Stalingrad Snow

A remake of a classic map from 1942 with a wintery twist.


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A remake of a classic map from 1942 with a wintery twist.

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map by Rodolfo
modded by PenguinGeneral
bot support by Pacman

Stalingrad is back with snow! this modded map was ment for the EU Force. However it works in other mods as well(see below). I didnt change any of the strategic type things (placement of cp, vehicles, ect...) but i did replace the Chinese with the MEC, but the MEC has some chinese kits. also replaced chinese vehicles with MEC vehicles. it also has custom snow skins. SP support.

US vehicles
US soldiers
EU skins
MEC soldiers
MEC vehicles
Claymores are white

these are the mods that i have and tested the map in:

Mods the map works with:
-Vinnla BF2
-EU Force
-Hard Justice

Mods it dosn't work with: (so far)
-Allied Intent 

-simply unzip stlaingrad folder to your levels folder(C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels) and your set
un install:
-delete stalingrad from your levels folder
any problems email me:
dont email Rodolfo for problems with the modded map

speical thanks to Rodolfo for letting me use his map!

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Comments on this File
6 months ago by Whiterabbit-uk

This map was one of my favorite single player maps back when I was playing BF2 regularly. Playing both sides was brilliant. Protecting the beach from the oncoming Opfor while they were disembarking from their boats on the large 64 player map via the gun emplacements located near the top of the beach. It was challenging, but  very satisfying mowing down the oncoming enemy. Playing the opposite side   was just as cool,  disembarking on the beach and working  my way up the beach, past the  railway carriages etc.  

Unfortunately this map has been uploaded with  the singleplayer 16  and 2 x 32 maps (one of the 32  maps is labelled  sp1_64_menuMap, but it is the 32 player map. So we don't get my favorite map in single player.

Thankfully I backed up most of the maps and mods I downloaded  over a decade a go, and  today I found the  DVD that had the original map backed up;   i.e. the sp1_64_menuMap, which had  been installed  with the Marines mod. Thankfully it was  still  playable in the vanilla game.  

I don't know if it is possible to upload a second copy that  has the same file name as one already uploaded.  I will upload it   once you've informed me  that this version has been removed, or if it's possible to have two of the same  file names.




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