Project Reality v0.607 Public Beta

This is the v0.607 open beta for the Project Reality mod. See the links below for more information on this open beta.



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This is the v0.607 open beta for the Project Reality mod. See the links below for more information on this open beta.

Installing the .6 Beta If You Already Have v0.5 Installed Request to Server Admins Server List Map Issues Gameplay Issues Bug Reporting

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Download 'pr_0607rc1_openbeta.exe' (1.45GB)

Just the stuff from 0606 to 0607

COMMANDER: attempt to fix spawn position locations on the Firebases and Bunker
COMMANDER: improvements to Bunker & Firebase spawning reliability, but still needs work
COMMANDER: set distance from Bunkers and FBs for Kit Req to 5m
COMMANDER: slight reduction in bunker and FB hitpoints

CONFIG: changed Insurgent Squad Leader # in squad requirements to 4. This is the embedded SF operator kit. Change is to make them slightly more available and to keep it consistent with the other factions.

KITS: added ammo kits to Support Classes

MATERIALS: attempt to fix crewman wrench inability to repair Hummers and APCs
MATERIALS: attempt to fix issue with crewman wrench not repairing Jeeps and APCs
MATERIALS: made most weapons more effective versus Command Post

MENU: new icon from spearhead

PYTHON: Fixed razorwire not being able to be deployed next to firebases.

RALLY: fixed rally point radio chatter issues

SOUNDS: attempt to fix the rally points radio chatter
SOUNDS: AAA cannon 3p volume boost
SOUNDS: attempted fix to problem with rally point sounds not being audible
SOUNDS: attempted fix to problem with rally point sounds not being audible; also moved US Radio Chatter assets to their own radio chatter folder
SOUNDS: Fixed explosion distances by adding larger time to live.
SOUNDS: Found another tweak file using it and updated.
SOUNDS: Handheld AT volume boost
SOUNDS: M40A3 volume boost, 1p only
SOUNDS: New reload sound for QBZ95UGL GL
SOUNDS: QBZ95UGL, new reload sound to sync with spearheads animation.
SOUNDS: QBZUGL GL reload tweaked a bit
SOUNDS: Tweaked the new G3A3

STATICS: increased cull radius (view distance) on block bunker
STATICS: update of the woodsteel_bridge_segment_static object with a bug fix that made it look odd.

VEHICLES: attempt to fix shiny surface on support trucks
VEHICLES: attempt to lower the resupply height from helipads to require helicopters to land to repair & rearm
VEHICLES: increased render distance of ATV

WEAPONS: failed attempt to fix missing pickup smoke marker. repo'ing anyways as there is some other minor cleanup in the code.
WEAPONS: fixed long reload timer issues with Stationary AA missiles
WEAPONS: increased damage done by molotov flames
WEAPONS: reverted ammo kit to old style thrown ammo kits, reduced bag count to 1 bag
WEAPONS: set ammokit to max 1 in world at any time from each player

