Tanks of Oman



Pacman has converted yet another map, this one being for Battlefield 2: Special Forces. He took Gulf of Oman and added some features from Battlefield 2: Special Forces into it.



HI..Just made a coop map for bf2 specail forces. This is another
one of my air combat maps. This time it is mec special forces against
ua navy seals. Each side has only 5 aircraft and always 10 in the air
at one time..There are some jet skies and atvs on the map..I am going
to make more coop maps from this map so first you get a aircombat map
to fly on..All the flags are notakable and if the bots don't mingle 
enough then play as commander and send them to the other airstrip but 
dont really need to though..This mod does support chutes so some bots
will make it to the ground and stand so just change sides and hunt them
down or make a second directory of the special forces mod and edit out 
the chutes..but it should run just fine other then that..Try using the
jet skies and the planes will try and bomb you out..I run this at low terain 
settings and the rest set at medium..thanks for downloading my map and 
happy hunting again...pacman  :)
ps.make sure to put in x_packs level folder and play..
[email protected]

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