a stunt map, one for those 'not so serious gamers' ;)


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a stunt map, one for those 'not so serious gamers' ;)

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hello, this is a map called stunts6.

Battlefield 2/mods/levels.

into levels folders of your choice, eg stunts mods or the normal levels folder

so whats in this map 

-Downhill tracks one is very bumpy in parts the other is more flat, with two ramps too choice from, one goes over water you will need jetpower or some guys C4 the ramp to make the water, the other ramp just makes you launch then crash sideways,
-race track flat race track very wide this race track is half around water and rest has trees and barrels cones etc
-water track near the edge off the map
-water to mess around in 
-wide areas to stunt in 
-many areas to go up hills 
-jets two hidden plus one more
-25 plus jetboats (3 are on land as a joke,you use these in jetpowered mod, 
-40 jeeps,half trucks(humbees) a few tanks etc 
-around 15 choppers 

i hope you enjoy this map stunts6
other maps i made, Racers stunt2(both versions)Crash N Burn1, Kaos, Tour de Mountain, soon to be released Crazy Fly boys, 
,stunts are my game.

map made by Sir.Karate hand.on,30/9/05.

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