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Battlefield 2 takes the next logical step in team-based gaming with the introduction of squads and the commander chair. Together these two c...


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Battlefield 2 takes the next logical step in team-based gaming with the introduction of squads and the commander chair. Together these two concepts provide the opportunity to execute a more cohesive strategy & squad-based tactics to complete the map objectives. The game, however, caters more towards the action gamer and offers up some features that detract from the immersive experience we're looking for.

This is where the Tactical Mod steps in to create a framework and environment to enhance the overall game-play and player experience. The mod attempts to create an immersive environment and place an emphasis on the execution of the team strategy and squad-based tactics. We also adjust the player classes, kit make-up, weapon & vehicle settings to balance the game-play for a more enjoyable experience.

For more information, please visit Tactical Gamer - The PREMIERE online community for mature gamers! - Battlefield 2 Tactical Mod

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Download 'tacticalmod1.4.exe' (4.18MB)

v1.4 (17 Aug 2006)

    * Increased OpFor sniper rifle scope power
    * Increased speed required to trigger claymores
          o Players can now move in front of a claymore while prone without triggering it
    * Added 7th seat to transport helos
    * Increased flag capture time
    * Increased attack helo cannon explosion radius
    * Increased transport helo armor

      Tactical Mod Map Pack 2
    * Port Fear (thanks Shiner)
    * Operation Frog
    * Operation Compton
    * Operation Greasy Mullet
    * Operation Phoenix (thanks Kilrogg)

v1.3 (19 July 2006)

    * Added 6th seat to APCs
    * Adjusted flag position and capture radius for each CP
    * Flag capture apture logic: team with a 4:1 force ratio in the capture zone can raise the flag
    * Restored flag capture meter
    * Decreased flag capture time
    * Added MEC transport helo to Strike at Karkand 2
    * Fixed rare ticket bleed bug
    * Increased tracer frequency and added tracers to assault rifles
    * Removed generic "Enemy spotted" radio message
    * Removed shock paddle related text messages
    * Increased critically wounded time and decreased killed time
    * Increased duration of tinnitus effect
    * Removed parachutes
    * Increased AA missile damage
    * Removed unused Commo-rose and map menu items
    * Replaced F-35Bs with F-18s
    * Decreased AT missile ammo to 3
    * Increased number of bots in singleplayer to 32
    * Give points to commander for kills by teammates (so CO isn't kicked for being "idle")

v1.2 (11 June 2006)

    * Removed audible notification when friendly CP neutralized
    * Added additional seats to heavy jeeps
    * Decreased volume of distant vehicle and weapon sounds
    * Increased sniper rifle accuracy
    * Increased M24 damage
    * Restored death scoring
    * Increased flag capture radius
    * Removed flag capture meter (under mini-map)
    * Changed flag capture logic so that a flag can only be raised when there are no enemy in the capture radius
    * Increased AT mine damage
    * Added new visual effects for aircraft wrecks (thanks Djukel!)
    * Added new menu background (thanks DrunkenSoul!)

    * Checkpoint Abadan (thanks -=f&f=- ali-tom)
    * Steel Thunder (thanks IllicitFilms)
    * Maszarqi Siege (thanks wolfataud)
    * Jibbel City (thanks .:XDR:.FRIJJ)
    * Inishail Forest (thanks Kilrogg)
          o Special thanks to WhiskeySix, DrunkenSoul, H-Hour, and jmaker for creating the custom billboards!

v1.11 (24 May 2006)

    * Updated for 1.3 patch compatibility
    * Decreased tank engine volume
    * Increased sniper rifle scope power
    * Disabled vehicle drop commander ability

v1.1 (20 May 2006)

