Project Reality v0.605 Open Beta

This is the v0.605 open beta for the Project Reality mod. See the links below for more information on this open beta.



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This is the v0.605 open beta for the Project Reality mod. See the links below for more information on this open beta.

IMPORTANT: You MUST uninstall the 0.604 open beta client prior to installing the 0.605 client.

Installing the .6 Beta If You Already Have v0.5 Installed .605 Change Log Server List Known Issues in the .605 Open Beta Map Issues Gameplay Issues Bug Reporting

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Download 'pr_0605openbeta_setup.exe' (1.38GB)

CHANGELOG PR v0.604B to v0.605:

VEHICLES: Minor fix to Apache views, BUGGED Gun Camera and gun rotation is buggered up.
VEHICLES: added woodland texture for M35 and T62
VEHICLES: Fixed apache lag and lod1 issues.
VEHICLES: Updated Warrior exit points
VEHICLES: Added more torque to the dirtbike and atv
VEHICLES: attempt to fix issue with Warrior where players were not bleeding out
VEHICLES: minor tweak to Warrior water damage properties
VEHICLES: increased explosion damage and radius of bomb cars; significantly increased explosion damage of bomber truck (red semi) and significantly increased hitpoints of the semi.
VEHICLES: Added 1p view to warrior passengers, removed envmap reflections from warrior, updated the landrover max file.
VEHICLES: tweaked HP of RIBs down to make them slightly easier to destroy
VEHICLES: reduiced dirtbike hitpoints
VEHICLES: set flare launchers on helicopters to only be able to be used every 20 seconds
VEHICLES: tweaked view range of supply parachute
VEHICLES: added subdued Type 98 Tank texture from Geze
VEHICLES: warrior should be less shiny (particularly wheels)
VEHICLES: Removed the Warrior light and heavy damage effects because they were all weird.
VEHICLES: Increased the Tunguska forward entry point radius.

BUGFIX: added missing sky dependency for Bi Ming to avoid CTD
BUGFIX: Changed gui index for PPSh41 to add count/fire rate indicator.

WEAPONS: attempt to reduce time delay before secondary propellant kicks in for heavy AT projectiles
WEAPONS: tweaked medkit healing radius slightly larger again
WEAPONS: minor tweaks to Mosin
WEAPONS: increased most weapon damage versus light helicopters; increased some weapon damage versus armored helicopters
WEAPONS: set Crewman Wrench to not repair Commander Assets
WEAPONS: applied new material type for Crewman Repair to Crewman Wrench
WEAPONS: prevented shovels from disabling mines
WEAPONS: increased mag count on L86 (Brit Marksman Weapon) to make up for it being a shite marksman weapon
WEAPONS: set jet flare launchers to only be able to fire flares every 20 seconds
WEAPONS: minor tweak to PPSH recoil effects
WEAPONS: set hellfire missiles to 212 m/s velocity (from 125). This is 50% of their real world velocity. Set max range to approximately 1km. Needs play testing. Current 125 m/s velocity is too slow for long range engagements.
WEAPONS: increased Medikit healing radius
WEAPONS: disabled muzzle view in SUSAT
WEAPONS: improved effectiveness of AA missiles by lowering the detonation range, increasing the explosion radius and increasing the damage. also significantly increased the AIM120 damage.
WEAPONS: attempt to prevent molotovs from sticking to vehicles
WEAPONS: attempt to prevent molotovs from sticking to vehicles
WEAPONS: audited vBF2 SAM AA
WEAPONS: fixed dummy multiple fire rate issues with SKS / Simonov
WEAPONS: removed excessive force on shotgun rounds
WEAPONS: very slight increase to Medkit healing range
WEAPONS: first pass audit to dual Uzis and M82
WEAPONS: added dual micro UZIs for messing about
WEAPONS: added M82A1 Barrett Sniper Rifle and a M82 Pickup kit

MATERIALS: tweaks to razorwire resistance against grenades and 20mm+ shells
MATERIALS: set new material type for Crewman Repair
MATERIALS: attempt to prevent barbed wire from instant kill to vehicles

