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This is the server file for version 1.0 of the Battlefield 2 Australian Forces mod.


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This is the server file for version 1.0 of the Battlefield 2 Australian Forces mod.

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Battlefield 2: Australian Forces 1.0 README
Title		: Battlefield 2: Australian Forces
Date		: 26/01/07
Version		: 1.0
Filename	: bf2aus_1.0.exe
Author		: Australian Forces Development Team
Email		:
Website		:

-> Description
-> Requirements
-> Installation
-> Running the Mod
-> Frequently Asked Questions
-> Version History
-> The Australian Forces Development Team
-> Credits 
-> Permission for Distribution
-> End-User License Agreement

Battlefield 2: Australian Forces is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for the team-based modern warfare game Battlefield 2. The aim of the Australian Forces modification is to replace the United States forces with Australian forces; including new player, weapon and vehicles skins, HUD changes, and new weapons and vehicles.

This is the mod many Australian players have been waiting for – the chance to take on the world as highly-respected Australian Forces!

Battlefield 2: Australian Forces v1.0 requires:
- A retail copy of Battlefield 2
- Patch 1.41
- 500MB of Hard Disk Drive space 

Patch 1.41 and official mirrors can be found here:

Note: Battlefield 2: Australian Forces was exclusively developed and tested using the latest official patch from EA. The Development team takes no responsibility for the stability or playability of the mod running on systems not patched to the recommended version 1.41. 

Please follow the installation instructions below to ensure Australian Forces is installed correctly:

1. Delete any existing version of the mod before installation, i.e. version 01, 0.2 or 0.28. 

You can check if you have an existing version installed by browsing to your Battlefield 2 mods directory, typically ‘C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\’ and ensuring that you do not have a mod folder called ‘BF2AUS’. If this folder exists, delete the entire ‘BF2AUS’ folder – be careful not to remove any other folders.

2. Double-click on ‘BF2AUS_1.0.exe’ to run the installation wizard. Follow the installation wizard through until you are asked to specify the location that the mod will be installed to. This location is taken from the registry, and will typically be ‘C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2’. There is no need to specify any folders below this, as the mod will be automatically installed to ‘\mods\bf2aus’. 

If you encounter any difficulties running the installation program from the .ZIP file, it is recommended that you extract ‘BF2AUS_1.0.exe’ to desktop and attempt to run the .EXE from the desktop.

Running the Mod:
There are two ways to run the mod:

1. Through Battlefield 2: Community tab > Custom Games.
2. Running, or creating a shortcut to "Australian Forces v1.0.bat" in the BF2AUS mod folder.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Will Australian Forces replace US weapons and skins on regular Battlefield 2 servers?
A: No. Australian Forces does not change your vanilla Battlefield 2 installation files or gameplay, the additional content can only be accessed when playing on servers that are running the Australian Forces mod. 

Q: Can I play Australian Forces on ranked servers?
A: No. Due to EA’s current rules state that mods cannot be used with ranked servers.

Q: How do I run a Windows dedicated server?
A: Once Australian Forces has been installed, run 'bf2_w32ded.exe' from the main Battlefield 2 directory to configure the server with your own settings and map rotation. Start the application, then stop it. Close the program and go into the bf2aus folder and run ‘bf2aus_v1.0_server.bat' to start the server. 

Q: My spyware scanner is claiming that the Australian Forces installer contains spyware?
A: There is absolutely no spyware within the mod, or the installer program. Make sure that you have downloaded the mod from a legitimate source, and that it does not appear to have been relabeled or tampered with in any way. Installation files are always scanned with multiple antivirus programs before release. Programs such as BitDefender and Pest Patrol have been known to give false positive reports due to legitimate components used in the Install Creator software.

