Snowy Park



imtheheadhunter has recreated the MOHAA army map Snowy Park for BF2.

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6 years ago

I love most of IamtheHeadhunters maps, but it puzzles me why none of  Hayabusa's similarly named maps are found here despite having released then well before IamtheHeadhunters versions or via the original link over on BF-Games net.  Hayabusa created well over  70 maps to my knowledge.  At one point Iamtheheadhunter joined the Mercs team but fell out with Hayabusa over something I've forgotten. Following that, Iamtheheadhunter proceeded to release maps with the same name as Hayabusa's maps.  At the same time, he bad mouthed Hayabusa to other mappers and modders, which isolated Hayabusa to a certain extent.  This is one such title. There are at least 15 or more maps that Hayabusa created, then Iamtheheadhunter created similar maps after Hayabusa released the maps, (with some changes)  but with exactly the same names.  I know Headhunter went on to join other big mods,  and it seems to me   Hayabusa's maps were blocked from sites where headhunter was prevalent.  I don't know the full story now as a head injury that left me with brain damage has resulted in memory issues, but I do remember the nastiness that was prevalent and directed at Hayabusa at the time.