Sergeant Wallpapers

Here are some awesome looking sergeant wallpapers. They definitely look very clean and come in all sizes.


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Here are some awesome looking sergeant wallpapers. They definitely look very clean and come in all sizes.

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For all of you that are BF2 Sergeants or you make this your goal....

Initially it started out as a screenshot taken right from BF2 and I was simply going to use that as my wallpaper. Well, a few modifications later and this is what came out. It just grew and grew...almost finished, then not...finished and finally really done...why?? Just because I enjoy the game that EA/Dice have collaborated on...
I tried to incorporate everything that it took to get the promotion but ultimately I couldn't include more and still get the feel that I wanted for it.

The pictures that are represented here are all screenshots that I've taken. Please visit the website if you actually use it as your background...hopefully it will give me an idea of how many people actually use this as your wallpaper. We're a small BF2 clan that play when we can....but there are other things in life....( right? ) :)

Please keep this text file with the wallpapers and visit for more...

Done by 	: Clayton Kroeker - [wLv]WildWild 
Used		: PaintShop Pro 9
Textfile version: 1a
Wallpaper sizes	: 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, 1600x1200

Installation	: Copy the BMP's to a directory where you keep your wallpaper backgrounds and change the wallpaper. I am not responsible for any loss/damage to your data or the owner/operator take the responsibility fully.

You may not distribute this wallpaper without the express written permission of the author, Clayton Kroeker, in any way to be resold ( or free ) part of a CD, DVD or compressed compiliation. I may be reached by accessing the website and sending an email from that website asking for permission. No answer received after the request is made is *not* permission for distribution. 'Distribution' includes any CD, DVD or electronic means of storing other than directly downloading from the domain and storing it on your local drive for backup and wallpaper use. Please direct others to the website to download their own copy...thanks.

Reason for the mumbo...for the few that would steal anothers hard work. Hope you enjoy the ofense meant.

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