Just the changes from v0.605 to v0.606

ANIMATIONS: fixed Type 95 w scope bad alignment of scope to eye in 3p SPEARHEAD ROCKS
ANIMATIONS: restored 1p shovel animations
COMMANDER added HUD elements for deployable Razor Wire
COMMANDER: added deployable razor wire as Commander static
COMMANDER: Added new Commander Bunker static from matt.b; updated dummy spawners and such. I HOPE I did it right lol.
COMMANDER: added new firebase and sandbag wall statics; pointed commander .con and .tweak at the mesh assets stored in staticobjects/pr
COMMANDER: added new static objects for Firebase and Sandbag walls from matt.b
COMMANDER: Changed the max distance from a support vehicle to deploy assets to 50m from 10m.
COMMANDER: Fixed bunker and firebase not being deployed.
COMMANDER: greatly lowered ticket cost for CMDR assets: Bunkers and Firebases cost 10 tix, AA Artillery costs 10 tix, Support Trucks cost 5 tix, Sandbag Walls cost 0 tix; set min tix to deploy assets to 50 for all asset types
COMMANDER: increased hitpoints on CMDR Bunkers, Firebases and Sandbag Walls
COMMANDER: set commander assets expire time to 5 minutes. If not set up or constructed within 5 minutes they will expire from the game world. Was previously 1 minute.
COMMANDER: view distance tweaks to several commander assets
CONFIG: added a PR user settings.con file that is applicable to dedicated servers with some tweaks intended to improve hit detection.
CONFIG: removed all devs except eggman from debug list for public configuration
CONFIG: set RP grouping distance to 20m
CONFIG: set time limit to 4 hours to avoid BF2CC error
CONFIG: updated quartermaster bar selection. Americans get Jack Daniels, Brits get pints, all others the same
GAMEMODE: Added a check in Insurgency to see if the objective is a wreck so it doesn't get parsed again.
GAMEMODE: Added code in Insurgency that reveals objectives based on intel counted when you capture civilians, kill officers, pickup insurgent kits or destroy enemy vehicles.
GAMEMODE: Added destroyed heavy assets lowering tickets in Insurgency.
GAMEMODE: Added Insurgency debug messages and fixed civ and officer intel points.
GAMEMODE: Added points to the attacker and his squad when destroying an objective.
GAMEMODE: Added progressive intel points needed to reveal an objective in the map. Each objetive revealed adds 3 points to the starting 30 points. So if the team already got 3 objectives revealed, the next one will require 30 + 3*3 = 39 intel points.
GAMEMODE: Changed Insurgency number of objectives to be 3/4 for 16 map size, and 5/6 for 32 map size.
GAMEMODE: Fixed Insurgency bugs.
GAMEMODE: Fixed Insurgency civ and officer intel points were wrong.
GAMEMODE: Removed Insurgency vehicle intel points and added messages when getting intel information.
GAMEMODE: Updated Al Basrah Insurgency tickets.
GAMEMODE: Updated Insurgency min amount of objectives to be destroyed to total-1. Updated the Al Basrah tickets values to give more tickets to insurgency and less to British.
GAMEMODE: Updated Insurgency to not allow negative intel points. Also fixed the intel points not resetting each round.
HUD: added compass to general player HUD
HUD: added distinct icons for support trucks, light helos and attack jets
HUD: added flag to prevent Bunker and Firebase from showing up on minimap for the other team
HUD: added icons for spotting bunkers, firebases and rally points as well as spotted radio messages
HUD: added new defend objective and attack objective marker along with psd assets
HUD: added T90 crosshair from Geze
HUD: applied new firebase and bunker icons like normal vehicle icons
HUD: attempt to add a Map icon for destroyed or unconstructed bunker and firebase icons that only displays to friendlies.
HUD: attempt to fix blurry minimap icons for attack jets and light helos (repo build only)
HUD: attempted to use grenade HUD for HAT to show reloading and delay to use bar
HUD: blocked highest level of commander zoom
HUD: changed tank commander center of screen cursor to white from red to be less obtrusive
HUD: changed tank commander center of screen cursor to white from red to be less obtrusive
