SR-71 Blackbird Addon for Highway To Hell



This is a Small addition,but a nice one.This addon for My Highway To Hell Mod fixes a minor problem with the AI always crashing the american F35,and....(drumroll please....) adds my new vehicle,The Lockheed Martin SR-71 BLACKBIRD to the american team on Highway tampa.It is not perfect by any means,it is my first attempt at creating a custom vehicle with 3DS MAX,There is no cockpit view,No control surface animations,and no wreck modeling as of yet,there are some minor texture defects,but otherwise it is a very cool,very flyable,solid aircraft.I will more than likely work on it more in the future to get the bugs out of it,but as for now,Im just happy to have my blackbird in BF2.



This update installer will Add the SR-71 Blackbird to the BF2 Mod: Highway To Hell,By Shadowman.I encourage anyone with the ability to do so,to work the bugs out of this vehicle as it is the first custom vehicle I have made for BF2 and it is not perfect.
I have to give credit to the anonymous creators of the model and texture of this aircraft,although I have no names to provide: the SR71 model was converted to the BF2 model format from an aircraft mod for the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator.The textures were reformatted and converted to DDS from bitmaps for a FS2004 addon aircraft named, The Black Rabbit.I give thanks to the creators of both of these NON-BF2 Mod vehicles for both the model and the excellent textures.

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