The MEC Mistake



The MEC mistake

A user made video consisting of In-game footage of combat and some special effects :cool:. And also comes along with a good story line.

The MEC created a new military weapon, a robotic humanoid. This machine had a thought process 100x faster then a Humans, they didn't suffer from fatigue, nor did they feel pain. The perfect soldiers. These robotics were sent out to fight along side the MEC forces but things went wrong. The technology in these robotics were programmed to think for themselves if they were caught in an unknown situation. This tiny bit of programming was just enough to allow this machine to think for itself and become self aware.

Once these machines became self aware, it wasn't MEC vs US anymore... It was Robotics vs Humans. These machines of course were immune to EMP's, making it hard for humans to destroy them.

This video just shows a bit of war footage, some of the weapons and bombs the humans used etc. It is one of my first few videos so it isn't "that good". enjoy :)


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