Realism Gunfire Mod

Realism Gunfire Mod changes the gunfire sounds in the game to make them more realistic.


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Realism Gunfire Mod changes the gunfire sounds in the game to make them more realistic.

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Download 'pleiades_realism_gunfire.rar' (41.51MB)

Realism Gunfire Mod v1.0
By Pleiades
Installation Instructions

*Extract the folder to your /programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/ folder, then add,

fileManager.mountArchive mods/Pleiades_Realism_Gunfire/ Objects

to the top of your clientarchives.con(it would be in your /programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/(mod name)/ folder) you will want to create a back up of the original clientarchives.con and put it in a safe place.
Uninstallation Instructions

(Replace your edited clientarchives.con with your backup.(you would be kicked for modded content even if you edited the file back to the way it was.) or if you don't need to worry about playing on servers that are running in pure mode. just add, rem , in front of the 2 lines you added.(delete the, rem , to reinable)

*Replace your edited clientarchives.con with your backup, and delete the Pleiades_Realism_Gunfire folder.
*All gun sounds have been changed to the real sounds(I admit, some sounds I mixed myself, because I couldn't get the exact sound, but I just mixed to the point from what I heard, and to it's caliber.)
*Cannon sounds have been changed. (Some of the cannons may not be the exact sound, because it's very hard to get Tank Cannon sounds.)
*Missile sounds have been changed. (Some missiles sound very similar... well because they don't sound very different.)
*All Airplane/Helicopter sounds are the same, I couldn't get any sound files for their arnaments.
*All the Explosions are the same... I have many Explosion soundfiles, but seriously... This game has too many Explosion sounds, and I didn't want to waste another day trying to get Explosion sounds for all of them.
 And, Realism doesn't seem to fit with fake Altered Material... So I didn't bother to change the Explosions at all.
*I got the majority of the sounds from a friend who recorded it... the Recordings were in great quality, just in bad timings... Alot of the echoes were cut off with other gunfire..etc...
 So I had to edit all the echoes and stuff myself, for the best representation.
*Leave feedback of any bugs, improvement ideas, opinionated ideas...etc... And please for the love of God use Constructive Criticism... 
 I made other sound mods for other games and all I get is "This is horrible...blah blah..." Like no use of sense of improving. So please save the insults and turn it into a real Critic Decision.

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