Project Reality Mini-Mod Rev. 1

Project Reality has released the 0.2 hotfix for their mini-mod. Due to problems with the release of the 1.12 patch and Battlefield 2: Specia...


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Project Reality has released the 0.2 hotfix for their mini-mod. Due to problems with the release of the 1.12 patch and Battlefield 2: Special Forces, a hotfix was needed. Well, here it is... patch the 0.2 mini-mod to get playing again with the 1.12 patch.

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Download 'prmm0.2rev1patch.exe' (15.77MB)

Battlefield 2™ Project Reality Mini-Mod 0.2 rev.1
Readme File 

To start, the Project Reality team would like to express our humble 
gratitude towards our loyal community members who have spent countless 
hours, forum posts, and PM/IM chats to provide our team with the 
necessary feedback and support over the past few months. We do 
acknowledge the important role that you all have played and we thank you. 

Our PRMM testing group has also put forth a great deal of work and 
attention. Their dedication to the goal that is PRMM can be easily 
witnessed in the end product. Thanks to you. 

We would also like to extend our thanks to the various community sites 
that have highlighted our progress and helped build our ever growing 
community. Thank you. 

-Project Reality Team

Users must have PRMM.2 AND BF2 1.12 installed prior to installation of 
this patch!

1. Installation 

-Installer notes

Please select your Battlefield 2™ main directory in the destination 
location wizard screen of the setup. If any other location is selected, 
the maps will not be properly installed. 

-Installing maps manually

To install the maps manually go to the following
directory: "Battlefield 2™ main dir\mods\bf2"

...and copy the folder named: "levels". Then paste this folder in the 
following directory: "Battlefield 2™ main dir\mods\PRMM"

2. Hard Drive Space 

To install this mod properly you need atleast approximately 32 Mb of free
space on your hard-disc.

3. Changes 

-New SFX added to several handweapons and some vehicle weapons
-APC rate of fire bug *(a small delay between switching ammo has been added)
-Atlas fixed
-Fixed accuracies (MG)
-Increase .50 cal damage vs infantry
-Slightly lowered eryx/smaw dmg vs tanks
-Added AI templates for new weapons
-Only the driver of a vehicle is able to cap a flag
-Decreased MBT reload time for Sabot rounds to match HEAT
-Removed arming delays on Predator and Eryx
-Changed default weapon of AT class to handgun
-Sniper over-accuracy corrected
-Removed unlockables
-Dragon Vallery added to maps folder
-Mh-6 Seat position bug Fixed
-Slightly lowered splash radius, damage, and accuracy for grenade launchers

4. Setting up a Server 

For mod specific remote access, please visit the Battlefield 2 Command & Control 
Software @ . They just released new tools which are highly 

Please include the following word in your server name: "PRMM". 
Battlefield2 currently does not have the game browser functionality 
to allow users to sort by mod. The only available workaround is the user
to search for servers with PRMM in their respective server names.

4. Advance and Secure

Project mini-mod 0.2 integrates landot AAS mod 1.6, this gameplay mod can only be 
played on a dedicated server. 

For more information about this gameplay mod please visit:

Project Reality Mini-Mod Copyright © 2005 Project Reality

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