Version History:
Version 1.0
- Added: BF2AUS logo movie
- Added: Figjam intro movie
- Added: Item - Binoculars
- Added: Map - al Asad Airfield
- Added: Map - Battle for Termez
- Added: Map - Kubaysah Cement Factory
- Added: Map - Sahl Al Abbah
- Added: Vehicle - A Secret Vehicle
- Added: Vehicle - ASLAV-25
- Added: Vehicle - ASLAV-AD
- Added: Vehicle - ASLAV-PC
- Added: Vehicle - ATV 4x4
- Added: Vehicle - ATV 6x6
- Added: Vehicle - Bushmaster IMV
- Added: Vehicle - F-111
- Added: Vehicle - LRPV
- Added: Vehicle - M1A1 Abrams
- Added: Vehicle - MEC Technical
- Added: Vehicle - MRH-90
- Added: Vehicle - Pickup Truck
- Added: Vehicle - Tiger-ARH
- Added: Weapon - ADI F1 Grenade
- Added: Weapon - AK Bayonet
- Added: Weapon - Browning HP
- Added: Weapon - Carl Gustav 84mm Rocket Launcher
- Added: Weapon - FIM-92 Stinger Missile Launcher
- Added: Weapon - M4A1 with Elcan Scope
- Added: Weapon - M72 LAW
- Added: Weapon - RPG-18 Rocket Launcher
- Added: Weapon - RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
- Added: Weapon - SA-7 Grail Missile Launcher
- Added: Weapon - SR-98 Sniper Rifle
- Added: Weapon - Steyr F88C
- Added: Weapon - Steyr F88GL
- Added: Weapon - Steyr F88S
- Added: Weapon - Timed C4
- Added: Weapon - USP Tactical
- Change: Accuracy improved on hand weapons
- Change: Australian JSF F35 skin
- Change: Australian FA18 skin
- Change: Custom TextureAtlas
- Change: Engineers get repair points quicker
- Change: Grenades reduced to 2
- Change: Improved menus
- Change: Improved smoke grenades
- Change: M249 reskinned to look like F89 Minimi
- Change: Map - All Stock BF2 maps now contain new vehicles
- Change: New billboard artwork
- Change: New menu.bik and menu_login.bik movies
- Change: New menu_music.ogg ("Big Rock" by Kevin MacLeod).
- Change: Player sprint times increased
- Change: Removed grenades from Support kit
- Change: RIB speed increase
- Change: Transport helicopters mobility increased slightly
- Change: Vehicle drop reload time increased from 30 to 90 seconds
- Change: WASP armour increased

Version 0.28 Hotfix  (24/06/06)
- Fix: Weapon/class menus and HUD altered due to 1.3 patch

Version 0.28  (24/03/06)
- Added: Standard localisation file for all languages
- Added: ASLAV skin
- Added: FA18 skin
- Change: New load banner art
- Change: Singleplayer bot names supplied by community
- Change: 1.21 compatibility changes
- Change: Default number of bots changed to 23
- Change: Conquest gamemode updated for 1.21
- Fix: Fixed crash upon loading multiple maps
- Fix: Weapon/class menus and HUD altered due to 1.21 patch
- Fix: Fixed DXT and Mipmap levels on various textures

Version 0.25 Patch  (27/11/05)
- Fix: Issue where cursors would not appear in menu on some machines
- Fix: Weapon/class menus and HUD altered due to 1.12 patch
- Fix: Loading screens altered due to 1.12 patch

Version 0.2  (06/10/05)
- Added: Levels are now inherited from BF2
- Added: Map loading screens changed
- Added: Bot Config program "BotConfig.exe" written by pogmohoin
- Added: New animated busy cursor
- Added: Shortcut icon
- Change: English localisation files updated to reflect 1.03 changes

Version 0.1  (29/09/05)
- Added: Australian player skins
- Added: Australian flag skin
- Added: Anthem changes
- Added: Hud changes
- Added: Various menu changes
- Added: Blood added 
- Change: Default SP bots set to 24, skill 0.8

The Australian Forces Development Team:
You can't make a mod without talented people who are willing to donate their time and skills to the cause; here is a list of those current team members, past team members, and those who have contributed to the mod.