HUD: changed tank commander HUD compass to show the direction the commander CCITV is facing, not the direction the vehicle is facing. Turret Rotation still fubar, but will have a look at that in future (more complex than it looks heh).
HUD: fixed errors with bunker and firebase icons
HUD: fixed type on TTOrder line (repo build only)
HUD: new firebase and bunker icons
HUD: Put the kit req menu and commander deploy menu back that was missing.
HUD: removal of APC mag counters from HUD as they are now redundant
HUD: removed 2D warning icon from HUD for close to mines. The 3D HUD marker over the mine will still show.
HUD: removed NVG battery indicator as it's no longer used, NVGs have enough battery power to last a whole PR round
HUD: removed range finder from Tank Commander HUDs because it's not working properly. Will revisit this in a future release.
HUD: set firebases and bunkers to use new icons applied as strategic objects
HUD: set light helos to use their own minimap icon; set attack jets to use their own minimap icon
HUD: set order hud elements to render out to 4km, was previously 1.2km
HUD: set support trucks to use their own minimap icon
HUD: temporarily set Land Rover icon to Paratrooper jeep icon until we fix the transparency issue with the land rover vehicle icon
HUD: Updated the comm rose messages inside and outside vehicles.
KITS: Added 2 x Flashbangs to Grenadier and Officer kits. These are bound to the #6 key.
KITS: added ammo kits and ammo ability to Support classes
KITS: added binocs to Militia Medic
KITS: another attempt to get kits to render at finer detail at longer ranges
KITS: Set Flashbangs to #6; set Officer's pickup smoke to #9. The Pickup smoke will not display in the HUD but is selectable with the #9 key.
KITS: set Insurgent Ambusher to use Saiga shotgun
MATERIALS: attempt to reduce damage caused by certain weapons to the Commander assets
MATERIALS: defined new material types for ammo dump objectives
MATERIALS: increased most weapon damages versus light helicopters; increased small arms damage against light helicopters considerably
MATERIALS: minor fix with new material type
MATERIALS: reduced AAV Cannon effectiveness versus Tank Armor
MATERIALS: set Crewman Wrench to NOT disarm mines or repair bridges
MATERIALS: set objective ammo dumps to use new material types to prevent anything less than .50 cal from damaging them
MENU: new smaller .bik file with minimod removed
PYTHON: Huge improvement to realityspawner code to not include The dynamic_objectspawners when loading The map, just normal objectSpawners set by The mapper.
PYTHON: The area markers will not be moved each time one is destroyed
PYTHON: Added a check for alive squad members when checking distance to SL when setting a rally point.
PYTHON: Added a check for vehicle wreck so it doesn't give team damage when shooting at wrecks.
PYTHON: Added a check to try to avoid team damage points given by wrecks of vehicles.
PYTHON: Added a few checks to try to avoid some random exceptions in the vehicles code and fixed the sapper and ambusher kit names on limited vehicles.
PYTHON: Added a few code checks to try to find some random failings.
PYTHON: Added a jeep spawn to bunker and firebases (needs testing)
PYTHON: Added deployable razorwire to the commander code (needs testing)
PYTHON: Added method by method debug messages to help trace game logc.
PYTHON: Added missing weapons to realityconstants.
PYTHON: Added realityconstants with updated vehicles, kits and soldiers (not weapons and maps yet) to have scoring and threatandworth working with the missing assets. Changed the getKitType in realitykits because of conflict with constants one.
PYTHON: Added the boatrib gun to the list of weapons the civ can't use.
PYTHON: Added the support trucks to to be limited to only engineers and officers.
PYTHON: Added ticket revenue for cmdr assets (needs testing)
PYTHON: Added trace() method to core to help traceback errors ingame.
PYTHON: Added trace() to all other python files.
PYTHON: Changed some code in realityspawners for performance.
PYTHON: Cleanup. Removed pr_vehicle_names as it's not needed.
PYTHON: Fixed a bug in the last commit.
PYTHON: Fixed a couple of things in Insurgency.
PYTHON: Fixed bunker/firebase markers not showing by moving them 10m north (?!)
