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Project Reality has release V0.32 of their mod. Here are both server files in one simple zip folder.



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Project Reality has release V0.32 of their mod. Here are both server files in one simple zip folder.


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Download '' (105.44MB)

There are 4 new custom maps in this update:
EJOD Desert by [R-DEV]Thomazz
- USMC vs MEC in a battle over a city in the desert

Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k
- USMC vs PLA infantry combat in a jungle setting

Hongshangu Winter by GA-KnomboeBoy
- USMC vs PLA infantry combat in a snowy valley

Goods Station by [R-CON]spfreak
- USMC vs MEC infantry combat in a tight industrial setting

This update also includes Project Reality support for Road to Jalalabad. In addition Songhua Stalemate makes a return after some Reality tweaks have been applied.

CP Abadan and Muttrah City maps have been updated with some minor tweaks and some fixes to address a couple of glitches.

While there are no new features in ths update, some minor bug fixes are included:
- fixed supply drop height; supply drops should now arrive closer to where you requested them and should take about 90 seconds to descend
- altered BF2 1.4 "no vehicles" mode so that all vehicles EXCEPT Jeeps and Transport helos are ommitted. This can be changed by editing the /mods/pr/gamelogicinit.con file
- changed round start delays to 90 seconds for all game modes
- removed Operation Nightshift due to unresolvable CTD issues
- added back in a default map rotation list that includes game mode switching and the new v0.32 maps
- worked around a BF2 server crash bug. PRMM servers should crash significantly less frequently now
- fixed the issue where single player conquest was not working properly

We hope you enjoy these new maps while the team works on v0.4.

As always, thanks for your continued support of Project Reality!


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