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The Project Reality mod team has released version 0.31 of their awesome mini-mod. These are the server files.


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The Project Reality mod team has released version 0.31 of their awesome mini-mod. These are the server files.

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4. Changes
IMPORTANT Single Player Notes
- In order to be able to capture flags in Single Player you will need to do the following:
--- 1. go to /mods/pr/python/game/gamemodes/
--- 2. run spfix.bat
--- 3. this will now run Single Player maps in traditional Conquest mode;
--- 4. In order to rever this change, you will have to manually rename to and then rename
- AAS mode (gpm_cq before running spfix.bat) is not supported in Single Player
- Extraction mode (gpm_xtract) is not supported in Single Player
- Single Objective mode (gpm_sobj) is not supported in Single Player

Class Changes
- Increased player jump height slightly
- Increased the time before stamina will start to regenerate after jumping
- Increased the delay in between changing stances slightly

Vehicle Changes
- Heavy Jeeps (Hummber, Vodnik, Nanjing) should now blow up much faster after taking an Anti Tank weapon hit.
- Added back in the nosecam ability. This will change in a future release when we adjust how the gunner HUD works in choppers, but nosecam is back in for now.

Weapon System Changes
- Adjusted Arty so that 2 SLAMs will wreck Artillery pieces
- Added a reload bar to Defibulators to indicate when the battery system is finished recharging
- Doubled the smoke grenade duration

Game Play Changes
- Removed ability to drop vehicles until we make some PR changes to it
- Disabled the PR Squad Hopping penalty system. The BF2 1.3 penalty system is used instead.
- Reduced volume and sound radius of SLAM timer beeps
- Removed Arty and Supply Drop capabilities from the Squad Leader map popup menu. These are now only available through the Squad Leader Comm Rose.
- Supply Drops will now take three or four minutes to fall to earth after the request is granted by the Commander. They will also not land exactly where you want them, so be careful where you make your request as they can land as much as 30m from where you requested them. THANKS TO WOLFI AT USI FOR HIS HELP WITH THIS!
- Removed healing abilites from Supply Crates. You must now find a Medic to get healed.
- Added back in Vehicle Resupply capabilities to Supply Crates.
- Boosted Ammo Kit reloading speed by 50%.
- Reduced initial grenade toss delay by about 70%.
- Reduced Grenade Reloading delay to 4 seconds from 8 seconds in 0.30.
- Added a "star" icon for the SUV to identify it distinctly. We'll replace this with a more appropriate icon in a future release.

Scoring System Changes
- We uh... fixed the bug where you got points when dead. Oops. You now only get points when you are alive.
- Removed Team Points scoring bonuses. You no longer get bonus points from team mates, only from squad mates.
- Doubled the points for Repair activities.
- Added a Sniper Target Priority bonus: when snipers kill a squad leader, commander or another sniper they get a double points bonus (on top of ranged and threat and worth bonuses)

New Game Modes
- no new game modes with 0.31

New Maps
- no new maps with 0.31

Map Changes
- Made some tweaks to balance Steel Thunder 16p
- Modified the Steel Thunder AAS order for 16p
- Fixed EnvMaps issue with Night Maps. This *may* help with the black textures issue, but if not the workaround is still to set dynamic shadows to medium.
- Added more transport vehicles and helicopters to Jabal
- Fixed Jabal description
- Removed xtract support from [email protected] and CP Abadan as these maps have not been tweaked for xtract mode.
- Added Mk12 Sniper kit to Strike at Karkand and Sharqi Night for USMC
- Changed both teams to use Woodland camo on night maps to address "glowing" soldier issues.
- Made some balancing tweaks to Muttrah City
- Added more spawn points to CP Abadan to fix the "red spawn" problem
- Made some minor object placement fixes for Mashtuur Day & Night
- Removed the train accident spawn point for MEC in Strike at Karkand on 32p & 64p configurations for XTRACT mode only

Miscellaneous Changes
- Updated Credits List that was waaaaay out of date
- Fixed an issue where the TV Station Helipad was repairing Helicopters too fast and from too large a radius. You should now have to land to re-arm and repair helicopters at the TV Station.
- Added a definition for radio spam controls. Default is that more than 4 radio messages in 4 seconds will result in a 30 second ban from using the chat message system.

Server Administration Changes
- Added an AAS time limit setting to Default is 1 hour; Setting this to 0 will disable time limits for AAS.
- Edited the default map list to only have a single mode in each grouping. Conquest (AAS) is the default game mode. Other supported modes are included in the maplist.con file, but they are commented out.
- Set the python files included with Project Reality to read only to avoid conflicts with ABR ranking system. You will need to wait until the new files are distributed through ABR before marking these read/write.

5. Bug Fixes
- Validated inclusion of BF2 1.3 bugfixes
- Made a change to grenades to avoid an instant reload exploit
- Changed Little Bird icon to Transport Helo icon from Attack Helo icon
- Fixed a CTD issue with squad leader menu commands and BF2 1.3

6. Known Issues
- 031 BUG: The game mode filter in the server browser is screwed up. This appears to be a BF2 1.3 related bug, but we have not been able to solve it. If servers are not showing up in the list, just click to BFHQ, then click back and it should refresh the list.
- 031 BUG: Steel Thunder appears to have significant lag problems in 32p and 64p configurations. We are investigating the cause and hope to have a fix for a future release. These configurations are not recommended, the map appears to play fine up to about 24 players.
- 030 BUG: When riding in an APC in any position, or when riding in a Jeep in the gunner or driver position there is no resupply indicator in the HUD although you are being resupplied
- 030 BUG: Wreck Fires do not cause damage to players; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: BFHQ is missing some weapon descriptions and images; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: You should FIRST turn on your Soldier NVG before getting into a helicopter, then turn on the NVG in the helicopter for a better picture. We are looking into this issue for a future release.
- 030 BUG: On Extraction mode maps the attacking team (not the escort team) cannot enter certain areas of the map (to avoid camping the spawns). You will get an "outside the combat area" message but there are no red stripes indicating the boundaries. We will investigate this for a future release.
- 030 BUG: Some users have reported black textures on buildings on night maps when running dynamic shadows on HIGH settings. We do not know what the cause is. Work around is to run dynamic shadows on medium settings; the visual difference is not that significant and we decided to release it with this bug and work around.
- 030 BUG: Not all map / game mode combinations have loading maps yet; will fix in a future release
- 030 BUG: The light signature from firing weapons at night does not properly reflect off all surrounding surfaces; will fix in a future release
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Problems zooming in or out when armor is reloading or overheated.
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Secondary weapons do not play the overheat sound
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Mods will show their size as the total size of the BF2 installation including all other installed mods and maps. This is innacurate. Project Reality 0.3 uses about 900mb of disc space.
- BF2 1.2x BUG: Empty friendly vehicles show up on the minimap as occupied

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