A singleplayer mod for bf2 with a modified strike at karkand map and the original strike at karkand map with new spawn points and starting vehicles.



Scoutmod ver.1.0 Singleplayer by Sgt_Bones

Inspired by codebashers COOP_3.0

All this is my interpretation of what would happen if a small unit of Scouts were to be faced with the Strike at Karkand scenario...and what happens to that same unit in the evening when MEC Forces attack the remainder of this unit. There are only 2 maps within this mod, you can add any of your favorites to it so you don't have to change mods all the time, and -realism- mods and other gameplay mods will work within the scoutmod directory as long as you don't change the mods directory name.


Strike at Karkand
-Spawn points edited for both sides
-different vehicles as compared to the original, 2 helicopters per side, 1 attack, 1 transport, no tanks, no jeeps, just Infantry fighting vehicles (M6 Bradley, LAV, BTR 90)

Defend at Karkand
(Strike at Karkand map redone, paths set within all files so that the same map can be used twice within the same mod)
-US only has 2 Fighting vehicles left
-US forces spawn within city
-MEC forces have 1 Transport Helicopter, 2 BTR90
-Evening light settings with moving clouds, no duststorm

Simply unpack in your bf2\mods\ directory, run the install.bat, and either switch within the game or start from the scoutmod directory using the run_bf2.bat.

Recommendations: Add other maps to the mod from codebashers COOP_3.0 mod. For the most intense singleplayer action run with 40 bots and using BF2Adjustor change the tickets to 300 for MEC and 250 for US forces. The map -Defend at Karkand- will not run out of any other directory except -Scoutmod- due to changes in pathfinding within many files of the map, but you can add almost any mod to the Scoutmod directory (including the WCC mod for example) and the -Defend- map will work just fine.

Anything I have done here may be used freely in other mods.
Thanks to codebasher and all the great singleplayer freaks at the battlefield singleplayers forum (I can also be contacted here) http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~bf42players/index.php?act=idx

Thanks to DICE for making a great game.

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