PYTHON: Fixed civilian logic to give +10 tickets to the insurgent team when a civilian is killed instead of arrested.
PYTHON: Fixed cmdr ticket revenue and bunker, firebase, sandbags and razorwire height issues.
PYTHON: Fixed getSpawnersTemplates method in realityspawner.
PYTHON: Fixed indentation in realitycommander.
PYTHON: Fixed isCivilian check when the player is dead.
PYTHON: Fixed isCPCapturableByPlayer in the flag cap logic to not check if the CP is capturable by the player team by default. This will only take out players with wrong kits like civilians allowing to get correct numbers of defenders of flags outside of the current order.
PYTHON: Fixed some checks for isCivilian.
PYTHON: Fixed some conflicting event handlers in Insurgency.
PYTHON: Fixed some problems with civ kits.
PYTHON: Fixed spawn timers not resetting at round and map changes.
PYTHON: Fixed the debug values for the jeeps spawners in bunkers and firebases.
PYTHON: Fixed the getPositionFromPlayer not passing the distance.
PYTHON: Fixed the spawn of vehicles on bunkers and firebases.
PYTHON: Fixed threatandworth exception when the team didn't have a commander.
PYTHON: Fixed timer not being destroyed when a playe is killed (important!)
PYTHON: Fixed traceall locals parameter not being converted to string.
PYTHON: Fixed wrong variable in the civ code.
PYTHON: Little fix to the method that gets only the filename in the events debug.
PYTHON: Little update to use roundStarted() method instead of checking again.
PYTHON: Moved the Insurgency message timer to start when setting up the objectives instead of when the 1st player spawns.
PYTHON: Refactored the civilian code to set all the attrition penalties on the PlayerKilled event instead of PlayerDeath event to fix some weird stuff happening on respawn times.
PYTHON: Removed a testing code from Insurgency and added a anti-looting-exploit code
PYTHON: Removed commandpost from the list of ticket revenue because they don't cost anything to deploy. Also added a couple of ticket cost to the assets on the test config so we can test ticket costs and ticket revenue.
PYTHON: Removed the 2 min rule when joining a squad for the first time in a round. Only the next switches will check for the 2 min interval.
PYTHON: Small fix in kits check for teamkills with kit variants.
PYTHON: Small fix in scoringCommon to import trace()
PYTHON: Small fix in some commander messages.
PYTHON: Small fix to core imports that was failing at server start.
PYTHON: Small fix to the flag cap logic that wasn't counting defenders on CPs that are not the current objective of the defenders.
PYTHON: Temporarily removed a check in killPlayer that wouldn't kill a player on the PlayerSpawn event because it's not alive yet until the end of the event. Shouldn't affect other stuff.
PYTHON: Updated jeeps that spawn at bunkers and firebases to be 1 each 10 min.
PYTHON: Updated light and heavy damages of the APCs because of the latest changes.
PYTHON: Updated some code in threatandworth to try to avoid some rare exceptions.
PYTHON: Updated some code to try to avoid some events failing.
PYTHON: Updated the changed squad event to not check the squad count before round start.
PYTHON: Updated the civilian code to not catch the civilian related events if the current map doesn't have insurgents.
PYTHON: Updated the debug messages in realityevents to just show the filename of the function and not the entire path to avoid CTDs with messages too big.
PYTHON: Updated the kit request locations for militia and insurgents to use the new trucks.
PYTHON: Updated the list of cmdr support trucks.
README: updated the ObjectSpawnerDef.con to fix a small spelling error.
SOLDIERS: added revised USMC Marpat skin from Spartan
SOLDIERS: fixed green hands on Civilian
SOLDIERS: increased Officer class sprint endurance
SOLDIERS: increased soldier sprint time
SOLDIERS: reduced civilian sprint time
SOLDIERS: set the draw distance for kit items to be 4x what it currently is set at (Cull Radius set to 8 from 2.4). Needs testing.
SOLDIERS: slightly reduced soldier movement speed, slightly lowered soldier acceleration, slightly lowered soldier deceleration
SOUNDS: Added hmmwvs radio chatter from sofad.
SOUNDS: Attempt to fix medium projectile volume fades
SOUNDS: Fixed getin and pickup flags.
