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As promised, the Surreal team has released the client files today. From a personal aspect, I found the mod to be quite enjoyable in its curr...


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As promised, the Surreal team has released the client files today. From a personal aspect, I found the mod to be quite enjoyable in its current stage. Although there are no custom made maps yet, the renders shown off in previous news articles provides true. You can now see all the awesome renders and screenshots from the updates come to life in the actual game!

To be honest, I’ve never played the Surreal mod before on the Battlefield 1942 engine. Essentially the only modifications I have ever played would be Desert Combat, Eve of Destruction, Forgotten Hope, and Galactic Conquest, all very well developed. Being that I’ve never played the Surreal mod before, I would say that the Surreal team did a great job on what they’ve got done so far.

As with any modification in the early stages of release, there are bugs. I have found a couple of them here and there, but nothing major. If you’re interested in downloading modifications and think that Surreal looks good, grab a few friends or clan mates and go play! There are currently eight playable stock maps for the Surreal mod. From Dragon Valley to Operation Clean Sweep, I can ensure you that you will have fun in Surreal Time!

To install the mod, make sure the directory is directed towards your Battlefield 2/mods folder. For example, the common directory is "C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/mods". Use this directory to install the "surreal_ep2_v0.1.exe" file. To install the levels file (surreal_ep2_v0.1_levels.exe), use the directory "C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/mods/surreal/". Both of the files are RAR executable files, so you will need to download WinRar if you do not already have the program.

To create a shortcut, copy an existing (regular) Battlefield 2 shortcut icon. Right click on the shortcut, click "Shorcut" and change the "Target" to the following:

"C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2/BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/surreal

Be sure to change the directory if the default directory above is not true.

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Download 'surreal_v0.1_client.rar' (188.72MB)

Install Instructions etc



Run the build exe first to extract and copy surreal to your hard drive. Then run the levels exe.  Both exe will copy the files to correct place, if you have a standard install

The levels exe will copy only the server side files of the bf2 maps to your computer. You need to copy the client.zips yourself. There is a batch file in the levels folder to do it for you. This was done simply to keep size to a minimum (

There is a shortcut in the main folder which you can copy to your desktop to launch mod directly

To remove, simply delete the surreal folder

This mod does not effect your bf2 game

Comments / Bugs etc can be posted on our forum within Totalbf2


Well its not quite a 100% full blown release, but its not quite a mini mod either, so what's all in it. Well here goes. We have 4 different sets of vehicles, our two military sides - Rebel & Militia, plus we have Civilian and Alien vehicles. In total we have (in this release)

Soldiers / Weapons

There are no new soldiers or weapons in this release. (Hence Mini Mod)

Military Vehicles
2 x Light Recon Vehicles
2 x Heavy Recon Vehicles
2 x Scout Cars
2 x Planes
Civilian Vehicles
3 x Cars
2 x Dune Buggies
1 x Heavy Tank

We have only recently recruited a mapping team so there are no custom maps in this release but we are working hard to create some unique and very Surreal maps. This release contains 8 BF2 maps that have been converted to Surreal. Each maps has full single player support. Custom Maps will follow very soon. The pictures below show some of our WIP maps.

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