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RoflBox is a mod deviated from the popular Sandbox Mod made by the Sir. Community.

The Mod is based around having fun, with things like a...


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RoflBox is a mod deviated from the popular Sandbox Mod made by the Sir. Community.

The Mod is based around having fun, with things like a submarine dump truck, a flying tank, a flame shooting gun, and for admins a nuke. While there is really many more little features included its really more fun to find alot of these things out for yourself.

Admins for servers have a lot more control than normal. If a player attempts to spam the server they can be jailed or permanently jailed. Jailing is where an admin sets a jail coordinates (within a box) by typing %setjail while standing on the location and then types %jail playername to send that player there. Jail also makes it so the jailed player cannot respawn anywhere except in the jail, cannot spawn anything, and connot use any commands such as the %ju command that causes you to jump.

More is planned in the 0.4 patch coming in a month or so. 0.4 plans to include a portal gun where each player can shoot 2 portal ends to 2 locations and teleport between them. Also, we are building a new gamemode. it will be built upon fortwars rules, but with some new ones. Construction kit will have no weapons and cannot take the flags. Commander will be able to move the flag once into their fort once their fort is built. Also each commander will be given a nuke that can be fired every 10 minutes. The nuke will kill anyone in a 300meter radius and we hope it will make the fortwars experience more interesting than ever.

Hope you enjoy our little mod!

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Download 'roflbox_0.31_full_install.exe' (217.47MB)

   BF2:RoflBox Readme
     March 25, 2008


Simply run the installer, making sure that you install into your BF2 directory. A desktop shortcut will be created, and a Shortcut and Uninstaller will be placed in the start menu under EA GAMES/RoflBox


RoflBox has SEVERAL new Features from Sandbox!


There is now a Starter Guide in the main Roflbox menu that will walk you through the features of Sandbox.


In [mods/roflbox/settings/sandbox.ini], you need to set an admin or two, this specifies who can save/clear the sandbox while in MP mode as well as use the Admin Tools. There are also a bunch of other settings you can change, they are all explained within the file.

Due to limitations in the BF2 engine, there are a few differences between SP and MP games:
* The distance of the visual tracer (white circle) does not change.
* Ladders cannot be spawned in Multiplayer.
* Single Player you are about to spawn a drivable building by right clicking the MEC FAV button

UberWazuSoldier - Mod Leader / Lead Programmer / Texture Editor
CrazyIvan1745 - Mod Co-Leader / Minor Programmer / Minor Texture Editor / Idea Maker
Gasolene - Lead Python Programmer / Lead Beta Tester / Website Owner and Creator / Beta Testing Server Owner
ClarelAKAKurt - Texture Editor
Michael Lambert - For the amazing nuke effect (on the nuke barrel).

Thanks to all the Beta Testers for helping us out
Special Thanks to:
* Eve of Destruction mod: for the Huey which we have used in-game.
* DICE and Electronic Arts: for creating the Battefield Series, and for the ATV which we have messed around with and eventually put into the game.
* Elxx and the Sir Community: for the awesome creation of Sandbox

Sir. Elxx - Mod Leader

Special thanks to gethegrace for the excellent Sandbox icon.
And to all the people who participated in the 0.5 open beta.
And to all the members of the Sir. Community who stayed up late to help test the mod. Especially Sir. GenX000, Sir. Legolas, Sir. Xan, and Sir. MatDef.



The Sir. Community Code Labs - Sandbox developer's blog

Sandbox Addicted - a Sandbox community

Any Questions about RoflBox Mod?
Website has a Questions area in the forums
or message UberWazuSoldier on his XFire: UberWazuSoldier
or email UberWazuSoldier at: [email protected]
or message CrazyIvan1745 on his XFire: crazyivan1745
or email CrazyIvan1745 at: [email protected] (please put subject as RoflBox Mod Question or it will be considered junk mail)
or email the mod teams email at [email protected]

Conditions and Limitations: This software is provided "as is". In no event shall the author, authors or contributors be held liable for  any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including) but not limited to, procurement of substitute good or services; loss of use, data or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.
SandBox: This is a Modification from Sandbox all Sandbox Features were created by the Sir. Community and Sir. Elxx and deserve full credit for the great acheivement of their awesome modification for battlefield 2, to check out the original Sandbox Mod go to:

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