Here's a nice, rather large, custom Battlefield 2 Map.


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Here's a nice, rather large, custom Battlefield 2 Map.

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Sandstorm is a Battlefield 2 custom map made for those who wanted a huge gaming area.  The map includes no 
boundaries, 2bases, 2village spawns, and 2city spawns surrounded by a vast desert.  Its great for large air battles
or intense ground combat and a sweet sniper map.  Note there is no advantage given to either team in the begining 
you need to capture the spawn points quickly but only kills will drop the ticker count.

place the sandstorm folder in ...program files/Eagames/battlefield2/mods/bf2/levels... and your ready to go
The default is the c:\ drive but yours may differ

Please do not change, edit, redistribute, or attempt to sell my map....thanks via....small_red_ant

i am not responsible for any damage caused by the installation of this map or any psychological damage  that may 
insue from all the random fun that will be had.

If you have any comments about the map or any error that are found feel free to email small_red_ant at yahoo DOT com

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