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BoneHead has fixed the horrible bug in the mod slaughter for bf2, where the server crashes when the server loads a new map. This bug did not...


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BoneHead has fixed the horrible bug in the mod slaughter for bf2, where the server crashes when the server loads a new map. This bug did not make it possible for anyone to have a server, because the mod crashed when it loaded or reloaded a map.

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Download 'bf2_slaughter_v0.21_full.exe' (12.45MB)

Log for the slaughtermod
Made and maintained by BoneHead

Known bugs. If you find a bug not listed here, you should mail it to me:

- "Ghost corpses" - The bodies of the dead soldiers disappears very slow... too slow...
- Severstart crash - sMod crashes if you start a server, disconnect, and start a server again FIXED
- C4 skull - The skull above the c4 disappears when you throw many c4's

- Changelog

- [0.21] Public fix
- Fixed: The bug where the mod crashes when loading a new map
- Removed: All vanilla bf2 maps, only map now is "Skov"

- [0.2] Public release
- Released!
- Tested
- Fixed: Attack helicopters shoot missiles fully automatic. It's not fun to be a tanker in this mod! =D
- Fixed: A problem with the spport machineguns overheating too fast
- Fixed: Grenade can be thrown a longer distance

- [0.18]
- Fixed: C4 detonator bug
- Fixed: The knife is now a throwing knife. Some small changes needs to be done
- Fixed: C4 does more damage

- [0.17] Internal release
- Fixed: Changed the helicopter rotors some more
- Fixed: Changed chinese weapons to be equal to the us weapons
- Fixed: Changed chinese kit parts to match the us

- [0.161] Hotfix
- Removed: Blackhawk/Seahawk weapons AGAIN! Argh!

- [0.16] Internal release
- Added: Machinegun to black hawk again
- Fixed: M95 explosion decreased some more

- [0.151] Hotfix
- Removed: Blackhawk bombs and machineguns, because of big problems with them

- [0.15] Internal release
- Added: Two machineguns to blackhawk (Seahawk?)
- Added: Blackhawk with bombs. Some things needs to be fixed
- Fixed: All helicopter rotors are spinning much faster now. Looks nice...

- [0.14] Internal release
- Added: Sound when laser ball explodes
- Added: Sound when laser shoots
- Fixed: M16 can shoot in full auto mode
- Fixed: M95 makes a much smaller explosion now. It was way too overpowered before
- Fixed: M4 shoots with explosive rounds

- [0.13] Internal release
- Fixed: Medic now has the DAO-12
- Fixed: Decreased time before DAO-12 grenades explode
- Fixed: DAO-12 damage decreased

- [0.12] Internal release
- Added: Flamethrower to the engineer kit
- Added: Flamethrower
- Fixed: Laser projectile moves faster
- Added: Background image

- [0.11] Internal release
- Fixed: Added laser to the Anti-Tank kit
- Added: Background music. Sounds like something from the early 90's :)
- Added: Laser. Shoots with a slow moving laser "ball" that explodes on impact
- Added: Music in background

- [0.1] Public release
- Fixed: Chinese wepons have been changed like the us weapons
- Fixed: DAO-12 shoots with hand grenades
- Added: New icon for the desktop shortcut
- Fixed: the M95 barret is now an artillery sniper
- Added: Blood effect when shooting soldiers
- Fixed: Bodies now stay much longer
- Fixed: Pistol does less damage now
- Fixed: The SAW now shoots with twice the normal firing rate. Now we just need to make the sound work proberbly
- Added: Map "Skov"
- Fixed: Changed the C4 amount. Now you have "only" 250 packs of C4
- Fixed: M203 does much less damage now
- Fixed: Beretta now have 25 shots, and 12 mags
- Fixed: Beretta shoots like a machinegun
- Fixed: 500 shots with M203
- Fixed: The M203 fires with the rate of a normal pistol
- Fixed: 999 C4

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