    * Increased AT missile speed
    * Increased jet cannon damage
    * Increased maximum sprint distance and stamina recharge time
    * Decreased damage done to vehicles from fire when critically damaged
    * Increased sniper rifle accuracy and decreased ammunition
    * Decreased pistol accuracy and ammunition
    * Decreased maximum zip line length
    * Improved blood effect
    * Increased starting tickets on all maps
    * Added new visual and sound effects (thanks Djukel!)
    * Decreased AT mine damage
    * Disconnected shock paddle usage and heal ability meter
    * Increased APC speed in water
    * Removed external camera
    * Added crosshairs to zoomed view of grenade launcher, shotgun, and tear gas launcher
    * Decreased Special Forces rifle damage
    * Added SIMRAD to all classes for use as binoculars
    * Decreased 'Critically Wounded' time
    * Decreased medikit heal speed
    * Added support for FuShe Pass and Songhua Stalemate

    * UPDATED: Bocage 2005 for gameplay

v1.0 (31 March 2006)

    * Added blood effect to limb hits
    * Increased small arms bullet damage
    * Removed death penalty and dynamic respawn time
    * Decreased sniper rifle damage and accuracy
    * Returned heal ability to supply crates
    * Decreased flashbang ammo to 2
    * Removed weapon round count
    * Increased vehicle wreck time
    * Increased the importance of holding CPs and causing ticket bleed
    * Increased nametag display time of critically wounded soldiers
    * Increased jet and helo cannon explosion radius
    * Removed anti-tank missile guidance
    * Increased anti-tank missile ammunition to 4
    * Decreased SVD and Type 88 fire rate

      Maps (from TotalBF2 Map Pack 3)
    * A.T.O.M
    * Bocage 2005
    * Codename Valhalla
    * Operation Power Failure

v.9 (11 Mar 2006)

    * Updated for patch 1.21 compatibility
    * Added map auto-sizer
    * Decreased grenade launcher arming delay
    * Decreased anti-tank missile damage to heavy jeeps so they are set on fire
    * Increased damage required to instantly kill a soldier (can't be revived)
    * Decreased anti-tank missile ammunition to 3
    * Decreased max grenade throw to realistic distance (pre-1.2)
    * Decreased flashbang grenade effects to realistic freeze/glow/blur duration
    * Decreased AA missile damage
    * Decreased player movement speed, increased sprint time
    * Increased time that dead soldiers and destroyed vehicles stay in the world
    * Decreased vehicle wreck explosion damage so destroyed vehicles can be used for cover
    * Decreased damage done to vehicles when in water or upside down
    * Decreased TV guided missile damage to helicopters
    * Increased boat armor and speed
    * Decreased smoke grenade ammunition by half
    * Decreased jet cannon explosion radius and damage
    * Removed handheld weapon crosshairs
    * Removed heal and repair ability of supply crates
    * Removed vehicle ability icons (resupply, repair, heal)
    * Fixed neutral flag bug
    * Added support for Operation Clean Sweep
    * Added second Black Hawk spawn on USMC carrier on Wake Island 2007
    * Added dynamic team balancing by adjusting player respawn time based on team performance
    * Created Tactical Mod: Special Forces (tactical-xpack)
          o Added SF items to USMC, MEC, and Chinese armies (for use on vanilla maps)
          o Added zip line to Special Forces and Sniper
                + Increased maximum length of zip line
          o Added grappling hook to Sniper, Assault, and Anti-tank
                + Increased throw strength and length of rope
          o Added tear gas launcher to Support
          o Added gas mask to all classes

v.8 (18 Feb 2006)

    * Updated for 1.2 patch compatibility
    * Increased friendly name tag display distance
    * Decreased sniper rifle accuracy
          o M24 is the same as it was in 1.12
          o SVD and Type 88 are halfway between 1.12 and 1.2
    * Limit snipers to 2 claymores out at once
    * Increased Mi-28 cannon explosion radius
    * Removed improved AA missile changes (covered in 1.2 patch)
    * Removed indestructible mine change (covered in 1.2 patch)
    * Removed increased Support LMG accuracy change (covered in 1.2 patch)
    * Removed Black Hawk minigun ammunition limit
    * Decreased vehicle respawn time to 90 seconds
    * Increased grenade launcher ammo to 3 rounds
    * Increased grenade launcher arming delay to .7 seconds
    * Removed all personal scoring except for deaths
    * Added boats to and increased the combat area of Strait of Hormuz (thanks icky!)
    * Comments: Empty friendly locked vehicles (armor & aircraft) now appear blue
      on the map (as if a player was in them). Empty enemy locked vehicles do not
      show up on the map at all. This is a side effect of how locked vehicles are
      displayed with the 1.2 patch.

