Over the Indian Ocean



Heres a new renovated map for the AIX mod.

The USS Essex, during a patrol in the Indian Ocean, discovered an operating base of the MEC, and received the order to destroy it. As the sun rises, each side readies their helicopters for an important battle over a raging sea.

Here is a remake of "Red Dawn", a map made by Imtheheadhunter.

This one is a huge battle with helicopters, helicopters, and helicopters, playable in singleplayer, coop and conquest.



Hi, and thank you for downloading my map.

This map is a new version of "Red Dawn", by Imtheheadhunter, ONLY FOR THE "ALLIED INTENT EXTENDED" MOD

~~~ Installations instructions ~~~

Put the "Over_the_Indian_Ocean" folder into C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2modsAIXLevels
Then open your game, log in, and ... play as well as you can !

~~~ Known bugs ~~~

- Near the control point "Outpost", there is usually a huge and black triangle, that disappear a few seconds after.
I don't know how to correct it, but I hope it isn't very important

- The bots don't fly very well, they often crash them ... 

~~~ Credits ~~~

Original map by Imtheheadhunter (bfsp forums)

Modifications by Milleuros 

English support by Knouge

Special thanks to : AIX team, for the great mod they gave us, and for the update they are working on.
		  EA GAMES and Dice, for Battlefield 2

~~~ Contact ~~~

Bugs ? Feedbacks ?

[email protected]

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