Operation Greasy Mullet

The follow up version of the original Greasy Mullet map created by Ga-Knomboe of Battlefield:Apoca...


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The follow up version of the original Greasy Mullet map created by [BF:A]Ga-Knomboe of Battlefield:Apocalypse

This version includes multiple fixes, but most importantly address's the lag issues the previous version had.

It includes 16, 32 and 64 player sized maps

A download I can personally recommend for all.

Note: The previous version available had a CTD issue which has now been resolved.

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Download 'operation.greasy.mullet.beta.2.1.zip' (101.92MB)

I was hoping my last release would be the final beta of my map "Operation Greasy Mullet".
However, I was sadly mistaken. Many changes have been made, so hopefully this is the final beta.
The map is named in honour of the awesomely awesome Greasy Mullet from PoE.
It has several different environments; farmlands, rocky and grassy outcrops,
industrial facilities, villages and a swamp filled valley.


To install simply move the folder "Operation_Greasy_Mullet" into your maps folder.
Default location; C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels

Game Modes;

The map is largely a land based map. However, the 64 player version of the
map, which is more of an all out war - the best description I can come up with is a mix
of Gazala and El Alamien, expands to include air units. It has 5 capture points
and 2 non capture points (main bases). This version is also by far the largest,
being 5-6 times larger in playable area than the 32 player version.

The 32 player version in contrast is an Assault map and is based around the defence
of oilfields by use of trenches - somewhat like Tobruk. It has 5 capture points and one
non capture point (main base US).

The 16 player version is a simple small battle map. It has 4 capture points.


The map is now almost lag free. As in, it will still lag slightly but there an almost 100% increase in performance,
so it is definitely playable. If you think otherwise, I give up.

The terrain has been modified, the greatest change in the landscape is in the oilfield region featured in the 32
and 64 player modes. This now has several irrigation trenches that have eroded the landscape over pro-longed lack of farming.
These trenches break up the landscape, and direct the action. Moreover, they increase reliability of engineers, as flanking
will usually require a working bridge.

Texture changes, the main texture changes coincide with the terrain changes, e.g., the trenches. But, I have made other texture
alterations for paths, roads and craters. On higher end systems you will should notice a more detailed low-detail texture for the
rock surfaces.

Objects, the main object changes were in and around the Mec main base for the 64 player version. I moved some dock objects, hangers
and various other buildings in the name of realism. Despite this, the map is not realistic, but, its a start. There are some gamemode
object changes, and the addition of several machine guns, and anti tank defences.

Under/Overgrowth, unfortunately had to be modified because of the lag. There is a large number of overgrowth objects missing from the last
version, and as such I had to redo terrain shadows. Undergrowth visibility has been reduced from 100m to 50m.

Loading screen, this is the first change you will probably notice. I have changed the background screen, the minimap, and added some
custom music.

There are some other changes but they are too minor to mention.

Editor BS;

This map is only considered a beta because I am still working out the SimpleShadowMap.raw.
(It's what determines player-vehicle shadows on medium - low graphical settings). At the moment
you will notice patches of light in where it should be shaded. However, this has been neglected by
every other custom mapper so far, so I suppose its better than nothing. I will write up a tutorial on
this and how to make trees darker later.

Contact Info;

You may contact me at [email protected] or at www.bfapocalypse.com

Legal BS;

Distribute this as you wish, just notify me for the sake of being friendly.
You will probably have a hard time modifying this map as none of the editor files
are included, although you could get most with Photoshop. If you wish to edit the map
send me an e-mail and either I will do the edit for you or otherwise give you the required

The loading screen song is "Sleep now in the fire" by Rage Against the Machine. They receive all credit etc. etc.

Map by Ga-Knomboe Boy. Have fun.

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