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Tactical War is a free mod that you may install at your own risk. The TW development team may absolutely not be responsible for any possible damage caused to your computer caused by the mod installation. This mod is fully compatible with the recent bf2 patch 1.03. It is NOT compatible with any other patch, so please check first that you have this patch installed before installing TW.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you keep your graphic card drivers up to date.

Please note the installer is in French. We offer no support of help with the mod. For support, please view the official site.



 Tactical War is a free mod that you may install at your own risk. The TW development team may

absolutely not be responsible for any possible damage caused to your computer caused by the

mod installation.

This mod is fully compatible with the recent bf2 patch 1.03. It is NOT compatible with any

other patche, so please check first that you have this patch installed before installing TW.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you keep your graphic card drivers up to date.




- The mod requires 1 GBytes free on your hard drive.
- The mod doesn't affect your original bf2 game.

Gameplay and Teamplay:

Each army owns a specific special weapon with a defined firepower, that is not to be found in

any other.

- France: PAPOP (PolyArme POlyProjectile)
- USA: M95 Sniper Rifle
- China: N/A



1) Development team :

BenJ Model-Skin-Code
CedR Model-Skin-Code
[RW]Tiger Lead Coder


Blackhorn install creator

===Graph 2D-3D===

Mac Leader Modeler-Skinner
Neon Modeler
Thor's Hammer Lead Skinner
Glk Modeler-Skinner
diamond Graph
[email protected] Skin-Model

===Maps creators===

Squad-G Lead Level Designer
Raspy Mapper
Alundra Mapper
Pariah Mapper





2) Added Weapons :

- XM 8,
- MP5SD,
- ANF1,
- steyr AUG,
- UMP 45,
- GLOCK 17,
- P226,
- remington870,
- SG 552,
- URC2,
- AT4CS,
- Knife TUSA,
- Minimi,
- SA7.



3) Added vehicles :

- Auverland A3F,
- Crotal NG,
- Tigre,
- Rafale.



4) Code enhancements (since TW beta 1):

- Increased stability of the G3A3,
- Increased (50%) radius of the M203, GP-30 and GP-25,
- Increased firepower of the Type 95,
- Increased accuracy of the type 95,
- Increased PDV,
- Increased amount of impact particles when a bullet hits a player,
- Increased accuracy of the SA80,
- Increased firepower (70%) of the M4 ,
- Increased minimum speed (50%) of all terrestrian vehicles,
- Increased velocity (20%) of the ERYX and Predator,
- Increased damage (75%) caused by the Type 95,
- Increased damage (100%) of barrels on tanks,
- Increased radius (300%) of the shell explosion of tanks,
- Increased effectiveness (50%) of M95 against light vehicules,
- Increased explosive force (300%) of the shells of the tanks,
- Increased speed (50%) of the infantry,
- Increased effectiveness (100%) of the ammo and medic pack,
- Increased damage (100%) of the Browning,
- Increased power of Static M249,
- Increased radius (20%) of the ammopack and medicpack,
- Increased damage of the SA80,
- Increased PDV of Heavy soldiers for the 3 factions,
- Increased power (10%) of the AK47,
- Increased power of M249,
- Increased duration of sprint for the light and heavy soldiers,
- Increased number of shoots for artillery from 5 to 10,
- Increased fire power of M249,
- Increased radius and damage (30%) of the grenades M67,
- Increased radius and damage of C4,
- Increased sanf effect (80%),
- Increased power (20%) of the Claymore mine,
- Increased radius (20%) of the Claymore mine, 100% for the number of smokes release by the

- Reduced time (30%) of reload for the amopack and medicpack,
- Reduced amount of ammunitions (50%) for the ERYX and the PREDATOR,
- Reduced fire rate of the tanks,
- Reduced PDV of the heavy infantrie,
- Reduced reload time (30%) of the missile launched by the LAV,
- Reduced amount of health points (20%) of all the planes,
- Reduced reload time (20%) of the missile launched by the BTR90 and the WZ551,
- Reduced reload time (50%) of the ammopack and medicpack,
- Reduced deviation (50%) of sniper rifles,
- Reduced reload time of the SA80 and G3,
- Reduced recovery time after a sprint for the light soldiers,
- Reduced reload speed (20%) of the MP5, M4, G3A3 and ak74u,
- Reduced amount of magazines for Snipers,
- Reduced possibility of making "bunny jumping",
- New effects for great explosions,
- New mouse cursors,
- New sound when a weapon overheats,
- New sounds for the artillery shootings,
- New icons of weapons,
- New HUD,
- Added different accelerations on different vehicles,
- Added large explosion effect to tank shoots,
- Added movies for the MOD,
- Added gattling in place of the m249 in JEEP FAAV,
- Added small explosion effect for the impact of M95 ammunition,
- Added an explosion damage due to a M95 shooting,
- Added 2 zoom levels in M4, AK 74 and SA80,
- Added magazines (200 ammunition) to the PKM,
- Changed velocity of an AK47 bullet to its actual value,
- Changed fire rate of the PKM and M249 to its actual value,
- Changed sound for medic pack and ammo pack uses.
- All the stationary weapons have now a fire rate, created or modified,
- All the stationary weapons have a a certain limited amount of magazines,
- All snipers weapons keep zoomed after shooting,
- Wreck models of vehicles remain longer on the battlefield,
- the LAV can fire 2 missiles TOW,
- Rebalanced shielding of the vehicles,
- the supply depot don't longer repair and rearm vehicles,
- All heavy tanks can now accelerate,
- The main barrel of heavy tank have an effective area,
- If a team-member dies on your landmines it cannot vote against you for TK anymore,
- M95 keeps its zoom level active during and after the shooting,
- Improvement of the IA for the respawn on maps, (more AT bots on maps with many tanks),
- the Browning can now damage the planes,
- the soldiers will gradually lose life starting from 50 HP,
- the ERIX and the PREDATOR has 2 levels of zoom,
- Fire of shoot removed during the zoom,
- Each team has 600 tickets now,
- Limit of time removed,
- Creation of a custom installer for the MOD,
- Amounts of grenades now 4 (before 3),
- Tanks can fire 2 Types of ammunition: HEAT and SABOT,
- Smoke grenades effect made more opaque,
- Smoke grenades for vehicles and also handgrenades stay longer active,
- Ballistics of weapons reworked,
- BF2 Maps are all compatible with TW,
- Bodies of dead soldiers remain longer on the ground,
- Sniper rifles kill on only one blow (Dragunov, M24 and Type 88),
- Artillery shoots limited to 10 times,
- The stationary Stinger and TOW are now limited to 20 magazines,
- 100% Compatibility with the bf2 patch 1.03.



