Over the Indian Ocean

This is the second version of the map, Over the Indian Ocean....


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This is the second version of the map, Over the Indian Ocean. It now features AIX 2.0's helicopters, as well as some other changes. See readme for details

(N.B. This map WON'T work in any other mod than in AIX 2)

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Download 'overtheindianocean_v2.zip' (19.48MB)

~~~ Installations Instructions ~~~

To install, simply unzip the "Over_the_Indian_Ocean" folder into C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2modsaix2levels

To uninstall, delete this folder

~~~ Changelog ~~~

Added 2 Mi-24 HIND in the Chinese factory
Added 2 Rooivalk on the Carrier
Corrected AI bugs
Generated new lightmaps for the new statics (They look better now)
Improved Notar Littlebirds

~~~ Map credits ~~~

Original map by Imtheheadhunter

English support by Knouge

AI improvement by Dnamro

~~~ Known bugs ~~~

Near the middle of the maps, you can see shadows on the sea, coming from nowhere ... Don't care of them ;)

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