SOUNDS: Shovel synced perfectly with animation + volume boost
SOUNDS: Applied sofad's changes to the other faction's trucks. Fixed ustrk_m35 object prefixes.
SOUNDS: corrected typo in M1 sound volume half distance value (was 5200, should be 200)
SOUNDS: added backupbeep and horn to warrior, increased the engine halfvolumedistance to be equal with other apc´s
SOUNDS: trucks now have a truck horn and truck gear change sounds
SOUNDS: volume boost for M35/ural truck engine
SOUNDS: APC/MBT cannon boosts
SOUNDS: changed voice messages to be radio voices when played over radio with the 3 flag; deleted unneeded .wav file
SOUNDS: PPSH Bass/volume boost
SOUNDS: more ppsh fixes - Jaymz
SOUNDS: more ppsh fixes
SOUNDS: ppsh rof fixed - Jaymz
SOUNDS: Militia overhaul phase 1
SOUNDS: New Coaxial 3p sound + M16/M4 3db boost.
SOUNDS: G3A3 volume decrease - Jaymz
SOUNDS: reduced distances at which helicopters can be heard
SOUNDS: bullet and shell impact volumes increased; voice messages volume increased; voice messages that was played over the radio and are NOT radio messages deleted, you hear voice messages over radio now as radio filtered only, otherwise shouted only; added two new effects for 20mm shells and rockets explosions to give attack choppers the exploding projectiles sound back
SOUNDS: new G3 and AK47 sounds

README: Updated editor files

HUD: fixed floating mortar button
HUD: disabled the display of the weapon icon when selecting weapons in tanks and APCs
HUD: added minimap icons for Firebases and Bunkers, only displayed to friendlies on the map, looks like the Rally Point icons, but with a "C" for Commander instead of a squad number.
HUD: Removed mortar from kit req menu
HUD: fixed some minor errors in credits.con

GAMEMODE: Added specific ticket count for Insurgency.
GAMEMODE: Added an area attack marker that set a marker randomly close to the objective. Updated the team messages to help them understand that.
GAMEMODE: Updated Insurgency to have a min and a max number of objectives by map size (3/5, 5/7, 7/10). Updated the team messages to help the players understand what are the objectives.
GAMEMODE: Updated Insurgency to display instructions messages every 60 seconds. Updated the number of objectives by map size to 3, 5 and 7.

CONFIG: increased default number of Grenadiers, Support Gunners and Light AT by +1 for 24 and 32 configs

PYTHON: Code refactoring in the commander, kits and rally code so the methods that return the objects lists already check for validity and position.
PYTHON: Added addTickets method to realitycore.
PYTHON: Added ingame debug messages to realityevents so we can catch exceptions ingame without the debugger.
PYTHON: Little update when getting the player index in a vehicle to avoid possible bug.
PYTHON: Added the apache to the list of vehicles that don't do damage to the player when exiting at high speed.
PYTHON: Added points debug messages to CP capture, neutralize and defense.
PYTHON: Some fixes to the kill player code to avoid 0 seconds respawn.
PYTHON: Added points debug to help track the points system. Removed the courtmartial script as it is not needed anymore.
PYTHON: Added the bipods to the list of stationary weapons.
PYTHON: Fixed check for civilians inside stationary weapons.
PYTHON: Added light damage to militia and insurgents armed vehicles.
PYTHON: Added deployable AA as stationary guns.
PYTHON: Fixed spawners expiring. For some reason some properties were not being set.
PYTHON: Added some more checks to try to make the cmdr assets deploying more stable.
PYTHON: removed the spawning of uncappable AAS markers since it's not being used anymore.
PYTHON: spawners code cleanup and hopefully fixed expiring spawner objects.
PYTHON: Removed the mortar kit from kit request config so it doesn't spawn the white thing.
PYTHON: Fixed commander messages appearing for both teams.
PYTHON: Fixed rounds not ending by time limit or ticket limit.
PYTHON: Fixed a few code parts that couldn't handle kits with variants (nvg, para, mntn, etc).
PYTHON: Updated some code for the vehicles that may be causing the bugs with non limited kits driving/piloting limited vehicles.

RALLY POINTS: Removed the rally point expiration when losing a CP and the block when trying to create a new rally point when you already have one.
RALLY POINTS: Removed player collisions to prevent various exploits.

