Operation Gatecrasher

operation_gatecrasher.rar —


hey there! well, the past few months I've started a few mapping projects and operation_gatecrasher is the first of em which is done. the map is pretty large as it is a scale 4 (4km) map, thast why i keept it very simple with the layout... i did a couple of statics for that map, like ammo and health/repair caches for booth sides (ch and us). the enterable buildings also come with col3 meshes - so dont try to hide from the bots in the buildings as it makes no sense - they'll get cha anyway.i also included in the an AI tool for vBF2 in the maps folder. So, put the bots level on something like 35-40 players per side for an intense battle!as the map is pretty large it wouldn't make that much sense to play with 16 players.added the littlebird for the usa and the wz11 fir the chinese troops. (thx to bubbles for helping me with the AI stuff for booth helos)


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