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Project Reality has released server files that fix a few things after their most recent release. As of now clients will not need to down...


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Project Reality has released server files that fix a few things after their most recent release. As of now clients will not need to download anything, only server providers.

This server side only update resolves all known server crash causes, greatly improves lag problems, and also addresses some important game play dynamics issues. All server administers should uninstall there current server version of PR v0.5 and then install the PR v0.509 Server Update. If your server participated in the Open Beta, you need to download the latest version linked below as there were some minor changes.

Players DO NOT need to download anything as this is a SERVER ONLY update.

Important Changes and Updates:

1. The use of CP groups is now less liberal than with the initial release. 2. Flag capture timers have been extended and it now takes much longer for flags to go neutral. 3. Server performance should not deteriorate over time. 4. No time limits on Officer Kit requests. 5. Rally Points can now be set every minute (used to be 3 minutes). 6. Anti-Air weapons are now much more effective. 7. Heavy Anti-Tank and Anti-Air kits can no longer be requested at Rally Points (only at APC’s, supply crates, and main bases). 8. A 10 second timer has been implemented that will now kill a player that stays in a vehicle position with the wrong kit or that is not in the same squad as the player that "owns" the vehicle. 9. All jets now have a 30 second warm up time.

Thank you again for all of your patience and we hope you find this update of Project Reality enjoyable. The team has already begun work on PR v0.6 and we making great progress on creating another feature packed release. There is an insane new element coming to Project Reality in v0.6. In German it starts with a “K” and ends with an “N” .. Can anyone guess what it is?

-The Project Reality Team

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Download '' (65.17MB)


   * adjustments to CP Groups
   * adjustments to CP Radii
   * adjustments to flag cap timers to new standards
   * adjustments to ticket bleed
   * corrected some errors with erroneously high view distances and low fog distances
   * Set front line rally points to NOT respawn on most maps
   * fixed errors with Fallujah 16 CP names from AAS messages. NOTE: this may not display correctly in the map on the client, but the AAS messages will be correct.

   * Al Basrah (bleed tweaks only)
   * Al Fallujah (fixed SGID errors)
   * Airport
   * Goods Station
   * Inishail Forest
   * Mao Valley
   * Operation Ghost Train (cp timers only)
   * Operation Phoenix (removed MEC APC, adjusted timers, removed 2nd Mapper RPs)
   * Qwai River
   * GoO WAC 32 & 64 (adjusted timers, increased radii, set beach CPs to only takeable by USMC, on 64p set the MEC armored column to arrive on the road, 10 minutes spawn delayed, 10 minutes respawn)
   * RtKN (corrected SGID errors on 64p, adjusted timers)
   * Steel Thunder
   * Sunset City
   * Hills of Hamgyong
   * Jabal
   * EJOD
   * Muttrah
   * Greasy Mullet
   * Helmand
   * Compton


   * Significantly increase 120mm AP and HE versus Aircraft and Helicopters.
   * reduced heavy AT damage to tank tracks
   * boosted heavy AT damage to rear of tanks
   * boosted 120mm HE damage to jeeps by 30%
   * set rally points to be destroyable by about 40 to 50 rounds of small arms fire; previously they were incorrectly immune to small arms fire
   * 75% increase in damage done to helicopters from AA cannons (ZPU4, M167)
   * Slight reduction in Heavy AT damage to tanks; slight increase in 120mm HEAT damage to Jeeps and APCs
   * 10% boost to damage of Type 95 variants to reflect the 5.8mm round (was using the 5.56 damage template)
   * Corrected issue where the BTR-90 and WZ551 APC cannons were overheating faster than they should.
   * Vehicle Drop timer reduced to 5 minutes from 10; NOTE: don't think this is working as a server side only change
   * 50% increase in shoulder fired AA weapon damage
   * corrected error with penetration settings for weapons. they should penetrate fences and such now.
   * 25% boost to tank hitpoints for all tanks EXCEPT the T62 due to a bug with changing that server side. T62 will be updated in v0.6.


   * Fixed team-locking issues on Land Rover, Land Rover Support, BMP3, Z8 which should eliminate 90% of server crashes
   * Added 30s startup delay for jets. Sounds not yet synched.
   * Fixed the bug when exiting the cupola gunner of tanks that are disabled (dedicated).
   * Removed the heavy attack choppers disabling of the chain gun so you don't get stuck in the position.
   * Added 10s timer that will kill a player that stays in a vehicle position with the wrong kit, or not on the same squad as the player that "owns" the vehicle.
   * Updated the MEC kit req location to include the BTR90 as a non-vehicle so you can request it from the side doors instead of the back.


   * Significant re-factoring of code to improve performance in all modules; This shouod greatly reduce server side lag and CPU utilisation on servers.
   * Significant cleanup and bugfixing of all modules
   * Add new kit request checks for officer kit, no time limit on requesting officer kit when and officer dies and respawns
   * Changed rally request interval to 90 secs from 180
   * Tweaked the team damage point system. Players now receive an additional team damage point when a vehicle is destroyed. Fixes an error where no points were given if a vehicle was instantly destroyed.
   * Also changed it so that no team damage points are given for shooting wrecks, even though the game still displays the messages.
   * Heavy AT and AA kits can no longer be requested fro Rally Points (they can still be requested from APCs, Supply Crates and Main Bases)
   * You can only make a kit request from your own squad's Rally Point
   * Fixed issue on core that would keep players with isInsideVehicle true when changing maps.


   * Fixed AAS flag cap logic to only allow to capture/neutralize when the attacker have 200% of the defenders. You will need twice as many attackers as defenders to capture AND to neutralise a CP. So 8v4 will move the flag, but 8v5 will not move the flag. More attackers above a 200% ratio will move the flag faster, up to a maximum of a 400% ratio at which point more attackers will not move the flag any faster.,
   * Added AAS_CONQUEST config variable so you can run AAS2 as conquest.
   * Updated coop to use AAS2 as conquest.
   * Some fixes to single player issues with AAS
   * Updated some of the flag cap logic so you can defend flags that are not your objective.
   * Fixed AAS flag cap times to get correct ratios.
   * Removed the Neutralise Radius function as it was a stupid idea in the first place.
   * Updated the AAS code to let you finish neutralizing/capping a flag even if that CP it's not your objective anymore.
   * Added defend messages on AAS2. If you have xcaptured a CP that is part of a group, you will get messages to defend those CPs until the entire group is captured.

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