Operation Peace keeper Map Pack - Single Player

this is a single player map pack for OPK


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this is a single player map pack for OPK

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Download 'opk_singleplayer_maps.zip' (186.9MB)

-> Battlefield 2
-> Patch V1.3 or higher
-> Modification Operation Peacekeeper (OPK) V0.15 or higher

If successfully downloaded, the file opk_sp_setup.exe has to have the size of 194,204,997 bytes.

Ingame-music by Andrew Schultz, Melbourne, Australia.
Maps and textures for vanilla objects by BierPizzaChips.

Those mod vehicles which caused CTDs in OPK V0.15 had been replaced in Single-Player mode with vanilla vehicles in new textures.

Including the maps:
Guinea Pig (based on vanilla "Melbourne COOP")
elTaksim (based on vanilla "Revenge in elTaksim")
Nightshift (based on vanilla "Operation Nightshift")

All maps offer each three different combat areas for Single-Player.
The number of players for these maps is not valid. The amount of bots depends only on the default settings in the AIDefault.ai file.

The Setup creates in the folder ../Battlefield 2/mods/OPK/Levels the folder 32_bots.
This folder includes the file AIDefault.ai. This file can be used to increase the number of bots from vanilla's 16 to 32.
Please read the REM text of that file carefully.

To check new infos about the OPK mod visit: http://www.opkmod.de/

If you find any bugs in these SP-maps, please report to: Littomane@netscape.net

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