v.7 (09 Feb 2006)

    * Created automatic installer (thanks for artwork Apophis!)
    * Created custom desktop shortcut icon (thanks for help DrunkenSoul!)
    * Increased number of tickets on all maps
    * Adjusted assaulting team ticket lead for balance
    * Removed hit indicator
    * Increased duration of smoke from smoke grenades
    * Removed accumulation of global points
    * Reduced AA missile damage to helicopters
    * Increased number of attack helicopter TV guided missiles to 4

    * Strike at Abu Dhabi
    * Strait of Hormuz
    * Dragon Valley
    * Kubra Dam
    * UPDATED: Wake Island for balance

v.6 (11 Jan 2006)

    * Replace Assault smoke grenades with flashbang grenades
    * Double number of smoke grenades for other classes
    * Change Gulf of Oman ticket bleed to 50% + 1, give MEC 25 ticket lead
    * Reduce attack helicopter resupply time so it is about the same as jets
    * Decrease number of AA missiles per reload to 6
    * Return attack helicopter armor to default
    * Increase TV guided missile damage so it sets undamaged armor on fire
    * Increase medic rifle ammo to 3 magazines
    * Remove flags from Strike at Karkand
    * Add Strike at Karkand 2, remove flags, clean up CP names
    * Remove resupply, repair, and heal abilities while in vehicles
    * Decrease jet resupply time on carrier
    * Move jet repair area on carrier from back to middle

    * Strike at Karkand 2

v.5 (15 Dec 2005)

    * UPDATED: Adjust support LMG accuracy when prone (was too accurate in .4)
    * Limit support class ammokit availability
    * UPDATED: Increase anti-air missile effectiveness
    * Decrease attack helicopter armor, ammunition, and weapon damage
    * Increase starting tickets for assaulting team on assault maps

v.4 (07 Dec 2005)

    * Increase Support LMG accuracy when prone
    * Don't allow medics to throw medkits
    * Increase anti-air missile effectiveness
    * Limit Black Hawk minigun ammunition
    * Reduce Mi-28 Havoc cannon explosion radius and damage
    * UPDATED: Changed player spawn time to 30 seconds + 2 seconds * # of deaths; Max player spawn time of 60 seconds.
    * Gave an additional smoke grenade to the Sniper, Engineer, and Medic classes.

    * Daqing Oilfields
    * Sharqi Peninsula
    * UPDATED: Wake Island 2007 (32 and 16 player versions)


    * Revive players with only a fraction of their health
    * Decrease friendly name tag display distance
    * Remove enemy name tags
    * Redistribute grenades
    * Make anti-tank mines indestructible
    * Increase anti-air missile effectiveness
    * Neutralize flag when enemy starts to capture it FIXED
    * Reduce aircraft spawn time to equal that of all armored vehicles
    * Blood visual effect

    * Strike at Karkand
    * Wake Island 2007 (including new 32 and 16 player versions)
    * Zatar Wetlands


    * Changed to a client-side mod
    * Added two more smoke grenades to assault class


    * Server side mod
    * Increased player spawn time to 30 seconds + 3 seconds * # of deaths
    * Increased anti-tank missile damage
    * Increased vehicle spawn time to 120 seconds
    * Locked armored vehicles to team
    * Removed enemy vehicle spawn at team's main flag when captured
    * Replaced bombers with fighter jets
    * Decreased repair rate of jets
    * Decreased resupply rate of jets to require landing
    * Decrease repair and resupply rate of helocopters
    * Removed aircraft nose camera
    * Removed commander assets (Radar, UAV, Artillery)
    * Decreased flag capture radius to 3 meters
    * Neutralized flag immediately upon an enemy entering it's radius
    * Disabled aircraft from capturing flags
    * Modified ticket bleed requirements. Double assault maps require 50%+1. Single assault maps required 50%+2 for assaulting team and 50% for defending team.

    * Dalian Plant
    * Gulf of Oman
    * Mashtuur City

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