POE2 Infantry SP Map Pack 1



Poe2 Infantry focused SP map pack


maps by SpFreak:

  • Boat Wars (only Ribbed Boats)
  • Course of the River
  • erste (underground hanger)
  • Goods Station
  • Oil Platform
  • Street

Stream by Jones

Knife Arena by Mr. Burns

Solomon Showdown by ImTheHeadHunter

Conversions to Poe2 by: Dnamro

re-uploaded by Whiterabbit-




5 years ago

I had a FileFront account way back in 2004/5  well before it became  Game Front, and had uploaded several of Hayabusa's maps (with his permission as I was one of his beta testers at the time.  I'm sure when the name changed I was still able to access my old account, but now it seems to have disappeared.  I think I used the name Whiterabbit01 instead of Whiterabbit-uk?


5 years ago

When Defy Media shut GameFront down, they did not want to hand over any of the files so a lot of stuff was lost, we have restored what we can from community backups and other volunteers help but it is not 100% complete. Thanks for restoring this file though!


5 years ago

Hi FileTrekker,

Thanks for the answer.

I have around 1TB of BF2 files. I'm a little busy at the moment, but will over time upload whatever I can. Most of the files you are missing I probably have; at least anything pre-2010 as I stopped playing the game after that due in part to family, moving house and newer games.  Though I have downloaded some of the mods and maps created after that period, for example, the Korean Mod from other BF2 sites. I did buy the game again via Steam but could never get any of the mods to work, so recently decided to reinstall my old disks as I wanted to play a mini-mod that MadOsga (aka Andremio)  whose name was used for the Mercs/Vanilla map Andremio Forest, created by Hayabusa.  The mini-mod was made for the Mercs 11 mod that enabled you to destroy various objects that were static and usually indestructible, for example, the  water towers, petrol tanks, some buildings, and trees. You could make the battlefield look almost real as some of the destructible objects such as trees would also burn and send smoke up into the surrounding areas. I played it in conjunction with some of The Dark888's maps (who was creating a series of related maps for the Mercs mod at the time. When played in conjunction with the mini-mod they looked amazing.  MadOsga never officially released the mod; partly because he couldn't get the mod to work in multiplayer mode, only single player. Sadly his wife passed away suddenly while he was trying to solve the problem, so development stopped for a while, then he separated from the Mercs mod to create his own mod called  The Marines and the mini mod was basically forgotten. Thankfully I still have a beta copy of the mini-mod, which I can't wait to reinstall. )one I've dug out the external drive I have it backed up on. :)

I do intend re-exploring most of the bigger mods such as PR, POE, OPK, EOD, BOM SF and Merc's etc and will over time upload whatever I have that you are missing.



I also have a couple of maps that were in the process of being beta tested way back in 2008, one of which was by The Dark888,  and the other by  (can't remember his name offhand, but it was the guy who created the map called Volcano); neither of which were released  :)


5 years ago

That is amazing, thank you so much for your help! :)


5 years ago

Hi, sorry it's taken so much time since my last post..  A lot of  stuff has been happening since last year so  my  intentions were put on hold.  I'm  working through my  backups as we speak (as well as downloading  newer maps that I've not seen before and  when I have time I'll upload anything that appears to be missing here.

I'm full of opiates so tend to be rather slow; however, I do  have a renewed interest in  playing Battlefield again and am even considering  creating some maps.  While I was still  beta testing for Hayabusa and  MadOsga's Marines mod (as well as the short lived MCC mod (Froachman and Homegrown) and a few  freelance mappers such as Shane John, The Dark  and BierPizzaChips (Melbourne map). I drew up plans for   about 12  maps, which I gave to Hayabusa for him to   make up, but he  was losing interest at the time so, although he started work on a few,  the maps were never completed.  They included  a remake of Stalingrad which I'd tried to base on the film Enemy at the Gates (I watch the film several times through   making notes and sketches as well as  as  swam, rice paddies  and on   around a river delta.  I found them  recently while  clearing out  some old computer  bits.  I remember spending weeks planning those maps. Whether i'll actually do it is another   matter, lol.,

Apart from a few occasional  SP games over the last few years, I've hardly touched Battlefield 2, preferring to go back to BF vietnam and 1942,, but   every time i see the name of one of the older maps, I get the urge to jump  back in.    :)


5 years ago

Nice to hear from you! Would be exciting to see some of these map concepts created for sure, especially Stalingrad. We've restored a lot of content since your last visit I believe. Let me know if you need anything, be happy to help :)