SOUNDS: Louder vehicle radio background from sofad.
SOUNDS: Removed any voice to sound for just the enemy forces spotted when you don't spot anything, just leave the ?
SOUNDS: Updated gogogo and followme outside vehicles to play for local team and enemies instead of just local team.
SOUNDS: Updated pickup and get_in to be radio instead of voice.
SOUNDS: Updated thankyou and sorry voice messages to be played to only the local team when inside vehicles.
SOUNDS: Updated the voice messages that spot heavy assets inside vehicles to show a text message for grunts too.
SOUNDS: New dual uzi reload sound.
SOUNDS: added a new door sound for OGT.
SOUNDS: added back artillery destroyed radio message
SOUNDS: added backup beep to all trucks
SOUNDS: added radio chatter to Rally Points; needs testing
SOUNDS: Added rally_spotted, bunker_spotted and firebase_spotted (normal and vehicle versions) radio messages. Currently using enemy mines spotted voices. e-Gor will add them to the spotted right-click list.
SOUNDS: Attempt to fix far explosions, will fix properly later.
SOUNDS: bomb fixes
SOUNDS: Brand new reload sounds for ppsh and scorpion.
SOUNDS: Changed the rally, bunker and firebase spotted messages to play the enemy forces spotted voice message since it's not being used anymore (was the old one that left a ? in the map).
SOUNDS: Changed the way sound obstruction works. Statics should now occlude sounds even at large distances which means my distance tweaks will work properly.
SOUNDS: Coaxial ROF changes in accordance with the physical ROF being changed.
SOUNDS: complete volume maximization of over 1900 unfiltered voicefiles
SOUNDS: decreased med_exp min distance volume
SOUNDS: Distant volume increased on all jets
SOUNDS: Explosions overhaul
SOUNDS: fixed explosion sounds disappearing at long range
SOUNDS: fixed radio chatter for sofad
SOUNDS: fixed stop type on radiochatter
SOUNDS: GPMG ROF changed to 600rpm
SOUNDS: Grenades distance tweak
SOUNDS: larger 3p fades on various rifles
SOUNDS: M16 rof fix (will be 900rpm now)
SOUNDS: m4 update
SOUNDS: Merlin and Apache volume boost
SOUNDS: more bomb changes
SOUNDS: more explosion fixes
SOUNDS: more explosion overhauling
SOUNDS: more projectile tweaks
SOUNDS: more reload sync fixes
SOUNDS: New coaxial mg sound + Volume and distance tweaks for all helicopter/attack jet cannons and missile pods
SOUNDS: New G3 + New reference tweak file for all 500lb bombs, see forums for details...
SOUNDS: New G3 that dbzao is going to love so much he will marry it
SOUNDS: New pistol sound
SOUNDS: New SKS sounds, 1p and 3p
SOUNDS: ppsh reload synced a bit better
SOUNDS: Projectile explosion overhaul
SOUNDS: removed get ammo here sound from new Ammo kit
SOUNDS: reset voicemessages to 604
SOUNDS: reverted explosions until I can make them work properly over 400m. Also fixed 1p pistol sound.
SOUNDS: reverted P226 to old sound
SOUNDS: Stationary weapons distance tweaks + G3 bass cut
SOUNDS: trimmed down the bunker, firebase and rally point spotted messages to use the same voice messages for each object (eg: no alternative voice message is used).
SOUNDS: Tweaked SKS and new PPSH
SOUNDS: Updated the player triggered and automatically triggered voice messages
SOUNDS: Volume boost to handheld AT launchers
STATICS: added artillery destroyed message to the objective ammo dumps (but not the static ones)
STATICS: added new roof wall statics from matt.b
STATICS: applied new material types for ammo dump objectives to ammo dump objects
STATICS: attempt to resolve problem with some flags not having a bump map
STATICS: Fixed the deployable razorwire and added a small property to the other ones.
STATICS: minor tweak to ammo dump armor effects
STATICS: re-added the village house wreck lightmaps.
STATICS: Set small destroyable stone bridge to be repairable
STATICS: updated the village stone bridge with a minimap bridge icon, untested so i hope it works.
VEHICLES: added new GB Support Truck textures, new CH support truck texture, new Militia support truck texture and GB M6 skins (lend / lease AAV for future GB usage)
VEHICLES: added spawn points to Commander Trucks for all factions
VEHICLES: added USI taxi engines to F16 and Mig29; tweaked landing gear positions to improve aircraft taxi performance