5) Improvements to beta 1:

- Uninstall feature added
- Any type of tank ammunition causes a greater explosion effect,
- PAPOP added,
- PAPOP grenade launcher added,
- Specific hud designed for the PAPOP added,
- 4 vehicles added :

- Rafale,
- Crotal NG (Anti-Air stationnary battery, 8 missile tubes),
- Tigre.

- 4 new custom maps added:

- Rebels_quoted,
- Zawari_Island,
- WoodKnight,
- Nuclear Mountain.

- SA 7 as individual weapon added (predator's skin temporarily used),
- 4 places added for the tanks,
- Increased soldier's speed (30%) ,
- Increased protection of the support class (50%),
- Increased artillery fire (2),
- Increased pdv of all soldiers class,
- Increased power of anti-tank weapons,
- Increased acceleration and deceleration of any soldiers classe (30%),
- Enhancement of the Irons sights,
- Enhancement of weapons skins,
- Enhancement of the french soldiers skins,
- Enhancement of all visual effects,
- Reduced height of jumps by 30%,
- Reduced firepower of most weapons (10%) except for machineguns.
- Fixed some small bugs / minor errors,
- Fixed bugs causing the PC to crash after 30 mins playing,
- Optimized Installation and Uninstallation of the mod,
- CMO replaced by France,
- Suppression of BF2 maps except for "Gulf of Oman",
- Aircrafts and Helis code enhancements :
- Missiles:
- AA Missiles speed increased by 140 %
- Fire distance of AA missiles increased by 240 %
- AA Missiles agility improved by 200 %
- Aircrafts:
- Post-combustion effectiveness improved to 150 %
- Post-combustion time of recovery increased by 3 %
- Maximum target locking distance increased by 400 %
- Maximum target locking angle increased by 270 %
- Flares capacity increased by 200 %
- Maximum released flares set to 14
- Time of flares recovery decreased by 460 %
- Flares release speed increased by 170 %
- Machineguns cooling speed after overheat increased by 170 %
- Anti-Air equipments:
- Maximum target locking distance increased by 240 %
- Maximum target locking angle increased by 200 %.


All code sources included in this mod are the intellectual property of the Tactical War team,
all other uses of this code may be only accepted after asking for authorization at this

email: [email protected]

This mod is free but if you paid for it directly or not, please tell us the link of the

website at this email : [email protected]



6) Bugs and errors :

In case of bugs, crashes of the game or unbalanced game play, please tell us on our public

forum :


gracefully hosted by the bf french community site:

For further information and news, please visit our website : http://tw.bfworld.net/



7) FAQ :

1) Will the mod affect Punkbuster ?

No, TW is a standalone mod and doesn't affect PB at all.

2) Does TW affect my vanilla bf2 game ?

Asolutely not.

3) This mod makes my PC crash, wtf ??

Please check first that the entire mod was correctly installed on your computer and that the

patch 1.03 is installed.
Please stay calm and post a message on our forum (see up).

4) This mod is really uncomplete, it's missing so many things !

That's true. As this release is the first release of TacticalWar on the bf2 engine, it is not
completed at all and many vehicles, weapons and enhancements are missing but will be added in
future patches. So stay tuned on our website to check the last improvements.

5) What is the aim of this mod ?

It's aimed at improving realism. More teamplay is the key feature, as well as an hypothetical

taking place around 2012.
Our only purpose is to make people have fun with our mod.

6) Can I play it alone with bots ?

Yes, this mod is compatible with singleplayer mode with bots.

7) Can I play it on the internet ?

Yes of course. You may only want to find a dedicated server that runs the mod on the


8) Why is TW still only compatible with the "old" bf2 patch 1.03?

The bf2 patch 1.12 is a complementary patch intended for BF2:Special Forces. It contains

nearly 50% of all files that BF2:SF actually requires.

Thus this patch is more like a patch for BF2:SF than a patch for vanilla Battlefield2.
A patch enhances or fixes a game but does not change it as deeply as this 1.12 does.

What's more, at the moment we decided to release this 0.1 version of TW, this 1.12 patch was

already waiting to get itself patched to fix all the bugs it had introduced.

As a result, we couldn't wait for another patch to fix TacticalWar and we prefered to release

with all the new features of the mod on the quite stable 1.03 version.

9) I have a question but I couldn't find any answer on this faq

Visit our forum and post a new topic.



10) Recruitment :

We are always looking forward to hiring new talented and motivated people.
If you are skinner, level designer, modeler or coder, don't hesitate: [email protected]




BF2 is a legal trademark of EA Games.
Tactical War is a mod created by the Tactical War Team, all rights reserved.
All reproduction, partial or not, of the content is forbidden.

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