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Here, at Project Reality Mod, we have been laboring non-stop to produce a quality release of PR v0.6 for your enjoyment! Finally, the sustai...


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Here, at Project Reality Mod, we have been laboring non-stop to produce a quality release of PR v0.6 for your enjoyment! Finally, the sustained delegation of all aspects of the mod team, from modelers to coders, has been successful! This being said, the Project Reality team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality Mod v0.6 - the most realistic gaming experience available to Battlefield 2 enthusiasts at this time.

This 1.85gb file includes a tremendous number of alterations made to the existing Battlefield 2 system, as well as customized vehicles and weapons that have been heavily scrutinized by our ‘Military Advisor’ team for accuracy and realism.

We have continued building on our foundations of the British Armed Forces in the last release by adding the Warrior IFV, the Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter, and more to their arsenal. The Chinese forces have have also received there Grenade Launcher attachment to there QBZ-95 Assault rifle. We have added an abundant amount of other extra content (listed below), but in this release our main focus was totally altering how the game is played, even more so than our previous releases! We have made numerous changes that are going to distinguish Project Reality’s gameplay from all other BF2 mods, even more so than before!

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Download 'pr_0609_setup.exe' (1.86GB)


-Militia Faction
An evolved and more militaristic civilian militia is introduced into Project Reality on the Assault on Mestia map. This faction is somewhere in between the Conventional Armies and the Insurgency modeled in Project Reality. Expect to see the Militia on more maps in future releases.

-Commander Assets
The Commanders in-game role has been completely overhauled and restructured by introducing 'Commander Assets'. These assets are equipment that the Commander can deploy on the battlefield with the help of engineers and normal soldiers, such as razor wire to restrict access to certain areas. Overall, these new assets provide the Commander with a stronger, more valuable role on the battlefield and allow him to have a dramatic effect on the final outcome of the battle.

-New Spawning Systems
Except for main bases, ALL of the spawning systems in Project Reality v0.6 are controlled by players AND destroyable. Commanders can build bunkers that the entire team can spawn on and these bunkers can be destroyed by bunker busting weapons and other large caliber weaponry.

-Wave Spawning Heavy Assets
Some v0.6 maps introduce a new concept of spawning heavy vehicles as a "wave" of reinforcements. There will be a large supply of vehicles on these maps, but they will spawn in a group and will have *very* long respawn timers (as long as 20 minutes). Teams and players will need to take care of their heavy assets.

-Kit Limiting Updated
Building on top of our 'Kit Limiting' system in the previous release, we have now cut our 'base kits' down to only 4 kits, and made kits like Grenadier and Light-AT limited kits. We have also tweaked our kit limiting system so that you can have only so many limited kits in one squad, meaning that you will no longer see one squad taking up all sniper kits for example.

-Insurgent Civilian Kit
Another new feature for the Insurgent faction is the 'Civilian Kit'. Players who spawn as an Insurgent Civilian are not allowed to be armed with anything more than just a handful of rocks that they can throw at enemy troops. This kit might not seem very useful at first, but there is a twist: Civilians are not allowed to be shot and killed in battle. If you open fire and kill a Civilian, you and your team will receive a multitude of penalties. The other team can however simulate an 'arrest' of Civilians by knifing them. The civilian class is used for scouting, trying to lead the enemy into hidden IED’s, helping Western Forces and more.

-Insurgency Game Mode
In this original PR game mode, the Insurgents have to defend their Ammo Caches. The other team has to try and seek them out and destroy them either by scouting for them, or 'arresting' civilians in an attempt to gain 'intelligence' on the whereabouts of the caches. Gaining certain amounts of arrests or Insurgent kills reward the Western Army with the rough locations of individual caches. The Insurgents will need to fight off the attacking force, where the only way the opposing force can win is to destroy all the ammo caches on the map!

-Massive Battlefields
We are introducing our first 17 square kilometer map with v0.6 called "Kashan Desert". This combined arms map also has a 5km flight ceiling offering almost 85 BILLION cubic meters of battlefield space. And lots of weapon systems to battle across that terrain with!

-Long Range Engagements
We've tweaked and optimized Project Reality and the weapon systems to be effective in engagement ranges at up to 1km. We've done major work with the BF2 engine's rendering system to get vehicles and buildings to draw at these ranges and to get the weapons working as realistically as possible.


-MEC G3A3 Assault Rifle
The vanilla BF2’s G3 has been scrapped and replaced with our own sexy model and skin. There are currently two variants of the rifle, the G3A3 “Assault Rifle”, which has a 4x optical sight, and the G3A3 “Iron Sights” variant, which is the standard, non-scoped version of the rifle. A sniper and UGL variant will be seen in a future Project Reality release.

-Chinese QBZ-95 UGL Rifle
The Chinese forces have finally received the last variant to their powerful QBZ rifle series, the UGL variant. The QBZ-95 UGL is equipped with a 4x optical sight and an underlying grenade launcher which can fire both explosive and smoke munitions.

-USMC M40 Sniper Rifle
The US faction has added yet another new weapon to its arsenal, the M40 sniper rifle. This bolt-action, 7.62mm rifle packs a powerful punch with amazing accuracy and is sure to make any Battlefield 2 sniper jump with joy.

-Militia Faction Weaponry
The Militia Faction has been equipped with a wide range of weapons including the SKS carbine rifle, the PPSh-41 and Scorpion SA VZ 61 submachine guns, and the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. With such a robust arsenal, the militia faction is defiantly a force to be reckoned with.

-British Warrior IFV
The British forces have finally been blessed with the addition of the Warrior IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). This armored vehicle can carry up to 8 soldiers (driver/gunner/ 6 passengers) and is armed with both a 30mm cannon and 7.62mm chain gun.

-British AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter
We have continued building on our foundations of the British Armed Forces in the last release and have included the AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopter. This deadly 2 man (pilot/gunner) aircraft is armed with Hydra rockets, Sidewinder anti-air missiles, and a 30mm M230 chain gun.

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