POE2 Single Player Mini-Mod

Corporal_Lib has released a mini-mod that allows you to play single player with bot support and vehicles replaced with POE2 models.


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Corporal_Lib has released a mini-mod that allows you to play single player with bot support and vehicles replaced with POE2 models.

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Download 'poe220sp20minimod_tweaked.rar' (38.44MB)

Mod: POE2 SP Mini_Mod
Creator:Corporal Lib
Email: absolut.ivasATgmailDOTcom
Description:POE2, unlike its first installment for BF:Vietnam, doesn´t features Singleplayer maps nor COOP. 
Thus, seeking to praise myself, as an addict SP player, I´ve figured out how to achieve it, and
this mini-mod has the tutorial and the files to make POE2 work with Singleplayer maps, ported to this mod.
You´ll need first to download first the POE2 V 1.0.0 client, of course, at:

Then aplying my mini-mod, I´ll be able to play it offline.
Good bot slaying!

Install: Replace the whole two folder in your mods/POE2 folder, with the 2 copies within this mini-mod:

AI and Python

then, you have to copy the whole Gulf of Oman map folder from bf2/levels and paste it inside POE2/levels folder, 
and then replace its server.zip with the one included here.
Repete the same for Wake Island, Mashtuur City and Orel (original MP only POE2 map!) ;)

Side note: except for Orel, all the other Sp maps, only features POE2 vehicles in the 32 versions (wake in 64 players only).
 16 and 64 players version uses POE2 infantry, but BF2 vanilla vehicles.

To install the Tweaked object_server.zip, copy your whole POE2 folder, and rename it POE2 SP, and them replace in this new folder the object_server.zip 
for the one in this package. (Don´t forget to include the SP maps also XD) 
Not doing so will ruin your MP experience, as servers and PB ban players using altered object files... 
Use it only for Sp, and use it wisely!
Uninstall: Just delete the copied POE2 SP folder
Bugs: bots sometimes get stuck with vehicles in narrow spaces and sometimes CTD happens, but its quite stable.
To port more maps (BF2 vanilla or custom ones) just follow the instructions in the README.txt inside the mini-mod folder. 
Features: 4 SP maps, with Spawnable kits and some POE2 vehicles, at 16, 32 and 64 players sizes (or at least 16, or 16 and 64)
Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Mashtuur city (from BF2 vanilla) and Orel 16 players, an original POE2 map, navmeshed by Shanejohn, from BFSP foruns 
( visit at: http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattlefield.gamespy.com/forums/index.php# )

The Tweaked object_server.zip, If aplied in the copied POE2 SP folder, will include many tweaks in the SP gameplay, such as "realistic damage" values to all weapons, 
burst fire mode to G36 variants, Katanna for Spec Ops, suppresed PDW smgs for Snipers, etc etc etc ;)

AItemplates are featured to include more POE2 vehicles in future releases, stay tuned!

Thanks for downloading and playing my mini-mod.

DISCLAIMER: i am no coder nor navmesher, by following this rules above, you´re risking yourself, as I have no responsability over any damage you can done to your equipment. Use it wisely
All credits from the maps are belonging to the EA?DICE bf2 mapper responsable.

Thanks a lot and many kudos for POE2 dev team and the guys at BFSP foruns, who taught me how to modify BF2 without being a coder ;)

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