Revenge in elTaksim

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BierPizzaChips has created a new map called Revenge in elTaksim. The warlords have raised the city during the night, and the U.S. troops must try to regain control. Heavy infantry fights are common, so watch your back. Fight your way through to the bridge in the center of town, as it is the crucial point of the map.



The ZIP includes the file "Revenge_in_elTaksim.exe".
Double click onto that self-installer.
If correctly downloaded, that file has to have 81.870.745 Bytes.

Single Player action in elTaksim. Warlords had raised elTaksim in the Night. The day after US troops try to regain ground control.
Heavy infantry fights appear. The crucial point will be the bridge in the middle of the town.

The elTaksim Series:
It started with a Night map in November 2005. The map based on the Highmap of "Strike at Karkand".
After the release of Single Player Support by EA/Dice the map was transferred to become a Special Forces Day map with a single SP game mode.
Due to community request that Day map had been transferred into a Night Map for vanilla end of March 2006.
Again feedback by community requested a Day version for vanilla, which has been delivered with this file.


3 x Multi-Player map, transferred from "elTaksim", the vanilla Night version.
1 x Single-Player map 16, transferred from "elTaksim", the vanilla Night version with slightly modifications.
1 x Single-Player map 32, transferred from "elTaksim Day", the Special Forces version with slightly modifications.
1 x Single-Player map 64, new, pure infantry action.

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