SCORING: Removed uneeded code from threatandworth
SCORING: Added the amount of points on the debug messages instead of just telling the percentages.
SCORING: Optimized the check for squad leader range bonus
SCORING: Increased the multiplier of sniper range bonus to count every 100m instead of 50m.
SCORING: Added a couple of debug messages to other bonuses in the code.
SCORING: Little fix to not count player kills as vehicle kills.
SCORING: Fixed threatandworth 25% points for squad members giving to the player that did the kill too.
SCORING: Updated the worth of destroying armor to 12 from 6
SCORING: Updated the worth of destroying airplanes to 24 from 8
SCORING: Updated the worth of destroying helicopters to 18 from 6
SCORING: Updated the worth of destroying transports to 8 from 3
SCORING: Fixed killing friendly soldier counting as team vehicle damage.
SCORING: 6 points for revive from 5
SCORING: 8 points for heal from 10
SCORING: 6 points for repair from 10
SCORING: 6 points for resupply from 10
SCORING: 8 points for destroying remote controlled from 12
SCORING: 1 point every 10 seconds to driver from 2 points every 10 seconds
SCORING: Added debug messages and fixed a double points issue.
SCORING: Updated revive points to be half of healing points, and tentative to not give teamdamage when destroying wrecks.

STATICS: added palm and olive trees to PR folder for view distance tweaking
STATICS: increased razor wire HP
STATICS: tweaked hedgehog disappear distance
STATICS: made woodsteel bridge non destroyable
STATICS: Made new woodsteel_bridge_segment_static indestructible.
STATICS: set Helmand style destroyable buildings to have same armor properties as the new ones. Set new walls to use custom pr_wall explosion effect.
STATICS: revised village wall samples from matt.b
STATICS: Updated lightmap samples to get rid of lightmaps for wreck models.

KITS: added dual micro UZIs to the M82 kit
KITS: added binocs to all conventional army Medic kits
KITS: added Binocs to Militia Sapper
KITS: set militant to use AK47

CIVILIANS: Moved some civilian config variables to the config files
CIVILIANS: 25 points to civilian killer
CIVILIANS: minus 1 to the number of kills
CIVILIANS: 10 min kit request block to killer
CIVILIANS: minus 1 to the number of deaths in the civilian score
CIVILIANS: no death attrition penalty for the civilian
CIVILIANS: 10s respawn to the civilian
CIVILIANS: Added code to kill civilians if they operate stationary weapons.

COMMANDER: Increased the number of sandbag walls in an area to 5 from 2.
COMMANDER: Lowered the number of CPs needed to build a bunker to 2 from 3.
COMMANDER: Better support for militia commander assets.
COMMANDER: Fixed some checks for tickets when deploying assets.
COMMANDER: allowed Command Posts to be destroyed, so they can be relocated; allowed AAA to be destroyed so they can be relocated.
COMMANDER: Fixed an issue with the check for support vehicle changing another assets lists.
COMMANDER ASSETS: Changed bunker, firebase, sandbags to have dynamic shadows to prevent player shadows being visible outside.
COMMANDER: reordered some rules to help with performance, updated code to help checking if an asset was really deployed and added feedback message to the commander when an asset is being deployed.
COMMANDER: Fixed messaging when deploying assets and one bunker requirement that was broken.

SOLDIERS: new v2 subdued PLA skins from Geze
SOLDIERS: revised US kits texture from Geze


MAPS: reverted Mestia lightmap changes to fix CTD error
MAPS: updated Al Kufrah from DarkOverlord; Audit tweaks applied by egg
MAPS: added 2 x transport helos to Kashan 64p only, spawn delayed with the rest of the heavy assets
MAPS: updated 7 Gates to v5 from Iron Taxi
MAPS: Al Basrah update, most issues fixed, needs lightmaps and afew small bug fixes.
MAPS: AoM slight tweak to Militia Main CP radius to prevent capture from outside the base.
MAPS: significantly increased the Kashan Desert CP capture timers to attempt to slow game play pace and account for travel times.
MAPS: added pickup kits to Mestia; tweaked for Game Play
MAPS: bleed tweaks to Bi Ming for game play tweaking purposes
MAPS: tweaks to Kashan for gameplay
MAPS: Hills of Hamgyong update 1.0 from Fuzz
MAPS: Gulf of Oman WAC update 1.2 from Fuzz
MAPS: updated Operation Phoenix from Taxi
MAPS: Qwai River update from Taxi.
MAPS: set AoM water anim speed to 1 to prevent crashing issue
MAPS: added vehicle drops to Kashan
MAPS: updated Bi Ming from Dr Rank

IMPORTANT: Please check the "known issues" thread before posting bugs:

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