Stalingrad Snow

A remake of a classic map from 1942 with a wintery twist.


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A remake of a classic map from 1942 with a wintery twist.

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Stalingrad promo read me
map by Rodolfo
modded by PenguinGeneral
bot support by Pacman

Stalingrad is back with snow! this modded map was ment for the EU Force. However it works in other mods as well(see below). I didnt change any of the strategic type things (placement of cp, vehicles, ect...) but i did replace the Chinese with the MEC, but the MEC has some chinese kits. also replaced chinese vehicles with MEC vehicles. it also has custom snow skins. SP support.

US vehicles
US soldiers
EU skins
MEC soldiers
MEC vehicles
Claymores are white

these are the mods that i have and tested the map in:

Mods the map works with:
-Vinnla BF2
-EU Force
-Hard Justice

Mods it dosn't work with: (so far)
-Allied Intent 

-simply unzip stlaingrad folder to your levels folder(C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels) and your set
un install:
-delete stalingrad from your levels folder
any problems email me:
dont email Rodolfo for problems with the modded map

speical thanks to Rodolfo for letting me use his map!

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