VEHICLES: attempt to fix APC ammo bug by making the APCs only carry 1 large mag for each ammo type
VEHICLES: attempt to fix Saxon stuttery engine again
VEHICLES: Fixed apache gunner and mesh issues.
VEHICLES: fixed bad dummy barrel usage on Apache
VEHICLES: fixed incorrect maverick ammo count for A10
VEHICLES: Fixed mec and militia support trucks collision meshes.
VEHICLES: fixed spotted error with Merlin
VEHICLES: Fixed the rotation on the tank cmdr cameras to avoid an angle when looking to the sides.
VEHICLES: Fixed the spawners of the support trucks.
VEHICLES: hacked in a 7th seat to the Merlin
VEHICLES: Lowered the tank cmdr camera position to be closer to the tank.
VEHICLES: minor tweak to attack helo rocket firing to try and improve full auto function
VEHICLES: new skins for GB M35, GB M6, Insurgent Hands issue, ZPU4 woodland
VEHICLES: reduced wreck time on Support Trucks
VEHICLES: reduced wreck time on Support Trucks
VEHICLES: reduction in Warrior Hitpoints
VEHICLES: set F16 cannon windup time to 0.3 seconds based on reference data (was 0.5 seconds)
VEHICLES: set GB and CH trucks to use unique geometry
VEHICLES: set Su25 to use 4 x 32 rocket pods of 57mm rockets (less damage than the Hydras), set 250kilo bombs to do slightly more damage, set 250 kilo bombs to have a damage boost when the projectile strikes the target (as opposed to the bomb blast).
VEHICLES: set tank Commander to X for zoom, Fire for Smoke launcher to be consistent with other land vehicle zoom controls and to fix the issue with specific spotting popup menu; needs testing
VEHICLES: set the time to disable a vehicle's target when a player exits the vehicle to 60s.
VEHICLES: set up all factions support trucks to use a consistent naming scheme
VEHICLES: set up militia support truck with it's own mesh and texture files
VEHICLES: set up militia support truck with it's own mesh and texture files
VEHICLES: slight reduction in Warrior hitpoints
VEHICLES: slight tweak to heat object placement on Merlin
VEHICLES: Updated commander dummy support trucks.
VEHICLES: Updated the APCs wheels and dummy wheels to try to fix some of the gimpyness we have. The chinese APC still have some torque issues.
WEAPONS: added stationary GPMG for testing
WEAPONS: added Chrif Type95 Iron animations from the CHSNI to fix the to zoom problem
WEAPONS: added Type 95 UGL to PLA Grenadier
WEAPONS: added Type 95 UGL variant for testing
WEAPONS: adjusted Hellfire missile speeds to slow them down for more control.
WEAPONS: ASSETS: added Minimi assets
WEAPONS: attempt to fix blurry scope w Mosin Nagant
WEAPONS: attempt to fix ugly zoom animation problem with Type 95 iron sight rifle
WEAPONS: attempt to get Officer's Pickup Smoke icon to show on minimap for only friendlies and not to the enemy.
WEAPONS: attempt to set SRAW and ERYX to NOT send a vehicle lock warning tone
WEAPONS: boosted ammo supply amount available at all rally points
WEAPONS: changed Ammo Kits to work like Medic Kits. You must now hold down the fire button when an ammo kit is equipped in order to give ammo to other players.
WEAPONS: fixed error with mosin kit geometry
WEAPONS: Fixed Mosin Nagant damages to SVD damages
WEAPONS: fixed throw stone animation from spearhead.
WEAPONS: increased distance at which HAT and LAT projectiles begin to lose energy and reduced energy dissipation by making the in damage distance very long (realistic setting to about 3.7km for HAT).
WEAPONS: increased HAT effectiveness versus tank armor
WEAPONS: minor tweak to Flashbangs, set to index #9
WEAPONS: reduced AAV Cannon effectiveness versus Tank Armor
WEAPONS: removed ammo counter for single russian smoke nade
WEAPONS: RoF adjustments to Coax MGs
WEAPONS: RoF adjustments to GPMG
WEAPONS: set CHRIF Type 95 iron to use it's own animation set
WEAPONS: Set HAT delay to use and reload delay to 15s (was 20)
WEAPONS: Spearhead fixed shovel animation errors
WEAPONS: tweaks to stationary GPMG
WEAPONS: tweaks to Type 95 UGL variant
WEAPONS: updated Mosin Sniper rifle
WEAPONS: very slight reduction in new Mosin damage values to reflect the older round used by the Mosin in comparison to the Dragunov

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