Australian Forces ‘Core’ Development Team: 
- arkanis50
- Tim Hough (aka BrotherEstapol) 
- Micheal Phillips (aka Beex) 
- Vando
- Air Elijah

Australian Forces Associate Contributors: 
- James Murchison (aka JustBligIt!)
- Michael Pryor
- Jun Lee

Former Australian Forces Mod Team Members: 
- Geoff L
- Kenny
- The Duke
- Shadofox
- Ads

Military Consultants:
A special thank you to all of our ‘Military Consultants’, whom shall remain nameless – without your help the mod would probably have never got as far as it did. You guys know who you are.

- "Big Rock” by Kevin MacLeod (
- “FIGJAM” by Butterfingers (

- ADF images and footage from the Department Of Defence
- BF2SP64 developer kit by xstax981
- Bot Config program written by pogmohoin
- FIGJAM intro video created by Ads
- FIGJAM logo created by Mark “MarkyMark” Withington
- Initial FIGJAM intro video work by Kieran
- SPAS-12 modeled by Michael Pryor
- USP Pistol modeled by James Murchison

- Adopt-A-Bot contributors: R. Burke, A. Wade, S. Schultz, C. Foster, S. Whitmarsh, G. Moores, C. Morgan, A. Church, D. Cooper, B. Kolster, R. Hill, C. Rayner, C. Betts, O. Hulin, A. Rogers, A. Mathewson, C. Moment, T. Bartley, A. McLean, S. Slater, J. Allan, C. Grace, B. Lucas, D. Foreman, A. Hearn, M. Carnie, S. White, S. Peattie, B. Gardiner, C.B. Antosiewicz, J. Wilson, K. Wolfe, N. Borg, P. Hermann, P. Twyman, S. Leonard, O. Graham, J. Erwin, H. Hyde, C. Moriarty, J. Etchell, A. Gallagher, H. Grezar, S. Wibrow, M. Bennett, M. Rissler, R. Davies, M. Venters, M. Johnson, J. Finlayson, C. Gigez, T. Hale, A. Hardiman, D. Minge, J. Phillips, S. Jones, S. Brooks, M. Innes, M. Lambert, J. Spencer, C. Bridges, K. Needham, A. Lewis, J. Nash, E. Burkemper, M. O'Neill, S. Kuilman, P. Weber, A. Wood, D. Swinden, A. Young, J. Lee, D. Ballard, J. Dietzel, A. Millard, and T. Dunn
- Everyone who has been following the mod at home and around the world
- Hosting and support from Internode Games Network and staff
- Hosting and support from Kinsman at SAGaming
- Mod coverage by PC Powerplay
- Special thanks to all of our Australian forces deployed at home and around the globe, keep up the great work.

Permission for Distribution:
All original and composed textures, assets and intellectual property in this modification remain property of the sources respective owners. Absolutely no individual or mod team has permission to remove, alter, reverse-engineer or use assets and intellectual property from this modification in other modifications or projects. We will not tolerate the theft or misuse of assets from this modification, and the development team will take any recourse necessary to prevent this from occurring.

Individuals representing online gaming sites, online publications or traditional print media MAY distribute this modification in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD, etc) as long as they contact the author(s) first, and include all files, including this ReadMe intact in the original archive.

You MAY NOT include or distribute this mod in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author(s).  If given permission in writing, you must include all files, including this ReadMe intact in the original archive.

End-User License Agreement:
The author(s) of Battlefield 2: Australian Forces cannot guarantee the state of the end-users operating system or computing environment, and thus can not accept responsibility for damage to data, or physical damage to hardware, caused by the appropriate or inappropriate use of this modification. It is automatically deemed that any end-users who run this modification will have read and understood this liability clause before installing the modification.

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