Stationary Machine Gun Mod



A small mod adding some cool stationary machine guns.

Imtheheadhunter of the Battlefield Singleplayer community has released a conversion of the mounted mgs in BF2. Now featuring HEAVY mounted mgs these bad boys are things to be feared. Heavy MGs are available for USMC, MEC, and PLA armies. These bad boys have to be modded in manually so modding experience is required for use.


(note, if you know what your doing, ignore this readme, otherwise, continue)

to install, put the folders "objects_server_HMG.zip" and "objects_client_HMG.zip" into the "/programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/(mod name)/ folder. then add 

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_client_HMG.zip Objects

to the TOP of the clientarchives.con, and also add 

fileManager.mountArchive Objects_server_HMG.zip Objects

to the top of the serverarchives.con. next all you need to do is edit the gameplayobjects.con of a map(located in /levels/(map name)/server.zip/gamemodes/(game mode)/(map size)/). then where it says, "MEC_BIPOD", you replace that with "MEC_HMG". "US_BIPOD" would be replaced with "US_HMG", and "CH_BIPOD" would be replaced with "CH_HMG" as well. to use the stationary M134, you would put in "US_MINIGUN". you will probably want to use the editor to reposition the M134, other wise it may be too low/high.

REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACK UP OF EVERYTHING YOU EDIT!!!(that would be the server/clientarchives.con, and the server.zip of the map/s you edit)

to uninstall, delete the "objects_server_HMG.zip" and "objects_client_HMG.zip", and replace all your edited files with your backups.

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