Sky Valley v1.0



Die Briten sind auf einer kleinen Mittelmeer Insel gelandet. Mehrere male schaffen beide Seiten fast die Kontrolle ber die ganze Insel. Nun ist der Tag gekommen, an dem die Finale Schlacht beginnt.

SKY VALLEY (version 1.0)

1. Map description 2. Installation 3. Version 4. Credits

1. Map Description

This is a custom map made for Forgotten Hope 2.

"The British have landed on this small Mediterranean island. After several failed attempts by both sides to regain control of the island, the two forces prepare for one final confrontation."

2. Installation

Double click on the installation file 'Sky Valley' and follow the instructions.

3. Version

Version 0.5:

First release

Version 1.0:

Added Singleplayer

Added 16 and 32 players maps

Modified vehicles and spawnpoints

Added push and (semi) objective mode

Added Ambient Sound

Modified undergrowth, groundtexture, lighting and water

Modified minimap

4. Credits

Map made by Schism - RvtL

Navmesh made by Frank Beans


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