a look for yourself.

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Operation Flash Fire

It's the 7th of june, 2007. 2 soldiers of the Special Forces were given an 
order  to infiltrate an enemy base and destroy their communications. It 
seemed a simple 'search and destroy' mission, like any other. So they began 
the mission, not knowing it would go horribly wrong. The last message heard 
from the soldiers was: "We've got a code Flash Fire, I repeat, code Flash 
So Charlie squad was send to rescue the missing Special Forces, however, 
they will face dangerous and difficult situations while performing this 

Operation Flash Fire was recorded using the Battlefield 2 engine, this is a 
movie full-packed with action, bullets and a hell of a story.
If you consider yourself a true Battlefield fan, this movie is a must have. 
The movie is over 21 minutes long and 330Mb. Dont miss it!

On behalf of T-Movies and xG, have fun watching!

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